Saturday, August 30, 2008

the route taken by a doctor-to-be

it looks corny isn't it?
but trust me,this is what happened during my 1st year final examination!gosh,if this is not for my future and if this is not for my parents, i would rather spend the nite sleeping than blurring my eyes reading everything it takes to become a doctor,or to be specific,to pass my 1st year examination,before i can go any further.

i always wanna be a little bit more hardworking,but nature fails me.hahaha i guess malas is already in my gene but i have no idea where did i get dat from?but i know it's there in my blood hahahaha

exam's over but there's no slight happiness inside me cuz i'm freaking scared with the upcoming results-it'll be out tonite,merdeka nite!argh,so not merdeka mood!seriously,i'm allergic to biochemistry from the very beginning and i know i didn't put much effort in it!and not to my surprise,i didn't do well in the recent paper-yup,biochemistry!

arrgghh thinking about it makes me gooo crazyyy!please,i dun think about getting distinction anymore,dat's far beyond my hope...i just want to pass and go home!anyone of u reading dis,please,do pray for me!hahah okie,im gonna go n take a rest now sambil merisaukan diri bout the upcoming results!


farah said...

yeayyyy 1st comment!! n 1st reader gak kot wahahahhahahah. ira i believe in u. kau boleh jd doc berjaya n hot at the same time! :D

Nana Suhaili said...

good start! keep up. ;)