Saturday, October 6, 2012

India, I'm gonna leave you soon :D

I am definitely happy about leaving India, hellooo, 5 years abroad (and especially in India) is definitely not easy. not easy at all! but can't deny that small part of me is telling me that 'babe, u're so gonna miss india'.

i intend to write about my ups and downs in india, but they're like really a lot, i dunno where to start. it needs probably 10 chapters for me to finish writing about my experience in india. it's really something. i won't say it's the kind of experience that everyone wants to have, because living in india is definitely not the same like living in UK or US or whatever developed countries (u name it!) but the experience i have is really something to be remembered, to be cherished, forever.

I just finished my final exam by the way. the result is yet to be announced so yeah, i'm just hoping for the very best for me and my friends. i can't and i don't want to stay any longer here in india. and speaking about my final exam, that is the most depressing time of my life, ever, and for a second, i even had a suicidal thought because it was too depressing i felt like jumping off the building. hahaha. i am so gonna write about it okay! 

here, i learnt a lot about life. basically about living in hardship (yesssssssssssssss!!! india taught me well), patience, love (hahahah bollywood sangat tau i found my love in india :P), friendship (this probably require 1 big chapter hahahah), people (gosh you don't wanna know what i learnt haha) and a lotttt more. and it tested me well enough that i was far far far away from the people i love, my support system. sometimes it feels like i live on my own two feet, in a faraway land. it's not easy, trust me.

and india is unique in its own way. not the way you want it to be, obviously. it tested my patience beyond the level that i can handle. imagine having to face your final exam with frequent black-outs (yes, and there's nothing you can do about it other than, ermmm, bersabar), and not only that, u'll get some background ''music'' of tempe (tempe is local indian, i dunno about the origin of the word tempe, we happened to use it regularly) bergendang bersiul menari2 bagai nak rak when u're trying to focus on what u're reading to sit for ur exam, lol. and having to see a group of tempe mogok depan hospital sebab they didn't wanna pay the hospital bill just because the patient died, and the funny part is, diorang mogok sambil bergendang. ewah, kaya pulak kau nak hire orang bergendang2 utk mogok, tapi tak nak bayar hospital bill. wakakak.

and the fact that the indians love to strike and we get free holidays for that. hahaha. imagine lah, the pelakon died and the tempe pegi strike ramai2 so we didnt have to go to class woohoooo dalam hati i, ni kalau shah rukh khan yg mati, mau aku dapat cuti sebulan. lol.

and the indian traffic. omagash. it's crazy and i can't believe i actually mastered the art of driving a manual car in this awesome indian traffic. hahahahaha. i normally drive automatic car back in malaysia and the moment i decided to buy a car here in india i memang main redah je nak drive manual sebab i really memang tak terer drive manual but it turned out to be awesome wahahaha. and guess what, we survived 3 years of owning a car without having an insurance, ever. lollll. dahla takde insurance, siap boleh drive sampai ke tamil nadu. that is just crazy.

haih la terlampau banyak memories here in india. the good one, the bitter one, the depressing one hahahaha. i think i will just sit and reminisce my time in india. probably in my flight back home this 13th october hihiks i can't wait!!!!! i can't wait to leave this country for good but i know i will miss this country, u served me 'well', 'well' enough that u'll stay in my memory forever. ahahahaks.

and i'm looking forward for my convocation because guess what, my boyfriend will be joining the same convocation too! hikhik it was never in my dream, to grad with my own sweetheart, never was in my list and suddenly this comes along :D so really happy i should probably start searching for my baju convo ewahhhh.

being here, it's a blessing in disguise. even my mom said so. my mom cakap she's so grateful that i get to study in India instead of UK/US/Aussie, ayat mak i camni k "aunty happy dia ni pegi India, kalau pegi UK ke memane tu entah la jadi camne, confirm kalah semua mat salleh'' hahhahaa and by that, she was referring to my errr, i dunno, my way of dressing up and maybe my social life. and being here, duit kitorang banyakkkk. hahahaha unlike those studying in other developed countries, selalu dengar cerita mereka2 ni broke. well, ramai je students dkt sini broke but that's because they don't manage their money well, bukan sebab tak cukup duit scholar. what we got is moreeee than enough.

after leaving this county, i hope to leave behind alllll the bad stories, to forget those who don't regard me as friend (or better, to befriend and start over? (: ), to leave behind all the terasa sentap sensitive moment (hahahah i admit i manusia biasa no matter how hard i tried to remain cool sometimes i can't help to feel offended too), i want to forget those people i hate and the reason why i hate 'em because hating ppl, it makes me feel ugly from the inside.

i want to bring back all the good memories :) and insyaAllah, whenever i stop by and look back, i want to remember all of this with a smile on my face :)) to those who did me wrong, thank you for making me stronger than yesterday, there's always reason why we bumped into each other's life and make each other's life miserable hahahah kan?

i'm leaving in 5 days wooohoooo!! so India, thank you, thank you for all the hardship and pain u caused me, for all the lesson i learnt the hard way, for all the bittersweet memories, you'll be missed, definitely :) 


Anonymous said...

ive been following ur blog since u were in ur third year! i gotta say,india is overwhelming! i like reading about ur stories,its somewhat funny. haha! goodluck with the future Dr Ira! =)

IRA said...

thank you my dear :)