Saturday, November 28, 2009

highlights of the month

Remember the dinner at Baptist Hospital? Here are some photos of us and some doctors!

with ENT doctor yg sgt lepak~

this is Dr Jacob with his wife, Dr Saro. The Internal Medicine Docs!
with Dr Rani, the O&G specialist!

Dr Murthy the surgeon!

Dr Charion, HOD of Medicine!

i present you, lubang hidung Denin ;p

And Adam invited us to have a dinner at his place. Rumah Adam is super gorgeous! I was super comot sebab before going to Adam's place I had some shooting done, balik rumah took an hour nap, rush to Adam's place and then went back to Gokula to continue the shooting. Really2 exhausting I dun have time to do the usual routine in front of the mirror ;p So here goes the photos ;

Adam's nasik lemak

dah memang takde muka orang lain. hahahaa.


All of us! Pateh, Eca, Bao, Adam, Ninot, Nadia, Nana, Afiq, Charles and Fahmi.

Finally, the hari raya Aidil Adha celebration! It was held at the uni hall, there were pertandingan nasyid interbatch and pertandingan iklan raya haji interbatch. All the persembahan were so entertaining and so meriah. Thumbs up!!

beberapa minit before kena halau keluar dewan sbb makan dlm dewan ;p


the girls.

with Adam dear

in the hall
bout the shooting i mentioned previously, the shooting was done for the iklan raya haji. it was so tiring but we had so much fun working together. thanks to all yg involve directly or indirectly, yg kasi tumpang rumah utk berlakon, kasi pinjam barang for the props, cameraman, pelakon2, and especially to the editor yg tidur at 5am to finish up editing.

special thanks to;

cameraman : ezza, bieha, nadiah, baz, me myself ;p
editor : fien, dibantu oleh zahidah, nadia, bieha and baz.
suara latar : hadi
fikri : shahril
fikri time kecik : baz
salina : me
ibu : nonie
imam/tok kadi : hadi
ustazah baik : fien
ustazah garang : nadia tarmizi
anak fikri : husna
budak2 mengaji : ninot, ezza, faizah, aisyah
mak andam : sheila
salina's dad : dzola
salina's mom : ijie
fikri's dad : ijat
the boys : shazwan, imran, mus, joe, etc etc.
pengapit : aina and fareed
props and costumes : amy and alia and the gang
make up artist : baz and aina
org yg tumpangkan rumah : atiq and housemates, fien and housemates.

and semua org yg terlibat secara tak langsung jugak, sorry if tak termention nama korang. thanks for the teamwork. lastly, enjoy the iklan

p/s : my favourite part is when shahril termenung dekat tingkap and pusing siap ada lagu melayu suratan atau something? but serious part tu buat i gelak mcm gila!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

a twist in my story

baru lepas tengok nur kasih! aww final episode tomorrow eh? can't wait though the ending is quite predictable. cewah. mcm i pulak producer. yes i mmg pencinta cerita melayu okay because i feel more on the ground, but please i palang cerita2 takde motif contohnya movie i'm not single or selamat pagi cinta euw buang masa aku jer tengok harapkan pelakon je gempak tapi cerita so the murahan.

i am so so so lazy lately. as if i was rajin la kan before this. tutorial and seminars berderet tak hengat. tak pikir test lagi, 2 patho tests coming up, 1 microb, 1 forensic, and medicine end-posting test. okay i don't wanna know. tau tak word 'redah'? yes exactly, that's what i'll be doing utk meneruskan saki baki hidup dekat india. (ceh bunyi saki baki mcm dah nak abis study jer, padahal....)

is it just me or am i really getting busier? okay i'm hating it. nak kata i rajin belajar tu mmg tak ah, but howcome org semalas i boleh terasa hidup sekarang amat busy? tu belum rajin belajar lagi, kalau jadi rajin, lg busy ah? tak mau boleh?

ni belum jadi gynae lagi, dah bising busy konon. mcm ni nak jadi gynae? haish. kena pikir balik nih. i might as well sit at home jaga anak and tunggu husband bawak i pegi shopping di hujung minggu, kan kan? kalau bakal suami tau niat murni i ni pasti dia ceria dan gembira. lol.

coz yeah, i'm afraid of busy life.

oh btw, i knew it from the start that i like dr jacob. i really do! :D i was late for medicine clinical class tadi pagi, well yes, purposely. the class patut start at 8.30am but i purposely woke up at 9.45am, and reached the hospital at 10.30am. selalunya takde class, ada ward round je pagi2 tapi tetibe tadi dr jacob amek class tak pepasal. being hati kering like me, redah je la wpun tau dr jacob mesti perasan ada orang tak datang class pagi tetibe masa present clinical case ade lak muka minah ni setepek, tapi takpe, layan je, kau nak marah ke nak berkata2 pedas ke i was determine utk tadahkan aje telinge. turned out, he was cool about it and i got my attendance. weeeehoooo.

but anyhow, i still have the hots for surgeons! ;p haish siapa tak suka? makcik2 kat kampung pon go 'wow' kalau tau jejaka tak berapa hensem tu pakar bedah, apa lagi i yg still muda remaja nih. ni bf baca mesti dia kata i gatal. hahahaha.

memandangkan esok pagi adalah kelas commed kegemaran ramai, malam ni i determine nak copy kerja sheila supaya i berjaya pegi class commed esok pagi. oh commed, cinta i pada u mmg still tak kesampaian, sebab tu i tak bersemangat waja nak pegi commed. tapi apakan daya, kalau kena repeat commed, mana aku nak cekau rm47k? life is cruel. pegi ah cekau duit orang kaya-raya, ni nak jugak cekau duit students. hish benci kau (to whom it may concern)

okay la, i nak tidur sat. tu pun kalau tertidur. insomnia ni suka buat i tension. time tutorial patho tadi bukan main i menguap mcm badak sumbu, time nak tidur malam2 tak tertidur gak. okay okay, selamat hari raya aidil adha to all. kitorang dekat bangalore sambut raya hari sabtu :D ok, tata.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

karma will haunt u

i've been sooooo busy this past few weeks. been busy with studies (mainly ;p), dinner(s) and doing things that i love! and i must say that though i'm stucked here in india (the last place u wannna go), i'm blessed with friends whom i can trust, rely on, and most importantly, satu kepalaaaaa!! satu kepala is like very crucial or else i'll die of boredom here! so yeah, really love these people <3 u know who u are :D

so btw, had a dinner at baptist hospital last nite. the dinner is meant to celebrate our juniors, the newcomers of baptist hospital students. i must say i'm amazed with the effort done by the doctors. but what disappoints me the most (and maybe the docs?) was the poor feedback from the students. okay seriously, tak ramai yg pegi. and that's so sad okay considering the effort done by the docs siap panggil catering, pasang khemah, letak balloons all over the khemah, they even invited some special guests and some of them actually prepared themselves to do a performance!!!

are the students too busy to attend such a meaningful yearly event? hello, the docs are BUSIER than we students and yet they can still make some time to celebrate us, i repeat, CELEBRATE US and still some students don't appreciate that!

for god's sake they have better things to do other than celebrating us students tapi they did it anyway (coz they love the students?) tapi the students don't even bother to come. lagi seronok duduk dekat rumah bungkus diri dalam selimut sambil tengok cerita dkt laptop etc etc. hah.

i mean, just think this way la kan. katekan u buat birthday party, u ajak 100 people and dah estimate makanan for 100 people, but turns out only 20 people came, sedih kot. buang makanan camtu je. or worst case scenario, u're getting married, ajak 1000 orang, yg datang not even half, sedih kot. anyone believe in karma? huuu, just wait.

susah ah kalau semua benda pun kau nak boikot, semua benda pun kau malas involve. nanti kau mati, orang boikot tanak mandikan mayat kau baru tau. to me, tanak involve and nak memboikot2 tu agak2 la jugak.

and bila the uni buat event yg memerlukan co-operation from the whole batch, pergh, tell me berapa orang yg sanggup co-operate? i remember my zaman sekolah dulu, bila ada event ke apa ade je orang yg volunteer nak buat kerja tu ini. u dun have to beg to ask for people's co-operation. that's the best part of high school! kalau performance tu, ramai gile kot orang volunteer nak perform siap kena ada audition dulu to pick the best performance utk perform masa event tu. that shows that we really did enjoy our high school!

but my batch is not that bad afterall. at least half of the batch is still willing to co-operate and that's a big relief :D i like! but some are still so sombong not to mingle with the rest of the batch-mates to help work things out. well, i assume u have BETTER things to do and that mingling with others is the last thing u want to do.

as for me, this is an opportunity for me to get closer with others. duh we all know semua orang ade clique sendiri but hello, that doesn't mean u can't co-operate and baik2 dgn orang lain right? so bila lagi? takkan geng kau 3 orang lepas tu kau nak mengadap muka 3 orang tu je sampai abis blaja nanti. or takkan sebab kau ada bf/gf dekat sini, kau nak mengadap muka bf/gf kau je sampai abis blaja. lol. borrrrinnngggg *yawn*

okay, i think i've membebel-ed enough. i know i can be a makcik sometimes. so just bear with this makcik's opinion. afterall, this is the makcik's blog so yeah.

p/s : i feel like posting some pics but this laptop is so lembap seperti kura2 so nanti la.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

a relief to ur brain.

Don't see me as someone who has what you don't,
See me as someone who doesn't have what you have.

You and me,
We're equal.

What's the fuss?

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I just ate 3 plates of nasi + lauk ayam masak halia ciptaan Izz less than 1 hour ago,
And I'm hungry.

(Sheet I have family history of diabetes +_+ )

Monday, November 16, 2009

the weekend

Last weekend was TIRING! My classmates and I had our very first potluck party at my house. The potluck is meant to celebrate the newly appointed members of MSA (Malaysian Students Association) from our class : Md Shah, Ijat and Izz.

And so me and Am were the one responsible for kuih keria and karipap. Believe me buat kuih seconet itu is far more tiring than cooking the main dish for 20 people. Seriously okayyyy! We started at around 12.30 noon, and we got everything done only at 8pm. Not funny!! So the penat! Btw, here's the pics. Courtesy to Ahmad Helmi for the photos.

US waiting for the VIP of the nite ; Ninot and Nadia (cis korg)

spaghetti, satay n kuah kacang, kerabu sotong, mee kuah, ayam masak ape tak tau,
desert tak tau name, kek coklat, KERIA and KARIPAP! ;p

ooopppsss, yg bukan A2 pulak makan dulu! ;p

Zola, Nadia and Sheila

Kami tidak pelahap.

The classmates! (except Yaya and Mai - they're the housemates, that's why. )

And here comes Sunday! Paintball war woot woot! We woke up as early as 7.30am, feeling fresh and healthy (cewah hyperbola semata) and ready to start the war! The war was between ;



and Team Blue won both the games! Awwww, try again Team Red. And wonder what we got as the winning prize? The whole body was aching like God knows what and cherry-red-which-is-turning-blue swelling for those who got hit by the bullet directly. But, the pain was worth the fun. OK yeke? ( I didn't get hit directly anyway )

Remember it this way, at least I get to burn 0.000001% of my fat. Well, AT LEAST. HAHA. And since this is the first time of playing paintball for almost all of us ( reason being playing paintball in Malaysia is freaking expensive ), pardon us for being so jakun and for taking that much pics. OK pictures, you do the talking! Courtesy to Ninot, Joyce and Aina for the pics.

Test berlakon, ternyata I berbakat.


okay ah sumpah poyo gila. kutuk ah.

ini tak poyo. ini mmg gmbar I tgh main.
thanks to Joyce!

All of us!
We have 2 guys with us, Adam and Hugo :D

And the souvenir! It gets bigger in size.

Askar Wataniah.
Girl Power ;p
And for the love of the game, I got myself bedridden for one whole day the next day. It was tooo painful to move. But I'm up for another round of this. LETTTSSSSS!!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

sorry seems to be the hardest word

You don't need a mantra to do a magic. One magic word to me is 'sorry'. Sorry heals a broken heart, the word sorry can save your relationship/friendship and it brings back the smile on one's face. Sorry does wonders.

No matter how simple it is, many people find it difficult to do so.

I believe in saying sorry. Saying sorry doesn't make a person small. Saying sorry doesn't mean defeat. Nevertheless, narrow-minded people do think that way. How sad.

I am sooooo marah when a person who is supposed to say sorry doesn't make any effort to say so, but will keep on acting cool and treat you like nothing ever happen. Why so insensitive?

p/s : magic word doesn't seems so magic to some people, and yes, you can't help feeling foolish after saying sorry to these people.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

i'm a busy woman, tak caya??

Time for some pictures! Long story short, last 2 weeks, we had a dinner with the Industries and Trade Minister, Dato' Mustapha Mohamed at Leela's Palace, Bangalore. Yes, free foood!! I love free food! I need not bore you much about the event, basically, there's a Q & A session with the students (seriously I've no idea what to ask, especially about err, trading?not really my kind of thing), dinner (duh!) and taking pics (double duhhhh!). So here goes the pics ;

i wish it's day time so we'll have a clearer view of the landscape!

it was err, spontaneous. forgive the pose!

dinner! (free food sounds more like it!)

us with Dato' Mustapha

do i need to do the tagging? nah, u know already.

That's about the dinner. Last week, we had our Post-Halloween Party. I (and the rest of the girls) was given short notice bout this party so there was no time to really plan what costume I wanted to wear and all. So I just grabbed whatever I have in my possesion and tadaaaa ; you can either call me an FBI agent or Mrs Smith or oklah detective murahan? LOL. Don't be so kejam okay? Consider our lack of time! Hahahahah. The initial plan was actually to be a female cop, but when I'm all set for the party and look into the mirror, I didn't think I look like one so - that's why. One fun night!
the gothic chick, the retro, Mrs Smith, joker

with the child corpse! (oklah dlm pic tak nampak)

si mati bersama si retard

plus the rockstar and the vampire

all of us! group picture!

allow me? hahaha i love the handmade little hat (it is Mary's hat)
i loveeee!

and that makes me a busy woman! LOL

Sunday, November 8, 2009

It's so cold in Bangalore and I don't feel like studying (and taking my bath).

To those who promised the world to do this and that.

Ada orang suka tabur janji,
Janji 'I'll help you u when you're in trouble, I janji I korbankan apa saja for you'
Tak payah janjikan aku bulan dan bintang,
Kalau setakat janji kau nak bayar duit aku yg berbeban-beban kau pinjam pun belum kau tunaikan.

Ada orang suka tabur janji,
Janji 'I'll pick you up awal2 before Subuh I sampai depan rumah you'
Tak payah janji extravanganza,
Kalau janji setakat 12 tengahari pun kau tak mampu on time.

Ada orang suka tabur janji,
Janji 'Nanti bila I dah habis belajar I terus masuk meminang you'
Tak payah janji bombastik lagi fantastik,
Kalau setakat habis kelas kau terus dating dengan orang lain.

Jangan buat aku rasa words kau takde value lagi takde makna,
Just jangan.
I mean it.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

i was.

once upon a time when i was a 44-kg girl.
HUKM - 2006
(admit it i was kurus!)

once upon a time, berat i 44 kg paling tinggi pun 46 kg.
once upon a time, everyone i met used to freak out seeing me so kurus.
once upon a time, i suka bongkak dekat rakan2 ckp "i dah penat makan byk2 tapi my weight doesn't gain a single kg at all!" dan mereka selalu tension dengan i.
once upon a time, i used to eat like pig every morning afternoon evening night midnight without feeling guilty.
once upon a time, i thought i can never have the hideous belly fat!
once upon a time, ppl mistaken me as an aneroxic. well, that was close.

my weight is reaching up to 52 KG shit i'm going insane!!!!
i can no longer bongkak dengan kata2 se-annoying itu.
i still eat like pig but i feel guilty almost immediately (but that doesn't stop me)
i am considering to put an effort to get my butt moving but EXERCISE MEANS TORTURE to me.
i need not say anything about belly fat, it's depressing enough said.

i can't seem to control my eating habit.
i eat everything in the world at anytime anywhere.
i love chocolates and they're my bestfriend for life. (they're the one with me when i'm feeling down)
i wish i can do the running and whatever routines u call it in my dream and wake up feeling healthy and, slim.
no i don't wish to do anything about this. YET.


Wednesday, November 4, 2009


amboi, makin menjadi-jadi money sucking university ni.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

true love part II

it's almost 1 am in the morning and i'm still wide awake. i'm conscious and lying comfortably on my bed with my laptop on, am oriented to time, space and person. eh eh this is the line we've been using for our history taking in clinics.

for a moment, i'm not satisfied with my previous post about true love because i THINK i have A LOT to write about it but it doesn't comes out right. ahaha, as if i got marks for writing an essay about true love la kan. gosh i'm a sucker for this. i've been listening to all kinds of love problems from friends, be it love triangle, forbidden love etc etc and still i fail to convince myself that love is a bitch.

i mean, yes, love hurts almost everyone in this world. who would step forward and tell me u've never gotten urself hurt when u're in love? isn't it an obvious reason for us all to conclude that love is a bitch? yes it is but still u can't escape love, because in case of love, the heart definitely overrule the head.

we don't choose fall in love, but we're chosen to fall in love. did it ever happen to you that once upon a time when u were a little girl, u made a list of the criteria of your future boyfriend/husband? and u've been listing all the good things in the world like handsome seperti brad pitt, kaya seperti donald trump, beriman seperti nik aziz and the list goes on. oh please don't tell me i'm the only one that make that silly list (most of my childhood girlfriends did the same thing also ;p ) so btw the point is, how many of us really do fall in love with the so-called ideal boyfriend?

there's no such thing as an ideal boyfriend/girlfriend when u fall in love. even if you found an ideal guy, love won't develop instantaneously. because love is not found, love is built.

sometimes, the heart choose a loser over a perfect guy u've been dreaming all your life, simply because love is a bitch. sometimes, u choose to stay after he ruined ur life, simply because love is a bitch. sometimes, you choose to keep giving when all he does is taking, simply because love is a bitch.

i'm hating the way love is treating some people. i really do.

true love?

So the girls and me were discussing about true love in twitter. You see, twitter is really addictive lately. And so the topic leaves me to think what true love really mean to me, and how true is true love. Am not so sure if I can put it in words perfectly because there are things words fail to describe but anyway, here am I trying.

True love is like drugs,
It takes you high, relieves you from pain and sorrow that you're facing, the more love you get the happier you are, but once the love is gone, you'll search for it, u'll do anything to get it back, u'll cry for it to come back, the absence makes u suffer, the absence crushes your heart so bad, u feel like u've lost the most important thing in ur life.

that's why there's a limit to the dosage of drugs to be consumed, love overdose leads to dependance. too much love can be a real pleasure, but too much love eats u from the inside. true love always hurt. true love reveals the sensitive part of u, u become so vulnerable that everything that ur partner does gives an impact to you. even a single insignificant word can blow you up, because he's ur true love.

true love doesn't pretend. true love is when you're happy just being urself. true love doesn't need you to change to impress, true love doesn't simply fade even after seeing the worst of ur partner, even after he humiliate himself, even after he does that thing u hate, true love doesn't come to an ideal boyfriend u've been dreaming of.

true love is when u're willing to live with his weaknesses, willing to endure the hardship together with that smile in ur face, true love doesn't bore you, true love is not found, it is built.

true love is when u don't get enough for ur other half, when you hate his annoying jokes but u'll miss it when he behaves, true love is when listening to certain songs drives you to think of him, it is when you are like a lost child searching for his parents when u suddenly smell his perfume, true love is when your heart stops beating when he walks away.

true love can never be replaced. true love conquers a portion of ur heart even after it's over. simply said, true love is something that will mess up ur life.

p/s : this is yet the hardest thing to be described in words, yes that's what i can conclude after my attempt to describe true love, it's tougher than i thought.