Tuesday, September 2, 2008

yes,i am indeed very COOOL!

i'm hurt.i really am.

and this isn't the first time,and i keep on hurting.why,why and why some people have no clue at all that they're hurting someone they love the most?and here i am,acting cool,as if nothing had happened, as if everything is fine.

"u tak reti nk express what u feel to others". dat's what he told me.yeah,so true. i dunno how to tell a person dat i'm mad at him, or sad for what he had done. i'm a big failure when it comes to this. and so, all the things that make me feel uneasy pile up in this very fragile heart of mine, and yes, i bear 'em all alone. (okay,no really alone,cuz i usually share 'em with my besties)

stop hurting the one u love the most cuz when it reaches the limit, babe there's no turning back.i once thought i could bear everything that hurts me, alone, and never walk away from the one who hurts me, but i was really wrong.it finally reached a point where i can't simply take it anymore. and so, i can no longer act cool and though it hurts me to death, i just have to walk away.that's what happening in the past and i dun wish to walk through the same old track.

it's 2.26 am in the morning and i keep on thinking about this. let's do this right. let's not hurt each other anymore. i dun wanna fail this time. i really don't....

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Nana Suhaili said...

exactly exactly except that i seldom share it with anyone. stay cool baby.