Thursday, October 22, 2009

girlish talk : MAKE-UP MISTAKES

I've been meaning to write about this long time ago but blame the er, lack of time. I was just too busy doing other things and this blog has become the last thing on my mind for the past few weeks.

You know, there are certain things that I observe every now and then. One of the things that I've been observing, and I'll be writing about, is the obvious MAKE-UP MISTAKES.

I'm nowhere close to a professional make-up artist and I must admit that on my first few attempts of applying make-up, I committed the same mistakes too. It's part of me experimenting the painting on my face. LOL. Btw, let's not look like a clown anymore. Here are some gross mistakes you should avoid when applying make-up.

  1. Choose one between your eyes and your lips! Sometimes, you think putting glittery eyeshadow on your eyes and again glittery lip gloss on your lips gives you double charm. No, totally wrong. If you've decided to have a dramatic eyes, keep your lip colour simple/natural and vice versa.
  2. Applying red lipstick without a lip liner is a sin! Red lipstick tends to bleed so you'll need a lip liner for a well-defined lip.
  3. And of course, red lipstick is already sexy! Keep your eyes simple and don't try to match your red lipstick with a red dress. It'll definitely look err, trashy? (believe me, I've seen one)
  4. Blusher is meant for the apple of your cheek. But, don't go concentrating that area with too much blusher cuz it'll make everything looks unnatural. Here's a simple tips ; apply a little bit of blusher to your forehead, chin and nose for a fresher and natural looking face. (Sikit je tau! Tak suruh concentrate the blusher to the whole of your face!)
  5. When applying eyeliner, be sure that the line doesn't look as if it's hanging! It is supposed to make the root of your eyelash appears thicker, not an entirely separate line to spoil your pretty eyes. Don't do that gross mistake pls!
  6. Applying liquid eyeliner can be a real hassle. But liquid eyeliner is always preferable as it gives better result and less chances for you to have panda eyes at the end of the day! Yes, pencil eyeliner may be the culprit for that!
  7. Lastly, foundation isn't necessary for everyone. If you have a skin that's flawless, you have no reason to hide it with a foundation. But anyway, if u still need to apply a foundation, these are the things to be remembered ; i) the shade of the foundation has to be one shade lighter than your skin tone. ii) remember your neck, it needs coverage too! (or ur neck will appear as if it belongs to a different person)
The look that you wear is supposed to be flattering but any of these mistakes will make you appear otherwise. Before stepping out of your house, check again if you've done something wrong on your face.

And when your make-up is perfect, wear it with confidence :)


neerna said...

walllah!lepas ni leh post make up tips kt utube la..=p..
p/s-ak bngun awallll!ahaha

. : faymomo : . said...

ira, buat la vblog!

Anonymous said...

my mom told the exact same tips to me!!u go girl!

IRA said...

ninot : ok tapi guna make-up kau k! gune eyepallete 120 colors kau tuu!! aaaa esok aku datang nak pakai semua!

fay : ni lagi sorang!

anonymous : wow ur mom told u dat? the only cosmetic that my mom owns is lipstick and dat's it! dia pun pelik siape tah ajar anak dia pakai sume2 ni! heheh