Tuesday, March 30, 2010

my silence means something

no matter how outspoken I am,
there are things I just couldn't say it to you,
not that I don't want to,
but those words won't come out.

and I still miss that beautiful sunset.
don't you?

tell me you still do,
and I'm still there,
conquering your heart,
like how I used to.


Anonymous said...

ira.ko poyo.

ni nabil.

p/s: 1st time singgah blog ko ntuk kacau.

Anonymous said...

yeah i still remember,
remember of the hues,
remember of the smell of the sea,
remember the sound of the ocean,
most of all...i remember u....
u bathed by sunset ray....
i would like to be with u again at the ocean if u may.....

still remember that day
day where we are us......

p/s: u are still d one.....