Monday, February 15, 2010

nak ckp

ok tarik nafas. yes. ok dah.

ok baru lepas black-out. i've mencarut-ed enough about this black-out thingy so i'm not gonna add up some more here. i've to pretend to be ayu too kan kan.

exam is 1 week away and i'm freaking nervous about itttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!! okay scream with me ppl!!


i dun want to complaint about the lack of study leave because i've been skipping the classes anyway. tapii, u know, when there's too much to read, and so little time, and when you move from one page to another, u forgot what u've read in the previous pages. that's just - DEPRESSING.

please please please don't tell me i'm the only person yang ade this problem, u know, dah bace pun lupe. if betul lah i'm the only one yg ade this kind of problem, i nak terjun bangunan sekarang jugak.

now i feel like taking out my brain out of the skull, and basuh sental2 sket sebab i think my brain is so kotor and corrupted that's y susah nak ingat. lepas tu rasa nak tambah 100GB to my brain so i can store more and more information. ergh. speaking about mengarut, yes, me.

and apparently, i baru tauuuuu yg our exam will be conducted in the morning!!! okay stupid me sebab tak check betul2 and just assume the exam is gonna be in the evening sbb slalunya mmg they conduct the exam in the evening. and tell u what, i am so gonna have a big problem with this.

because why, i have this one syndrome. my concentration peaks at night and pagi2 buta. so what i did was i study malam2 till morning and i will sleep at around 4am-5am and i will bangun tidur at tengahari. (and that explains why i bengang gile bile tetibe somebody wakes me up tadi kata kena hantar record before 1pm, no, not u ninot, but whoever yg ckp mcm tu) because i assumed my exam starts at 2, so mcm takde hal la if hari exam pon i bangun tengahari. tapiiiiiii.....ok. exam starts at 9am. no kidding ira. kena adjust ur sleeping hours balik. and u know that's the hardest thing for me!!

and i am so malnourished. and i've been spending so much on food lately. sebab malas masak. malas. to me, masak is a big thing. haha. gedik kan. unless u want to masak nasik goreng perencah tu lain cerita la. to me, lepas masak adalah wajib bagi i utk rehat2 sejam 2 sebab penat wakakakka. so i refuse to cook sebab a procrastinator like me needs all the time in the world to catch up with everything. haish menyesal takde adik angkat ke apa ke kat sini if not i can buli them to cook for me. lol, speaking about seniority! HAHAHAHHA terus kene cop kakak gedik nak mampos.

today is supposed to be my forensic day but i havent start studying forensic yet because tadi bz hantar record book siapkan ape yg patut (my bad, so last minute) and lepas tu ade seminar pharmaco lagi. heh. orang2 rajin dah boleh ponteng dah, but orang2 rajin ponteng class dulu2 terpakse datang to make up the attendance. padan muka sendiri. dush dush. eh eh, attendance seminar i takde la teruk sangat pun. but dr, ramesh is so particular about attendance.

actually i've so much to write write write. not writing this kind of craps and luahan hati of course, but so little time lah now. 1 week away from my 3rd internal assessment, and exactly 1 month away from my finals.

and uh oh, half a month away from my birthday! lol. ada paper pathology anyway. just hope it'll be my lucky day! ok lah enough of luahan hati session. ciao for now. daaa.

p/s : if u're reading this, and u're from czech, boleh tak leave me a msg. i may need ur help heee. kalau ada lah.


nur khairunnisa mohd azuhar said...

hihi im not from czech
btw, masak is a big thing n i agree for need to take rest at least 1 2 hours after that

IRA said...

yeay somebody is with me! my frens ckp i gedik je lepas masak pon nak rehat..hish diorang athlete leh la ckp camtu kan! ;p

pray for me eh! :D

Anonymous said...

not from czeck too..all the best to u ira..lepas ur exam update la selalu tau..update best best..good luck sekali lagi~!

elida hanan. said...

hihi sorry ira but during the finals nanti the seniors will be having the exams in the afternoon! but tu la, u better adjust ur biological clock now, nnt haru tau mase exam mcm kite time IA ari tu, mase jwb exam menguap tak henti mcm badak sumbu kot.

nur khairunnisa mohd azuhar said...

gamaknye kita stamina xkuat erh

okeg,best of luck,study2..

IRA said...

anonymous : thanks! aaaa mmg nak tulis byk benda pun but have to prioritize at the moment!

kak elida : tauuu!! cissss sampai hati diorang buat exam kite on the same day and kitorang yg kene amek belah pagi! goood luck to usss! :D

kharunnisa : thanks awak! :) good luck to u tooo!

LARA said...

pharmacology superb boring. kan akak dokter?? ;p

IRA said...

hi lara adik pharmacist :p pharmacology is better than microb! Cium bontot org lagi best! Ahaha ok tak, tipu je! Tp pharmaco ok lah except the names of drugs yg sgt confusing...good luck to u!