Thursday, April 1, 2010

zone bebas exam. wooot!

exam is over for real. i bet u guys are getting annoyed already hearing me whining endlessly about the exam! wahahahahha it's overrrr!!!! stucked with exam for months, and now it's really really over.

and so i'll be taking a long long break! yeay! will be away from this blog for erm, 3 weeks! this time, not because of exam, but because of the long long long awaited vacation! it's a reward for studying too hard for my final exam (LOL, too hard?)

if it was too hard and i'll be dead by now. or maybe i'll be one of those in the psychiatric ward. seriously. aaaaaa can't wait for this MBBS thingy to over. but then again, even if it's over, u'll still be assessed once u're a doctor, and u dun wanna be just a random doctor right, so still, you have to think of some field which you can pursue on later in life. talking about life learning process. blergh.

so yeay i gotta say BYEEEE TO INDIA tomorrow cuz i'll be leaving for london for a transit, going straight to prague for a few days. then, off to switzerland (zurich and interlaken), will then make our way to italy yeayyy and then paris, then back to london! hope everything goes smoothly, selamat sampai and selamat balik!

will go with my 2 really gooooood girlfriends, nadia and ninot, plus the 2 guys, joe and shahril! and ini adalah vacation yang memang budget. wahahahahaha. balik nanti pasti papa kedana yo! tapi takpe, kegembiraan adalah hak milik setiap insan ok? tidak kira kaya atau miskin atau papa kedana. so yeah, who cares? ;p

entah bila i can update my blog nanti. uh oh im still wondering whether or not i should bring my netbook. hmm?

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