Friday, June 3, 2011

London with besties

Sambungan kepada my travel updates wahahahaha. Okay, so after I separated from Sheila and Mary, I went straight to Baker Street to meet Farah, alone tau. Tapi takde hal, rasa macam dah jadi resident London dah time tu wahahaha. So excited dat I met Farah after so longggg, from Baker Street, straight to Stansted Airport naik van to pick up Julie who came all the way from Malaysia on her own. Dalam van tu borak non-stop with Farah, orang lain senyap je but we couldn't stop, too much updates! That's what happened when best friends get together! Kan?

Reunited with Julie at Stansted Airport. So the happy that our vacation is about to start with just 3 of us, what's better than that? We went straight to our hostel yang macam hotel somewhere near the airport as it was already midnight so might as well lepak dekat2 situ je kan. Central London agak jauh from Stansted Airport.

And taraaa, this is our hostel! Best kannn???This picture was taken the next morning. It was quite candid lah I was wearing my contact lens, Julie was brushing her teeth and Farah took the picture. So likeee! Walaupun muka I boleh tahan gemok dalam ni dah la comot ahahaha.

And this is the view outside our hostel. Macam countryside sket.

Then, we made our way to the Central London. The plan was to leave our luggage somewhere at the train station but to our disappointment, we couldn't find the left-luggage service so I called Malaysia Hall and asked whether we can come earlier and leave our luggage first since we're not allowed to check-in the Malaysia Hall until 1pm. The lady answering the phone sounded a bit kerek la, she was like 'awak datang je la dulu, I'll see what I can do' pergh lah. Sabar je lah. Ingat Malaysia Hall tu seblah rumah aku ke? Tapi nasib baik she allowed us to leave our luggage there. Lega kot kalau tak terpaksa jalan terkedek2 bawak luggage dah la berat, I even have backpack kottt! Eeeee hodoh.

Hah, first destination : Madame Tussaud! I myself has never been to Madame Tussaud so of course I was excited bout it. Datang awal2 pagi pun hampa sebab still kena beratur panjang, tapi takpe lah, layan sajes.

But actually, tak banyak patung celebrities in Madame Tussaud. Tapi si Russell Brand ni ade lah plak. I pun struggle la tangkap gambar dengan Russell Brand because a certain someone ni perasan dia same mcm Russell. Ahahahah. Kalau I larat memang I upload all the pics, tapi kalau upload semua pun mcm la orang nak tengok sangat kan. So I main upload je lah ape yg mcm best.

Then, terus nak pegi tengok Big Ben, Houses of Parliaments, London Eye, River Thames etc. Which means, I'll be seeing these things again for the 3rd time. Blueks muntah already. This area name die Westminster, the place where the royal wedding took place. Then jalan kaki to Trafalgar Square sambil gelak2 like crazy. I can't really describe it lah, but when we get together, everything seems to be soooo laughable, lawak nak mati and we can really gelak till we die.

Recorded some silly videos too tapi tak terlarat nak upload all the vids plus they're quite lengthy hehe.

Then my kaki start buat hal. Sakit nak mati. I was having some sort of joint pain on my knee. Annoying gila tapi gagahkan jugak pegi Tower Bridge tapi time ni dah down sket sebab mmg sakit sgt sgt sgt. Nasib baik dah pnah pergi so I didn't even take pics pun dekat sini. Malas and muke pon super chronic already sbb sakit sgt.

Went back to Malaysia Hall to get some good sleep. We got 2 rooms as there's no room that provide accomodation for 3 ppl but we squeezed in all of us in one room. Hehe. Next day in the morning after breakfast nasik lemak worth RM20 at Malaysia Hall, we went to Buckingham Palace to see the changing of guard etc etc tu.

And then picnic-ing at Hyde Park. The weather was good, not so windy and sejuk like the previous day so I can take off my jacket, for a moment though, lepas tu sejuk balik. Aahahaha. Time picnic ni borak2, gelak2, camwhore2, record video kutuk Julie because previously she had her taik hidung sesat on her nose lepas tu kentut so kuat and berak busuk gila lol.

And here's the Times Square of London, Piccadilly Circus.

And lepas tu gerak to China Town.

And believe me masa ni kaki sakit lagi :( it was so severe that I had to spend 6 pounds for NSAID (painkiller) aaa that was freaking RM 30 kotttt!!! Mahal nk mati tapi I really can't afford to ignore the pain that I felt like crying kot sakit sangat. Tapiiii, sampai je Oxford St, not that the pain went away, but I was amazed at myself for the will and strength dat I have to still geledah the whole kedai to find things that I like walaupun tgh sakit gile kaki.

I yang sakit kaki, tapi I was the last to stop shopping till Farah and Julie had to wait for this. This pic was taken just a few minutes before diorang kena halau suro bangun. LOL. Macam pendatang already.

Andddd, that kinda sum up our hols in London. Words can't even describe our holiday sebenarnye, cewah. Lepas shopping ni, kitorang terus rush balik Malaysia Hall amek barang2 semua time ni kaki sakit so Farah la banyak tlg I angkat beg gabak tuuu..thanks sgt to Farah ahahaha. Malam ni kite semua overnite dekat Stansted airport waiting for our flight to Amsterdam woot woot. Malangnye I tak tido pon, Farah je dapat tido baring atas kerusi, me and Julie dah mcm zombie dah. Tapi redha sajes.


Anonymous said...

weh farah dgn mahatma gandhi tu epic doh.siap landing atas bahu wahahahhahahaha


IRA said...

ahahahhaha tu mmg epic!

CT said...

Salam...u buat lawatan ke or study ya kat sana????

IRA said...

hi ct..i study kat india..i went there for holiday :)