Thursday, October 8, 2009

keluh kesah bersama kak esah

really, holiday is ending. today is thursday and i'm leaving on a jet plane on sunday! aaaaaaaa. tiba2 rasa berkecamuk. i'm not satisfied with my holiday.

firstly, as expected, i didn't manage to fulfil everything in my list! i had to reluctactly turn down a few invitations from old friends, be it raya open house or just lepak2 nearby. and now that i have less than 3 days to go, lagila i have to lepak indoor if not my mom/dad will start pokpek pokpek kata i never stay at home, always keluar meet people and balik late nite blablabla. they never really mind bila i go out and balik lambat semua but bila tiba je nak dekat hari i nak balik asrama/kms/india then the syndrome perli2 i datang kembali. ha biasalah tu.

dahla out of the blue my dad marah i balik lambat tadi. aaaaaa i'm guessing keadaan still tegang so there's no way i can go out tomorrow. thought of hanging out with farah before i go back to india aaa tapi how lah if only u stay nearby i can la curi kereta jap pegi jumpa but the car is always always always unavailable my dad nak guna la my mom guna la my bro guna la lepas tu even if it's available my parents tahla so kedekut their car. ok, I WANT MY OWN CAR. aaa pathetic gila.

lepas tu the shopping spree. i haven't bought the things which are on top of my list. as expected again, i end up buying things i dun really need like new tops and dresses. i wanted to buy a new bag to go to class but the one i like was rm300+++ so mcm pegi la mampos aku nak spend that much for bag pegi class so i guess i'm just gonna stick with the old worn out mng bag yg i guna since dekat kms and bag bunga2 promod which is already 2 years old. told ya i'm not really into bags so hahah, nasib ah pakai bag buruk.

and when i go back to india, i am officially a 3rd year medical student. aaaaaa. indirect way of saying that i have to work harder. sometimes rasa taknak blaja dah nak jadi penyanyi. bukan sometimes la, everytime down psl belajar i slalu fikir camtu, and now i tak down pasal belajar tp i down sebab dah nak kena balik and start belajar. i wanna do something i enjoy the most. not to say i tak enjoy doing medic, just that the burden is too much sometimes. woorrr dah la ni dah jauh menyimpang pulak keluh kesah kak esah kita ni.

ciao lah. gua penat karaoke dangdut tadi. penat goyang inul senggol senggolan and cubit cubitan. so tolong petik gitar kasi i tidur dgn aman damai yea. tataaa~

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