Friday, November 19, 2010

what's real and what's not

pardon me for the long silence. life has been really complicated lately and i am getting more and more confused as each day passes by. maybe i need a real good rehab.

as long as i'm not driven by emotion, i won't write about my personal life in great detail here. it sounds so wrong to let random people see through you and though i owe an explanation to the people around me (of what's really happening to me) but it's just not my principle to let the cats out just to shut ppl's mouth.

so yeah, no explanation no nothing. just wanna let you know, keep talking because i don't give a damn.


R a B i a t u L said...

ira... aku sokong!!!

izzarief said...

nice one~ hee

Anonymous said...

ur blog hav reached 60, 000 mark!!! congrat!!!!.........weeeee~~~~

p/s: rehab? no need la, org yg sebuk2 tue they need rehab more kot....hehehe

IRA said...

thanks kesayangans :)