Saturday, May 30, 2009

bebelan mummy

saturday. i missed O&G clinical class, unintentionally. i woke up around 9, the class has obviously started, so i continued putting my head at absolute rest till noon. yeay!

it's been a while since i had my shopping fever (note that my 'it's been a while' might vary from yours) and i actually planned to hit the stores today, but miraculously, i was too lazy to even go shopping. brushed my teeth. golek golek again and i suddenly miss talking to mom. being a nice daughter as i am, i gave her a call.

i am way manja with my mom over the phone, not really when she's there in front of me and it's the other way round with daddy. i am more manja with him face to face, but not over the phone. hahaha. and so we had this mother-daughter conversation, teasing and giggling over the phone. and i can't escape her neverending bebelan.

bebelan 1.

mummy : buat ape je tuuu?
me : ohhh golek golek jeee malas nak buat pape.
mummy : dah makan takk?
me : takkk! malas nak masak! mak la masakkann! orang nk makan sedappp!
mummy : la pegi la masak yg simple2. buat la tomyam ke curry ke ape.
me : ala tak best. orang nk kuah kacang!
mummy : ala kacang je tu. kan mak dh pnah bagi recipe. gi la buat.
me : tanak. tak reti. malas. nak mak buat jugak.
mummy : itu la balik msia asik nk kuar merendek jer bukan nk tengok mak masak!
me : balik msia kan sekejap je kene la merendek! lagipon peminat ramai, nak kene layan peminat lagi! susah la cuti kejap2. bukan salah orang.
mummy : banyakla kau punye peminat. cuti kejap tu die bagi suro duduk kat rumah tengok mak masak ni sume ha. pastu nnti baru sebuk2 nk msg2 mak mintak recipe la ape laa. lenkali balik dok umah jgn nk pegi mane2 lagi.

bebelan 2.

mummy: study camane?
me : okay la! bole laa!
mummy : eleh malas la tu. kakak ngan adik2 sume same je. otak pandai tapi pemalas sgt tau main je. study kene 90% tau main2 10% je. ni tau melawa berjalan berboyfriend je.
me : lor. mane cukup 10% main. orang doctor stylo la mak. takkan nk study je.
mummy : aaaa yelatu kalau doctor stylo pstu nnti silap bg ubat kat patient ke silap buat pape time surgery ke senang2 je patient saman. ha stylo la tu.
me : yela yelaaaa! orang blaja la nnti! hari ni sabtu la ma!
mummy : aaa blaja rajin2! nnti balik nnti mak soal satu2.
me : eleh macam la igt lagi ape mak blaja dulu.
mummy : eleehhhh tengok orang laaaa!

bebelan 3.

me : mak masak ape hari ni?
mummy : oh hari ni tak masak ape sgt. lgpon td ade kenduri kawin. mak masak nasik goreng je sbb nasik sejuk semalam byk. tkleh membazir2 wpon nasik. skarang ni sume bende mahal. kakak kene grateful dpt blaja kat india. kalau blaja kat tempat lain mahal, nnti still kene mintak duit kat mak bapak sebab duit scholar tak cukup. kakak jgn membazir duit asik nk shopping je tau. kene jimat, simpan duit. orang lain hidup susah kakak jgn nak berlagak2 shopping cam orang dah keje.
me : erm. ye. tak shopping. orang simpan duit la ni. hari tu kan balik msia dah simpan duit gak.

bebelan kali ke-649572027572

mummy : kakak kene focus blaja tau. umur skarang ni mmg umur utk blaja. berboyfriend2 gak, tp blaja nombor 1. skarang ni future sendiri yg decide, bukan boyfriend ke pakwe ke ape.
me : yeee. mane de boyfriend2 ni. orang single la. hahahahah.
mummy : banyakla kau punye single. ha bercinta tak payah nak beria2 sikit2 sudah. lambat lagi nak kawinnye.
me : bile leh kawinnnn.
mummy : ha tunggu abis blaja keje dulu.
me : la, abis blaja dah 26. nk keje lagi. lambat gile. takkan nk kawin umur 30 kottt! mak dulu kawin mase final year tkpeeee!
mummy : tu dulu la. lain. ha pilih boyfriend betul2. nnt silap pilih menyesal.

so as u can see, bebelan my mom is endless. hahaha! well, though i was initially lazy to go out shopping, i actually changed my mind just before i called mom. but since she was emphasizing so much about berjimat cermat, i decided to just stay at home. *wah ini hari jadi anak mak sket!*

i suddenly feel guilty about my spending, about skipping classes, about my laziness, about everything! waaaaa! gotta do better! i miss u mummyyyy :(

Saturday, May 23, 2009

oh rapunzel, let down your hair!

i am currently missing my long messy hair!


Thursday, May 21, 2009


i'm all excited about going to japan this winter holiday with some friends and my big sister! i'm done searching for affordable flight tix to japan and i did clarify so much things about our future stay in japan with some friends, about the budget, the places of interest, food, weather etc etc. and i'm all set for it! we all are!

but the procedure to apply for a visa to that country is a major turn off for me! u need to submit a whole lot of documents for them to be able to approve our visas! imagine u need to submit bank statement (wtf?), approval from the university (wtf? no 2) and u even need an invitation letter from friends/relatives who are staying in japan complete with their copy of passports and photos (wtf? no 3) major turn off i tell ya!

i do have friends in japan, not really a close one! and u don't expect an invitation letter from some not-so-close friends right? plus copy of passports and photos of them? that's too much of a burden! and if i don't have that, i need a confirmation letter from the hotel we'll be staying! (argh wtf? no 4) we don't really plan to book hotel from here because we obviously wanna stay in some budget hotel and i'm not quite sure if there's online booking available for budget hotel! ahahaha because we want to find the cheapest available! yeah, save the money for the year-end sale baby!

am still working on this! i've asked my kak long to check for the procedure of visa application to japan in malaysia! let's hope for the best! *pray hard!*

p/s : no i can't give them a copy of my bank statement at the moment! they'll think i am so papa kedana tak layak nak masuk their country! heyyy, i'm working on this okay! *sikit2 lama2 jadi gunung wahahah*

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

sister 2 sister

another sleepless night! yes, i'm going through another episode of insomnia attack! been living with this since high school and this bloody attack will usually take weeks or even up to months for it to end! tossing and turning for hours in my bed while waiting for me to doze off is no fun! no fun! i need my precious sleep!

one of my little sisters (note that i have 3 altogether) had a conversation with me through yahoo messenger. another misunderstanding among the girls. they're not talking to one another at the moment. oh dear. this is an unpleasant news to hear. im clearly aware of everyone's attitude back home and all i can say is sisters need to tolerate, listen to what everyone has to say, avoid that hot-tempered attitude and no swearing (which u guys are really good at)

i'm not excepted though. yeah, my bad. most of the time, the fight is only by means of words. but in some worse conditions, we can even kickslappinchetcetc each other wahahaha. and i still remember having this fight with my dearest aisyah while i was driving the car. we were pulling each other's hair and pushing each other. and yes i repeat, i was driving. yeah sometimes things really got out of control. but that doesn't change the fact that i love my sister a lot though she annoys me to death!

being the eldest at home (as kak long is always away from home), i am always responsible for anything and everything. and the person that is most likely to be blamed if things go wrong, is me. yes, me. that's the bad thing about being the eldest. being the youngest, u have the privilege to blame the elder sisters. omg, that is so unfair. but that's how it works. sigh.

okay now, what i really wanna say is, i may not be the perfect sister, but i always want the best for my siblings. fighting among the sisters is so normal, but it should not take too long, and it should not be too harsh. and there's really nothing wrong in saying sorry no matter who started the fight. what matters most is the bond between u girls.

i know my girls are my silent readers. :) they never really leave comments, only some in the shoutbox. so girls, stop making faces, stop badmouthing each other okayyy! :) :) :) it's no fun when u can't talk to each other about super junior and the latest gossip at school, right? so, no more fighting! love u girls so much! :)

real life story

ni saje nak share satu cerita yang menceriakan hari aku. cerita ni pasal kawan aku yang bertugas sebagai cikgu sementara dekat satu sekolah di shah alam. dia mengajar budak2 darjah 5. so satu hari ni dia tgh lepak2 dalam kelas, ade 2 budak lelaki bergaduh. sebagai menjalankan tanggungjawab seorang guru, kawan aku pun bertindak untuk memarahi 2 orang budak laki nih.

cikgu atikah : hey, ape gaduh2 niii? aku pukul kepala sorang2 sampai masuk dalam lantai karang!

so daripada gaduh pasal siapa lagi hensem(rekaan semata), diorang boleh pulak gaduh pasal siapa lagi tinggi (sebab siapa yang pendek akan terbenam dalam lantai dulu bile kene ketuk dengan cikgu atikah)

bersungguh2 budak 2 orang ni gaduh siapa yg akan terbenam masuk dalam lantai dulu kalau kena ketuk dengan cikgu atikah. agak tensi la cikgu atikah. maka cikgu atikah terus bangun dari kerusi beliau dan . . .

cikgu atikah : haa! aku lagi tinggi! kau nak cakap ape lagi sekarang?

then ada pulak sorang murid dari belakang menyampuk,

murid tersebut : Allah lagi tinggi.


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

of the past, present and future :)

today, i wasted hours in front of my laptop! commenting and again, replying all the photo comments in my facebook! omg guess what, an old friend of mine uploaded our class picture which was taken in 1997, that was 12 years agoooo! looking at my photo - malu dengan diri sendiri rasa nak lempang2 sebab comel sgt! okay let's just assume comel equals to comot. hahahaha.

the number of photo comments was reaching up to nearly 200, within just one day! and u can imagine the numerous old stories that was popping up! endlesss! the story of me selling photos of backstreeboys and spice girls for 70 cents each, the story of me and my friends cheated in the examination by throwing small pieces of papers (with answers, of course) and we ran after the ustazah shortly after she collected the exam papers to tell her the truth that we actually cheated wahahaha baik tak payah righttt?? how innocent we wereee! we were in fact, arguing who got the 1st pace in class etc etc! the stories down the lane got me laughing and rolling! sumpah lawak!

well that's basically what i did this whole night. reminiscing the past is just wonderful! imagine if our life is a movie, we can simply play it back whenever we want right? i thank god that i still have intact memory of my younger days! *no i'm not old!* and seeing my dear friends achieving success from all corners of the world is just great! :) :) :)

alrite, while the memory of the past remains in my box of memory, i still need to move forward. everybody has its own real story line. i can't wait to reveal what is there in my future! what am i gonna be? where am i gonna live? who will be my dear husband? and how my kids are going to look like? err, when am i gonna die? ahaha i am that curious! but anyways, nobody has the answer so let's just wait for time to reveal the whole story! maybe we should keep our blogs alive till 10-20 years ahead and see how thing changes! ;p

as for now, let's concentrate to the present! err, i must say the present is boring! the usual classes and lectures blablabla. no holidays blablabla. no dating blablabla. no shopping really because i'm on tight budget for some mission blablabla. okay enough, that concludes - my present life is boring! i won't be having any holidays at all till september! omg? that is like 4 months away! :( :( :( yes, i can't wait for this whole thing to end! i can't wait to graduate and become a doctor!

oh yes, maybe the only interesting thing at the moment is my O&G posting! i so love O&G and i am so gonna be one! though my dear friends keep skipping the OPD session and being me, i am supposed to do the same thing but nope, i actually stayback for the OPD session till the very end because i'm loving it! i want to become an obstetrician! this haven't change for years and i hope i will still have the semangat to go on pursuing my dream to become one! *because u know, by that time i might wanna think about settling down and have my own family with kids etc etc wahahahahaha of course la kan i dun wanna get married at the age of 30! err, mintak jauh kot*

hahahahah, okay! before i go on writing about stuffs, i better stop right? and thanks to the technology, u really keep me away from studying! omg, i haven't become a better student eversince! sudah la, berenti bercita2 nak jadi rajin, this is so u ira!

p/s : did u notice? i've been selling things since i was young! business-minded they call me wahahahha! i used to sell photos of celebrities for 70 cent each, that was pretty expensive yea? and i remember getting all the money wahahahaha and now, i'm selling beautiful sarees with affordable price! heheh and this moment i realized how business-minded i am!

p/p/s : okay girls, who wants sarees to make baju kurung/kebaya? u can simply leave a comment here or msg my facebook or friendster. *wahahaha suke hati la nk promote kat mane2 pon kan! hahahahah diam kay semua orang bluekksss*

Sunday, May 17, 2009

heaven on earth

whenever things don't go my way, whenever i feel like stabbing a person to death, and whenever i feel so low that tears roll down my cheek sooo excessively, i have my own negative feedback to fight for this. yes, my very own calm-me-down-mechanism so i can once again relax and stand up :)

and this negative feedback mechanism of mine involves munching lots and lots of chocolates to bring my calmness level back to normal, talk to some close friends and mom, shop till i really drop ;p , dance till the whole world seems to be mine, tido sampai lebam and the list goes on and on.

until recently, i found out that admiring these beautiful pictures of bora bora island brings that much calm and tranquility to me. i was so tangled up and so emotionally abused when i looked at these amazing photos, and poofff, that horrible feeling was gone! and i can't imagine stepping my foot onto this beautiful heaven on earth!! gossshhhh bring me thereeeee tolong!

i am so going to this place someday, like seriously, i swear i will go to this place! i love beaches and islands since forever and i'm not gonna let myself miss this one! howcome this earth has such a gorgeous place? darn i am so going, don't ask me when, all i know is that i'm going. just wait.

maybe u can try this the next time u feel like screaming out loud! it works wonder! i never get bored looking at these photos again and again. call me crazy but it is that addictive to me. maybe i love beaches a little too much. so yeah, let's cut up the number of words and concentrate on the photos! enjoy!

p/s : serious tengok these pics of bora bora lagi bahagia dari tengok gmbar lelaki2 terkacak dalam alam semesta. ahhh serious. nak tinggal kat sini. aaaaa asal kau gorgeous sgtttt?!!

p/s/s : I AM SO GOING! whatever it takes!

Friday, May 15, 2009


let's pray for this to last :)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

saya pasti boleh!

i am so easily affected, emotionally, by songs. the worst part is that i dun feel like ignoring it and so, i keep listening and let myself get affected more and more.

i am so vulnerable. argh esok exam opthalmology.

ini semua craps. mari focus pada pelajaran! ira boleh!

i'm hating it.

some people only care when they're losing.

i have so much to spill, but definitely not here. i think i'm going through a maturation phase in my life now. i think so. i no longer think the way i used to think. i used to be so impulsive, i never really think thoroughly before doing something and that makes my life easier than ever. not to mention, FUN and so much fun!

and myself that i know now, thinks much more than she ever did before. gosh it's such a waste of time and it stops me from enjoying my life to the fullest! but this can't be helped. i'm no longer a little kid, who can simply say sorry and start a new game whenever things don't work out. and for that, i've to force my little brain to think and think and think sampai lebam. u know what, that sucks.

i wish i can be impulsive again. i wish i can just do things without having to think much about it. i wish life is fun once again.

Friday, May 8, 2009

childhood belief

masa kecik2 aku selalu tertipu. aku selalu percaya benda pelik2. bila dah besar rasa malu bile ingat balik. camanelah aku boleh tertipu and percaye bulat2 dengan ape yg orang ckp. pergh, camtu skali aku diperkotak-katikkan.

dulu2 aku selalu dengar orang2 tua ckp, tak boleh minum arak sebab arak tu air kencing syaitan. first time dengar macam, oh syaitan pun kencing ekkk? menarik nih. aku siap terbayang2 syaitan pegi toilet sebab nk kencing. lepas tu tengok kat tv pulak, arak selalunye kaler kuning2 gold2 camtu kan. tak jauh beza ngan air kencing manusia. lagi la aku percaya arak tu air kencing syaitan.

dekat shah alam ade satu kilang arak. besar. aku duduk shah alam dari aku kecik. so selalu la lalu seblah kilang arak tu. ala, yg tepi federal highway tu. time tu, aku bayangkan dalam kilang tu mesti ada banyak2 penjara. penjara tu tempat syaitan2 ni tinggal. syaitan2 ni akan take turn untuk kencing supaya bekalan arak dpt dimaintain. so, aku bayangkan pekerja2 kilang ni nanti yang kene pakse syaitan2 ni kencing, pastu angkut air kencing diorang untuk dimasukkan dlm botol2 arak.

itu theory and imaginasi aku pasal pengeluaran arak. semuanya bermule dari ayat 'arak itu air kencing syaitan'. lama jugak aku percaya benda karut ni. yang peliknya, aku tak pernah tanye orang untuk confirmkan kesahihan theory aku ni.

sampailah aku mencapai tahap kematangan otak, baru aku tau yang sebenarnya aku tertipu dengan ayat tu.

sampai hati diorang tipu aku. nasib baik aku tak percaya sampai mati.

so, what's your childhood belief?

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

kemeNYAMPAHan yang membuak2.

benci no 1 :

orang kedekut and orang berkira. yucks. menyampah tahap moksya kot. kalau makan pisang(contoh) pun sorok2 sebab takut luak orang lain mintak nanti, tu memang semua orang meluat la kan. aku rasa kalau kau boleh makan dalam jamban pun kau sanggup sebab kau kedekut sangat kan. lepas tu kalau masak, seboleh2 nk jimat. mentang2 masak untuk diri sendiri, kau pun masak la ayam masak merah tapi ayam tu seketul je sebab kalau masak 4-5 ketul, jadi sebab je nanti housemates yg lain pau sikit, mak ai. tapi time orang lain masak atau buat makan2, kau la orang 1st yang menyemak nak melantak semua benda. pergh, tak malu sial. dahlah kedekut, lepas tu berkira. kalau orang hutang kau rm15.25, 25 sen tu pun kau claim kot. malang kot sape jadi girlfriend orang macam ni. nanti setiap kali lepas makan, boyfriend kau bawak keluar calculator besar, senang sket nk kire bape banyak gf kau hutang kan. yucks. aku memang menyampah gile kot orang kedekut ngan berkira nih. weh, duit tak kemana dow. kau ingat kalau kau share barang dengan orang tu kau rugi besar ke? pahala dapat ade lah. ape tah yang kau bakhil sgt tu kan. orang kedekut ni sebenarnya lagi rugi aku rasa. korang rasa?

benci no 2 :

aku memang benci orang yg emo tak pasal2. orang jenis camni, nk bercakap pun susah. kang tak pepasal ada yang sentap. orang lain nak gurau2, kau nak emo2. get a life la orang2 emo sekalian. kau orang ni kalau nk bergurau kene bergurau lemah lembut lemah gemalai je ke? sorry la, aku tak boleh masuk orang mcm tu. orang2 emo ni jugak pantang kene tegur. padahal baru tegur "eh awak, tadi awak gune jamban lupe nak flush eh? lepas ni tlg flush ek" dah emo terus tak bertegur satu bulan. haih, sesak dada aku kawan dengan orang macam ni.

benci no 3 :

memang rasa nak sepak terajang kalau orang bad mood ngan kite sebab bergaduh ngan bf/gf atau baru lepas kene marah dengan mummy/daddy. hey, tu masalah kau kot, kenapa nak bad mood dengan aku. ingat kau sorang je pernah gaduh ngan bf/gf atau pnah kene marah ngan mummy/daddy? dah kau punye problem, pandai2 la settle. yang nk bawak kau punye mengamuk tu dekat orang lain kenapa? tak cukup2 gaduh ngan bf, nak gaduh ngan member gak ke. orang cakap elok2, kau reply macam haram. cube kalau aku buat perangai macam kau, tau kau nk emo ngan aku nanti. heh.

benci no 4 :

kau study macam nak gila tapi lepas tu kau paling bising kata kau tak start bace satu haram pun lagi. nanti exam kau score, kau budget orang ingat kau genius sebab kau dah kencang satu kampung kata kau tak study, tapi lepas tu result gempak nak mati. weh, get real weh. do u really have to put up such act so that people think u're another albert einstein? jijik kot? kalau kau dah study and dah bace buku 10 round, diam2 sudeyh, atau cakap je la kau dah bace. tk payah la nak blakon cool. sumpah menyampah kot? kau takut sangat ke orang kate kau nerd atau geek kalau kau dh study? weh, name pun student. kalau nak exam tu confirm2 la the right thing to do is study. tak kesah la kau rockstar ke mat rempit ke kuturayau ke, dh nama pun nak exam, kena lah study kan? dah study malu pulak nak mengaku. aku betul tak paham. kalau aku study, aku cakap je kot aku dah study. hey, i tak reti berlakon genius macam you la. ajar sket boleh?? yucks, jijik.

benci no 5 :

"ala, aku takde duit la. dah miskin dah ni. duit dh tinggal sket."
maybe ayat ni kite dah biasa sgt dengar. and sebab aku selalu sangat dengar, aku jadi annoyed la jugak kadang2. especially kalau dengar daripada orang yang ade simpanan duit yg bergunung ganang. aku tau, korang nak tambah gunung2 duit korang tu, tapi tak perlu kot cakap tkde duit. lagi2 kalau kau siap cakap nak makan roti canai rm0.70 pun kau tak mampu sebab takde duit so kau sanggup berlapar sebab takde duit. haktuih. duit berjuta2 tu nak bawak masuk kubur ke. aku geram betul. bukannye aku nak suruh kau takbur lagi bongkak ngan duit kau tu, tapi tak perlu kot ckp tkde duit. tak layak la weh. orang2 mintak sedekat tepi jalan pun mengaku ade duit wpun diorang hanya ada rm10. ape lagi kau yg ada beribu2 ni? baik zip mulut korang ketat2 before Allah makbulkan doa korang yg nak sangat takde duit nih.

hah, cukup lah dulu. aku pun tak sure ape motif aku tulis benda2 yang aku benci ni. yelah, kekadang bila benda dah jadi depan mata, rasa nak je sound tapi aku bukanlah jenis yg reti nak sound2 orang ni. kadang2 tu rasa menyampah aku meluap2 sangat tapi apekan daya, maybe sifat kedekut kau tu congenital and diwarisi turun temurun. but then kalau benda tu acquired, aku rasa slow2 kite bole improve kan? so, cubelah mane yang bole. this is reminder, not just for u, but also for myself. sekian.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

anak keling

"bagilah gambar nak tengok muke anak keling" - that's exactly what my dad replied when i texted him about me reaching bangalore safe and sound from goa and about me suffering from super duper terrible sunburn in goa! yes, his words are funny most of the time :)

well actually, i dun intend to update about my goa vacation as nadia and aina has already written so much about it, but this is for u abah, for my family viewing pleasure! actually pics sangat2 banyak and still tak tergather, some pics are still with my friends, tengok la i'll update with more pics later. for now, this is what i have for u! :)

seafood heaven, sedap and also cheap!

superwoman menghabiskan makanan!
jalan kat india ni mmg cam haram sket to those who still dunno. and kitorang dengan jayanya duduk dlm keta smpai lebam for 14 hours from bangalore to goa. nasib baik dh blaja pharmacology so tau la gak ubat anti-motion sickness yg patut di telan kan so yeah, berjaya utk tak pening sgt wpon baz berjaya muntah 3 round. syabas. driver plak mmg drive tak igt dunia, sepanjang2 selekoh tu die pecut i can't remember bape banyak kali dh nk terlanggar ngan lori besar tu. memang mengucap je la keje dok dlm keta tu. thank god semuanya selamat :)

night time at britto's!

ni la anak keling tuuu waaaa sunburn
yg maha dasyat okayyyy!

goa tgh off-season. so beach tak semak sangat and bilik tak mahal sgt. too bad off-season ni tak ramai sgt mat salleh so project bersama utk cuci mata terpaksa ditangguhkan. cuba lagi di lain kali. kat sane, kitorang sewa motor. so snang sket to get around. thank god there are 2 girls yg reti bawak motor. and luckily azar was there too utk bawak motor hahahah snang sket to get around. i bawak motor? mimpi lahhh okaayyy! i'll start screaming the moment i press minyak so better not la kan. i look like badut lah bawak motor. it's always safer to drive a car lahhh!

parasailing :D

tengah laut~~~
and so the water sports! paling cuak is bumper ride, u duduk atas pelampung and ade boat tarik laju tak igt punya. sumpah tak tipu. anytime bole melayang if tak pegang kuat2. ni lepas bumper ride, i terus mabuk2 sket and terus cuak nk naik banana boat. fine call me chicken. mmg cuak pun wahahahahaha. sape suruh kasi naik bumper ride duluuu! kan dh mabuk2 + cuak2 ;p and parasailing is cooool :) and we get to have a close view of wild dolphins near arjuna beach. comellll amattt! and i did the most impossible thing, terjun into the deep sea which is like 1 km away from the shore. that is sooo impossible for me because i'm so chicken bab2 nk terjun2 laut dalam2 ni but i did it anyway, of course, with life jacket la kan if not i'm dead by now. oh actually, i didn't terjun sendiri, but orang boat tu yg tolak i into the water. agak jahat la kan? hahaha but big thanks to him, if not i won't dive into the water by myself. never kot?

waiting for our turn nihh!

baga beach :)

suntanning la ni konon..

we went to arambol beach, a secluded beach. rupenye kat sini mat salleh - mat salleh ni lepak. because baga beach and calangute beach are way too crowded, that's y kot diorang lari to arambol beach. this beach is gorgeous! too bad we get to hang around here for only 1 hour. :( the wave pun lagi besar, the water is clearer and byk rocks! sukeee!

this beach is gorgeoussss amattt!

di tepi pantai yg indah - arambol beachanak keling lagi. hahaha.
sunset lalalala~

bazilah and me :)

ha ni lah future docs!
time to go back. though we stayed there for only 3 days, as quoted by abah, i already look like anak keling sbb sunburn melampau. haih agak stress di situ tapi tkpe, i had fun! i am now planning for my next vacation ;p too soon eh? planning itu penting! and i guess i had enough travelling around india. i've covered mumbai, delhi, agra(taj mahal), tamil nadu(kodaikanal) and also goa. hope to travel outside india next ;)

so, i hope the photos are enough. i miss everyone at home! my baby anis is admitted to the hospital :( for some lung infection, let's pray for her to get better soon! :( hope everything is okayyy back home! till then, daaa!

Monday, May 4, 2009

tranquility hits me, finally.

that's me flying in the sky
remember when i say i feel like flying and running away from everything?
i actually did :)

and it feels so good!