Wednesday, June 30, 2010

apa bangga sangat dowh?

weh tolong bagitau aku, sedap sangat-sangat ke alcohol ni? sedap sgt ke beer or vodka or wine or anything lah? sedap ke dowh?

aku tak paham ah orang sekarang ni. memang la i may not be orang yg alim yang layak nak tegur this and that. kau nak minum, kau punya pasal lah. cuma if orang tu close to me, and jenis open to advices, and aku pun sayang dia, tanak dia hanyut sorang2 (eh eh, bukan bermaksud aku nak teman dia hanyut eh), aku try la ingat-ingatkan. yelah, aku tak perfect mana. kang bila aku ingatkan, aku pulak yang kena balik. manusia memang camtu, asal kau tak perfect, kau tak boleh nasihat. heh. aparra punya mentality.

okay back to this thing, asal eh orang sekarang selamba je minum-minum ni? ke orang dulu pun selamba minum-minum tapi aku je yang ketinggalan? ehhh, siap upload dalam facebook okayyy! siap muka gembira tengah tonggang arak sebotol? apakah? at least orang kalau buat benda tak baik, buat lah sorok2. ini tak, siap nak tayang satu dunia. gila apa.

sekarang ni, aku rasa nilai kemanusiaan tu dah makin pupus kot. minum arak pun nak bangga? habis modern lah? habis uptown? habis stylo eh minum2 ni? gila sial, kiranya aku tak cukup stylo lah ni. tak boleh jadi dowh. kene try sepam! heh

i don't know what's happening to the world now. ye lah aku manusia kolot. aku memang tak boleh terima orang minum alcohol ni. to me, it's not okay to try, tapi cam paham kot sometimes ada jenis manusia ni curiosity melampau2, so they drink, tapi stop kat situ sudeyh. kalau tiap2 malam pun kau nak tonggang arak, seriously la weh, i think u're gone - WASTED.

sebab antara minum arak, berzina and membunuh,
minum arak is the worst.

don't you know?!
arak adalah ibu segala kejahatan.


Tuesday, June 29, 2010

How To Walk In High Heels?

Personally, I think high heels are the most beautiful invention for women lah. Okay, if you know me closely, then you know that I have this unexplained craze towards shoes particularly high heels. Well, different women different obsession kot. It could be handbags, jewelry, lipstick! (teeeheeee!), earrings (used to be a big fan back in high school) so on and so forth.
So, why high heels you might wanna ask. I started wearing high heels when I was as young as 13, matched with my baggy pants and loose shirt. HAHA. FASHION DISASTER weh, uh oh, juga with my round spectacles! LOL. So, it's obvious that I didn't slip on my high heels for cosmetic purpose back then.

But true enough, wearing high heels help to boost up your confidence level. Okay, this may not be true for everyone, but it does hold true for me. Kenapa eh? Maybe because I boleh jalan sama tinggi with my friends who have model height kot. Being the shortest (no, I'm not talking about me haha) among your friends can be pretty depressing. In this case, height does matter.

Okaylah, I'm not gonna give you tips on how to walk in high heels because you already know. Common sense la kan. If you're not used to walk in high heels, you can start off slowly with a steady chunkier heels rather than the thin pointed stiletto kind of high heels. You need to first learn how to balance yourself when walking in high heels and for that, you need to get the right posture when walking in high heels. More and more practise will do, you don't need a class or anything on this.

Since I've been wearing high heels regularly for quite some time (quite a few years indeed), recently, I experienced pain in lower half of my lower limb including both knees and also back pain. The knees felt like they can no longer bear the pressure and hurt a lot especially when ascending or descending the stairs. And the back pain was mainly on the lumbar region (go google where lumbar is) and I had a hard time dealing with it. And guess what, it started during my Euro trip! Potong kan, tapi I kentalkan je.

It's not that I'm not aware of the side effects of wearing high heels but I neglected the whole fact about how harmful high heels are to our body because I've become too attached with high heels. Ceh ayat tak boleh poyo lagi kan. Yeah, truth is, I even went shopping with my high heels. And my shopping isn't just 1 or 2 hours. My kind of shopping-day-out can be from sun to sun, really, and I'll still stand tough in my high heels. That bad!

There were time when I felt so much comfortable in my high heels rather than taking them off my feet. Yes, apparently, walking barefoot on a flat ground used to hurt my feet. And just because I've been a regular user of high heels, I came to think that I look hideous when wearing flats or sneakers. No, I didn't just think, coz when I looked into the mirror, I really do look weird with flats or sneakers. Now, you can see how this love-for-high-heels-thingy affects me psychologically.

tapi high heels ni buruk
True that most women won't mind standing in the most uncomfortable high heels for cosmetic sake. I do too. Not to say that you can't wear your high heels at all, but take me as an example of a high heels victim. You don't wanna hurt your knees and your back like I did kan? I'm lucky that the pain gets relieved after a few weeks of 'no high heels' geez, to be honest, I kinda freaked out at first. Takut lah kan. Right after I get the pain, terus google about side effects of wearing high heels and there were lotsssss of them!! You can even end up having surgery for your knee pain and back pain!

So now, I gotta start wearing flats more often though honestly, I don't like flats at all hmm but I've to cuz I dun wanna injure my feet some more. And the thing with my feet is, I've a wide feet and "wide feet + flats" makes a hideous combination cuz tiba2 nanti nampak kaki terlebih lebar and hodoh lah camane nak explain eh? Kalau rajin nanti boleh suruh I demonstrate wahahah but anyway, hodoh tak hodoh, sekarang I learnt it the hard way so conclusion is, pakai high heels sila berpada-pada okay sebab side effects of wearing high heels yang korang baca dekat internet adalah bukan cerita dongeng.

So baiklah, I will limit myself from wearing high heels too much after this. But after a few weeks of feet resting, I think I am now ready to rock with my high heels wahahaha. Eh eh tak sedar diri, okay sila berpijak di bumi yang nyata. LESS HIGH HEELS, MORE FLATS iskk -_-" But I would be really grateful if anyone of you wants to treat me this heartthrob ;

Time dekat London hari tu, meleleh je tengok kasut macam ni haisshh! Time tu duit nyawa-nyawa ikan. Ketaq tangan tengok harga grrr.

Friday, June 25, 2010

random random aje

hello hello. this blog dah jadi sunyi sepi eh lately. too lazy to hit the keyboard and type it all out. i am not at all busy though the first internal assessment is coming up real soon! padahal rasa macam baru je final hari tuuu! baru je struggle untuk final dah nak ada exam lagi :(

to those who don't know, i am now in my third phase of MBBS. in this phase, we'll have to concentrate on ENT, Opthalmology and Community Medicine and we'll be having our final examination on these 3 subjects in April. too soon ehh!

none of these 3 subjects are my favourite. tapi ENT and opthal boleh blah lagi lah, interesting jugak kadang2. but commed, cannot go lahhhh! dari first year kot belajar commed but i seriously dunno what we actually learn in commed.

firstly, commed adalah sangat tidak menarik, 2ndly, doctor2 commed adalah sangat tidak menyelerakan dan tidak memberansangkan, 3rdlyyyyy, sangat tak suka pergi posting dekat primary health centre tuuuu! tapi malangnya, exam commed lagi 3 weeks camtu. maka dengan itu, i have to stop whining and start studying (bila tah?)

uh oh. tau tak we won't get cuti for raya this year. meaning, i'll be celebrating my raya in india. yek la jugak kan. but takde la sedih sgt tak dapat balik raya coz as u know, i dun have kampung and all pun so first day raya confirm melepek dekat rumah jugak kalau balik pun so macam it's okay for me untuk tidak balik raya. dengan syarat, jangan cakap my mom masak apa on pagi raya. boleh nangis serta merta sebab kuah kacang my mom adalah sangat magical. anddd, i won't have new baju raya this year. will be wearing the old ones je kot sob sobbb!

eh eh, belum ganti puasa ahhh! ok. minggu depan!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


receptor paling tak berguna,
pain receptor pada hati.

let's go shopping! :)

Sunday, June 20, 2010

FULLhouse! :D

asik letak pics dengan member2 je kan. okay this time letak pics dengan family terchenta! baru 2 weeks balik msia, rindu sudahhhh! and since today is father's day, nak cakapppp, happy father's day to my macho mannn aka ABAH! :D

we don't usually take much pictures together, we refer to my family. tapi that day, ada lah sikit2 gambar ;p so i might as well cuci 'em all cepat2 nanti kan. hehehe. sooo, this is my family terchenta!

kekenyangan! mummy and daddy, kak long, sarah and me
mummy and daddy!
now, semua nampak macam sebaya already! my sisters!
again! saya tak ready!
the naughtiest girl in the house, sarah!
budak yang jatuh longkang hari tu, kau memang legend!

the mysterious one, aisyah! and the youngest one, baby!
and the camwhoring beginssss....

meet my little brotherrr, amirrr!
not so little anymore teehee!
love jalan2 with him, people will thought he's my elder brother!
"ada berani kacau kakak aku?!" haha

i think we look alike in this piccc! me and aisyah!
the youngest and the eldest!
the hensem oneee! eh eh, the ganas oneee!

it's karaoke timeee!

the girls karaoke!

sarah over slangg!
dancing queen! :D

the kak long and the akak,
our nicknames at home.

mummy is a great singer!
me, abah and kak long joget tah hape2!

abah is a great singer tooo!

lagi gambar camwhoringggg...
mari layan...

mic takde,
camera kan ada!

the baby and the akak

time to go homeee!

me and my biggg brother hehe!

ini pasal saya malas drive.

on a totally different occasion!

ahaha. selalunya dulu2 nak tangkap gambar, masing2 tak nak. kononnye tak vain ahhh. tipu semua tuuu. semua pun suka tangkap gmbar sebnanye. hehe. saya paling sukaaa ;p

yes my sisters and lil bro panggil i 'akak', why not 'kak ngah' eh? ntah lah. kitorang memang suka terabur2 ni. main belasah je. adik2 bawah i, dah takde panggil kakak2 dah, semua cakap 'saya-(nama)'. i ngan kak long i je yang sempat di-kakak-kan, sebab gap kitorang with the little sisters and bro agak jauh kot?

ahaha. ye, kitorang semua bahasakan diri 'saya' with our parents. except for aisyah. dia sorang je suka bahasakan diri dia as 'orang', and everytime pun i akan cakappp, 'orang maneeee? orang utan ehhh!' eh ehhh. tu pun nak cerita! the point isss, semua orang pun, my friends laaah, akan gelak bila dengar i borak2 with my parents sebabnya, i cakap 'saya' dengan diorang. eh eh, kelakar sangat keeee? tahhh, my dad lah ni kecik2 dulu ajar kitorang suruh cakap 'saya' dengan diorang. skema btol lah abah ni!

tapi takpeee, skema pun skema lah. ini skema rock ok! halamakkk, rindu lahhh! tu lah, gatal lagi nak upload gambar family terchenta. kan dah rindu. oklah, supaya tidak melayan rindu dengan lebih lanjut, mari kita tidur, esok ada community medicine. eeeekkkk.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

How To Take Care of Your Car (a quick tutorial for dumbos and bimbos)

Driving a car is easy but taking care of the car is definitely not easy! And since I am now an owner of a car, I really need to know a lil bit bout car maintenance. I wish I could skip this part but really, I can't, unless I have Abah or my lil dinosour here to take care of the car ;p

Soooo, the only thing I knew about car was driving the car and isi minyak, that's it. I never give a damn about panaskan engine ke, isi air ke, check minyak hitam ke, temperature naik ke, tayar pancit nak buat camane ke, alignment lah, whatever lah! Pening tau tak, I'm not a technical person so hearing lecture about engine and things like that really makes me go BLAHHHH!

But I can't escape this time. Abah has been lecturing me much about car maintenance. Lil dinosour pon. Izzarief pun. Semalam hantar kereta service, terpaksa mintak tlg a guy friend teman us so that when the mechanic tells us this and that I tkde la ternganga je tak paham pape. Haha. So btw, I'm gonna list some basic things that I need to know bout the car (which I never ever knew before haha, super noob me) ;

1. Always check for the temperature meter. Normally, it should be at the center some time after driving, meaning ur engine is not too hot lah, but if it goes beyond the center, reaching H(hot), then you might wanna check ur air(coolant).

2. Kalau jalan2 with lil dinosour in Malaysia, dia always always always check air kereta tu. I told myself, this guy has some Obsessive Compulsive Disorder lahhh, do u really have to check for air everytime nak jalannnn? Okay, now that I know the function, I think it makes sense. Haha, kena selalu check air so that engine tak panas kot ;p Kesian ada orang tu kena tuduh ada OCD ;P

3. Next, always be alert if ada bunyi aneh2 coming out from ur car. Bunyi time brake ke apa ke. Kalau ada je bunyi aneh, most likely there's some problem with the car. Kena pegi check right away.

4. Alignment tayar tu. Kalau agak2 time you speeding, kereta tu macam terhoyong hayang, then maybe lah there's some problem with the alignment of your tire. Go check.

5. Minyak hitam aka engine oil, bukan black oil eh. Not of that much importance since I drive short distance je dekat sini, but still, kena check whether or not the minyak hitam is at its optimum level.

6. Kalau agak2 air cond tu rasa angin je tapi tak sejuk2, ada problem with the a/c gas. Pegi check.

7. Kalau agak2 kereta tu rasa berat je nak jalan, nampak macam kempis je, then kena isi angin dekat tayar. Kalau kat Malaysia selalu kita buat sendiri tu kan? Ni tak reti lah. Lil dinosour asik ingatkan je yang ni, tapi lupe plak nk tanye camane nk buat.

8. Kalau tengah drive tetibe nampak berasap2 je kereta tu, stop RIGHT AWAY. It means ur engine is overheated. Boleh terbakar. Wuuuu...takut! Thats why it's important to have a glance at ur temperature meter every now and then.

I think that much is enough kot utk basic. Especially for dumbos and bimbos. Ada hati nak pakai kereta sendiri, tapi nak jaga pasal kereta hape pon tatau. LOL. I asked my dad, can I not know all these? Hantar service je boleh tak biar orang tu je check semua. He said, "ha buat lah perangai camtu, nanti dia ketuk kau sampai pokai padan muka" So, for that I'm taking initiative utk belajar a lil bit bout car maintenance.

This so called quick tutorial la konon (ceh poyo gila kot bunyi quick tutorial) hanya applicable utk orang2 yg memang noob habis tahap dewa pasal kereta. Kalau yang dah pandai pasal kereta tu, tak payah nk memperkotak-katikkan I. Sat lagi aku pandai tukar tayar sendiri kang, terkejut kau nanti! ;p

Btw tau tak, kereta tu tak sampai seminggu lagi with us, there's already a bump at the back. Damn betul! The first day amek memang takde pun bump tu, tetiba je this one day kitorang perasan ada kemek dekat belakang. Confirm ada keling langgar time kereta tu parking lepas tu blah mcm tu je. Siot kau keling! Dasar keling! Semalam I tanye nak ketuk berapa, mahal la plak. So layan je lah. Kang dah ketuk, tetibe keling langgar lagi, tak pepasal je.

Oh and I would like to share a lil information regarding the car, told by my friend Izzarief who is majoring in automobile. I asked him, betulke if off air cond we can actually save minyak. He said, it is only true if you drive 50km/hour. If not, kalau you tutup air cond, bukak tingkap and drive more than 50km/hour, you're actually using more and more power to overcome the air friction. That's what he told me lah. Dun let me go into detail about the physic part of it hahah I hate physics remember? But hey, it's an interesting information kan. Kite ye ye je off air cond sebab nak save minyak, padahal we're using more and more minyak kalau buat macam tu. Heee.

So that's all lah. Tutorial for myself. Haha.

Amazing Race FINALE : London

I know this is like soooo last season lah kan! But, I'm writing this for the sake of completing my travelogue ;p plus I'm sure gonna read this when I miss my Euro trip one day. In fact, I miss it nowwww!

Sooo, from Paris, we took the bus to London. Not really that comfortable. Reached London at night, stopped at Victoria's bus station kot. Then, went to Bayswater to check-in the Malaysia Hall. For your info, you need to book the Malaysia Hall through the net first, you can't just barge in like that. I got to stay alone in 1 room coz there's no triple room, Ninot pun dah cakap awal2 she didn't wanna stay alone coz dia takut ada pontianak in London ;p

Big Ben
Nothing much about London, everyone pun dah pergi London kan so there's really no need for me to brag about it here kan. We basically went sight seeing in London. Big Ben, Eye of London, the Parliament, Buckingham Palace etc etc. The next day, we went to Manchester. I didn't wanna go but I had to coz my friends yg dekat London semua cam tengah busy exam and all, so I can't stay at their places kan, so I've to go to Manchester :( sebenarnya taknak, sebab Manchester ada stadium tu je kot. Which I tak fancy pun. Baik stay a little longer in London so I can shop more. In Manchester, we all tumpang rumah Jannah! Thanks for the hospitality babe! :)
Eye of London

Then, went back to London. This time, no more sight seeing. It's time to shop! Berbekalkan saki baki duit Western Union yang my dad transfer, I did a little (yes, really) shopping! Actually dah spare 400 pounds to shop in London but aaaaaaaaaaaa, terima kasih banyak2 la volcano in Iceland, you took my money away :( so shop sikit je lah. But seriously, I wanna go back there nak borong all the shoessssss!!!!!! Sumpah jadi sawan tengok all the shoes in Oxford Street. I did buy one pair, thought of buying another pair, but if I really did buy another pair, I bebetul tinggal sen sen je lepas tu.

the double decker bus!

Oh one highlight to be shared lah, cerita pasal Malaysia Hall. You know, from Manchester, we went back to London kan. We did the online booking already. Time tu pun airport dah start operating after the volcano thingy kan. When we got back to London, nak check-in Malaysia Hall, memula the receptionist said actually the rooms are all reserved for those ppl who are stranded, but there are plenty of available rooms. Plus the volcano ashes pun mcm dah nak clear kan, so the receptionist cam bagi kitorang check-in. Dah siap kasi kunci okay.

Tetibe when the warden(yes, Malaysia Hall has a warden) came, she insisted us to give back the key sebab macam she couldn't allow us to stay in Malaysia Hall sebab nak jugak reserve utk orang2 stranded padahal the rooms byk gila available pls. Plus airport dah bukak kot! Semua airlines pun dah start fly kot! (OK berapa kali nak cakap daa) She insisted us to check-in the hostel nearby! Eeee kerek gila. Siap cakap macam ni ;

"Kamu kan backpackers, pergi lah check in hostel je"

Sumpah tak exaggerate. Bengang kan kan kan? Dahlah masa dekat London sgt suntuk, coz of the volcano of course, masa in Paris and London mmg rushing sket sbb volcano tu. Tapi warden ni lagi nk buat drama. Thank god time tu ade dis pegawai MARA who happened to be someone yg jaga budak2 IB KMS dulu, so he allowed us to leave our baggage in his office in Malaysia Hall. Baik gila! So we left our luggage there and went off to do some shopping.

Back to Malaysia Hall only to know that the so called 'meeting' they had to discuss whether or not we are allowed to stay in Malaysia Hall was not yet over. Annoyed la kan. Bukan nak tolong kite, lagi nak bagi kite masalah ade la kan. So kitorang decided to just leave the Malaysia Hall and check-in the hostel, which is just sebelah Malaysia Hall. Kerek tak kerek la kan.

what's the name of this park again?!

otw to Buckingham Palace
I intended to bring back some chocolates but too bad, duit I semua habis shopping. Luckily I'm not a big fan of souvenirs so agak save di situ. Thank god jugak my dad was willing to transfer some money, if not memang merempat lah! Finally, the Euro trip came to an end. We were already too tired, baju pun dah berapa kali recycle hahaha except for a few yg memang hantar pergi laundry. Tapi stillll, pardon me for having just 2 jackets LOL ;p

Buckingham Palace at the back!

the only one picture I have in Manchester.
Didn't even get into the stadium.
Not even tempted to go in.

Our Euro trip memang agak adventurous lah. Merempat tah mane2 je dah berapa kali. No tour guide at all. We are our own boss. Jalan semua ikut map, thank goodness the guys were there to read the maps. Saya failed kot baca map ;p there were salah faham here and there during the trip tapi it didn't last long, berapa minit lepas tu okay balik ;p hehehe

It was a wonderful experience!! I am now planning for my next euro trip, heheh, since Farah pun now dekat Glasgow, Scotland, studying in the exact same university my dad used to so macam lagi lah I wanna go there kan. My dad pun support I suro pergi Scotland. Hahaha. Support pakai air liur je lah, bukan pakai duit. Now pun duit tengah kering kontang tapi I will surely start saving soon! Hopefully lah ada cuti and ada duit! ;p

So, back to Bangalore! India kembali.

Monday, June 14, 2010

it's official!

finally!! the car is ours! :D finally, no more bus and auto! hahahah finally!

okay, kereta ni 2ndhand and kecik je but good enough for me and my friends! this car belongs to me, sheila, nadia and baz :) got the car earlier today, dah test drive pergi baptist hospital and the field trip commed lah kena test drive coz it's been ages since i last drove a manual car! very much used to automatic car back at home! just so you know, automatic cars are damn expensive here in india! so that's why i decided to just belasah je bawak manual! ;p

tadi dapat kereta, mak datok berhabuk gila kotor nak mati memang typical kereta keling, bau pun tak menyelerakan, dahla mirror kat tengah2 tu tercabut la kan kitorang terpaksa lekatkan sendiri! lol, talk about cheap car ;p and i siap dah pegi baptist, dah balik my apartment baru perasan tkde mirror tu boleh? patutlah i felt something was missing!

tadi dah cuci the car with baz dearest! dahla this girl sakit2 badan lagi sbb ada futsal match yesterday, tp for the love of our car, kitorang basuh gak 2 orang tadi ;p hehhe

excited dan jakun.

so this is our car! curi gambar joyce! that's joyce and sheila :D i tak smpat lagi nak tangkap2 gambar..haha..takyah kot? ;p taaaa~!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Mari Mengenal Manusia Opportunist

Being opportunist itu normal. Being opportunist itu menunjukkan kau bijak mengambil peluang and kesempatan yang ada. Kalau nak hidup, being opportunist adalah perlu sekali sekala. Tapiii, kalau kau jenis manusia yang over gila opportunist, itu dah memang tak normal okay, itu namanya melampau!

Opportunist ni ada banyak jenis. Lain opportunist lain motif. Ada opportunist ambik kesempatan untuk senangkan kerja diorang, so that diorang leh lepak dok goyang kaki tengok dinding tau2 je kerja dah siap. Ada satu lagi jenis opportunist adalah manusia yang seboleh2 tak nak gune duit dia, tapi seboleh2 cari cara and sebab untuk menyentil bile orang lain dah keluar duit diorang.

Sebenarnya banyak je lagi jenis opportunist dalam dunia ni. Depends on your circle of friends jugak, kalau friends dekat tempat kerja, maybe the pattern of opportunism is different, likewise, when you are with your uni friends, the pattern of opportunism is different jugak la. But whatever it is, opportunists are everywhere.

I myself is an opportunist sometimes, I can see most of my friends are being opportunist jugak. But it's okay to be an ooportunist if you know how to give and take. Kiranya, hari ni aku keluar duit, esok2 kawan aku tu paham2 la plak nak keluar duit dia plak. Ataupun hari ni member aku buat kerja lebih, aku lepak tengok tv, esok aku pepandai la buat kerja plak so that member aku bole relax sket. If that's what happening, then it is a healthy kind of opportunism. No sweat at all.

Tapi, ada jenis manusia, dia nak dia je senang! Dia nak dia je jimat! Sorry ah babe, kalau aku jumpe orang jenis mcm ni and if kau ada hati nak take advantage on me and only me, I won't make your life easy that's for sure. Kalau aku tak dpt nak get rid of you, I'll let you know how opportunistic you are and that you gotta stop right away before you lose your friends!

Senang je nak kenal orang macam ni. Typical gila kot. Contohnya, if pergi makan sama. Time tu jugak la kau tak cukup duit la, takde duit kecik la, purse tertinggal la, lepas tu pinjam duit atau pujuk member belanja. Sekali sekala layan la kan. Pinjam duit isn't a big deal kot. Belanja member sekali sekala pun ape la sangat kan, lagi2 kalau kau tu kaya memang duit dalam purse sangat meriah. Kita pun takkan nak berkira sangat kan. Tolong weh, aku pantang orang berkira, unless kau memang miskin hina (mcm aku sekarang!hahahah) Lepas tu, dahla buat2 lupa nak bayar balik, the next time makan sama pun kau takde duit jugak. Kalau dah banyak kali makan minum kau pun aku nak tanggung, melampau ah kan? Abis duit kau tu nak bagi makan sape? Toyol?

Lagi manusia jenis opportunist, manusia yang kau terpaksa angkut ke hulu ke hilir sebab dia takde transport. Ini lagi satu opportunist paling common ah. Sangat faham kot depression takde kereta. Yelah, kau still belajar, celah mana nak cari duit beli kereta. Kalau ada pun kereta parents, itu pun terpaksa berebut, kalau nak guna kena booking awal2. Faham weh. Aku pun macam tu.

Member kau ada kereta boleh pick u up at your house pun dah cukup bagus. Memang lah dia tak mintak bayar, tapi kau pun ada otak, guna ah. Busuk2 pun, bayarkan la tol ke, parking ke, takkan berkira sangat kot? Atau kalau rumah kau tu beribu batu jauh, atau kau memang penumpang regular, pepandai ah nak top up minyak. Ini tak, time lalu tol kau buat2 tidur, time nak bayar parking kau buat2 busy cakap phone, time nak isi minyak kau sebok kata nak pergi toilet. Apa kes? Lepas tu, mintak tolong hantar kau balik rumah kat dekat Beranang. Kalau kau hensem macam Nate Archibald pun belum tentu aku sanggup nak hantar kau balik rumah for free! Heh.

Worst kind of opportunist aku pernah jumpa ada la dis one minah, she has a car. Her own car. Memang available for her 24/7. Tapi kalau lepak sama, pergi movie ke, pergi mamak ke, pergi open house je, dia mesti nak tumpang orang, tak pernah nak pakai kereta dia. Bile tanye kenape, jawapan ; "malas nak drive!" atau "tkde minyak!" ohh! Abis orang lain rajin sangat lah nak tumpangkan kau everytime? Abis kereta orang lain tu kau ingat tak pakai minyak ke? Pakai air longkang eh? Gila opportunist sial! Kau sorang je la nak save duit minyak, lepas tu kau sorang je la yang dibenarkan malas?

Oh oh, and I remember the typical opportunist dekat sekolah. Nak jimat duit punya pasal. Everytime rehat dekat kantin, kau tak beli pape dulu. Kau tunggu member kau beli karipap atau nasik lemak dulu. Bila aku habis makan, baru kau habis makan sama. Lepas tu kau kenyang keriangan siap boleh cakap ;

"baru ingat nak beli mee bandung tadi, tapi tak jadi lah sebab dah kenyang!"


Wednesday, June 9, 2010


I assume most of you reading my blog are malays. But, tell me, in which category of malays do you fall in?

a) the patriotic malays
b) the so-so malays
c) a'malay'nicans

First things first, credit goes to Obefiend for creating such a brilliant word the ancient people couldn't think of. That's just impressive.

I guess the categories of malays I've stated are self-explanatory. The patriotic malays are those malays who are proud to be one and will do anything to protect our social rights, culture, ones who are willing to preserve the old malay heritage and whatnots. Ah, you get what I mean, do I need to explain more?

I believe most of us fall in the second category. The so-so malays. We're proud to be malays but we hardly done anything for the benefit of malay community. Yes, I think I fall in this group, the kind of person who is proud to be a malay, but doesn't do anything that shows.

And hello hello, the number of a'malay'nicans are rapidly growing in our own beloved country. A'malay'nicans are those people who are purely of malay origin (a hint of Javanese/Bugis/Siamese/etc are common though) but they are literally ashamed to be a malay. Yes, the term A'malay'nican speaks for itself. It's the term used for those people who are so fond of the western, especially the Americans. Like you know, Americans this, Americans that, and boo boo, shame on you the Malays coz u're way behind the technology.

Oh tell you what, you deserve the boo boo so much more that the rest of the malay community. You're not welcomed in the western community, the only one being overly perasan is you. Not only that you have a prominent malay features on your face and body; you're tanned, your nose if dead flat, you have overly slanted eyes, your hair is black, you definitely score the minimum (or worse, below minimum) height in their standard height profile, and you can't even stand winter in their country, in fact, you still can't get rid of your oh-so-malay habits (bad habits included) like you know, the malays who constantly crave for nasi and only nasi everyday plus sambal paling pedas, the malays who are never punctual, the malays who will speak in thick regional dialect (like orang nogori, kelantan, sarawak etc) and still, you're too ashamed to admit you're one of the malays.

These a'malay'nicans will never want to buy stuffs from the local brands. According to them, ini barangan takde kualiti, we'd rather buy those from the western countries. Biar bayar lebih, janji berkualiti. Yes I admit some local brands are not of high quality, but it's unfair to make such judgement and such general statement. You never know how hard it is for the local businessmen to reach the top. And still you're so much influenced with the western brands to the extend of belittling the local brands from usahawan melayu sendiri. I would say, you're being plain stupid and shallow minded. Padahal every weekend kau pergi Giant jugak shopping barang rumah. Giant was born in Malaysia beb, tak malu ke pakai barang Giant?

It's a lie to say that I only buy stuffs from the local company, only those born in Malaysia, or to be specific, those products which are released by the malay entrepreneurs. I do, every now and then, buy imported stuffs. But being a mature human being, I have respects for the malay entrepreneurs who are struggling to compete, or worse, to even find a tiny place in the market, to show the world that we too can produce our own products. So, why bother comparing? And why some malays are being really mean to make such a statement saying that the local products/brands are of no quality etc etc. As if engkau bagus sangat, it's always better to work on something small, rather than talk big and produce nothing, just like most a'malay'nicans. Shame on you.

And what's so wrong and 'kampung' about listening to the local radio station? Yes, apparently, listening to malay songs will make you a 'kampung' girl/boy and if ever the a'malay'nicans know the fact that their close friends listen to these songs, they'll set a distance. Amalaynicans never wanna be friends with 'kampung' girls/boys, get it? They will only listen to English songs and would rather listen to silence than playing the malay songs. They'll go on bullshitting about the malay singers being off-standard, about how crappy the lyrics are, and how low the video-clips are.

And when you go for a karaoke day out with these a'malay'nicans, don't bother picking up malay/indon songs, they'll stare at you in horror. Seriously. Like you know, when they overheard the ppl from the next room sing a 'rock kapak' song, they'll go on "omg, don't they have a better song to sing? Don't tell me you nak nyanyi lagu melayu dekat siniiii, please no!" and stare at you for an assurance that you're one of the a'malay'nicans and not one of the patriotic malays who will sing malay songs when karaoke-ing.

Here's the thing, I do sing malay/indon songs when karaoke-ing and if that makes me 'kampung' then be it. And X-fresh FM is one of my favourite radio stations (because Era FM has too much advertisements for god's sake), oh yes, I do listen to malay songs when driving, how's that sound to you? I am definitely not qualified to be called a'malay'nicans, do I?

Funny thing is, they still listen to Too Phat, Disagree, Bunkface, Resh Monu or worse, they'll still listen to Siti Nurhaliza singing an english song (ade ke? aku bantai) Not so American eh?

These A'malay'nicans will go on laughing and rolling on the floor when reading the malay poetry or listening to a malay poet, reciting a malay poem with full enthusiasm. To them, they're making fun of themselves on stage. To them, the beauty of the malay poems are almost non-existence. The wordings are craps and cranky and the only purpose of malay poems is for them to die out of excessive laughing.

You know, they'll go on laughing listening to this line "Wajahmu indah bak bulan dan bintang"(okay, of course, I made this one up) and the only way to shut 'em up is by directly translating this verse into English and I bet you my heart, they'll adore the wordings. I know somehow, malay poems sound a bit corny and funny, but still, you're malay and you speak malay so could you at least respect that a bit? If you're so in love with English literature and detest Malay literature, you could just keep that to yourself, it's a courtesy for the malay poets and malay community. There's really no need to make an announcement of how crappy and sappy Malay literature are.

There are a lot more examples I wish I could share but this post is already too lengthy. To all the Amalaynicans, I hope this is a wake up call for you people. Being amalaynicans simply means you have no pride over yourself anymore because you're too busy worshiping everything Americans and everything western till you forget your root and your own culture. It's okay to adore/follow the western here and there but it is definitely not okay to ditch completely the eastern part of yourselves, and worse, it's definitely not okay to belittle or downgrade everything that is malay because that makes you 'orang yang lupa diri'.

Remember this line "TAKKAN MELAYU HILANG DI DUNIA" ? Well, if more and more people are becoming Amalaynicans, eventually, there will be no more malays in this world.

p/s : those mat salleh/minah salleh yang u adore sangat tu, will secretly laugh at you and think u're stupid for downgrading your own asal usul. shame on you.