Wednesday, November 24, 2010

High School Craze

Sometimes, I do miss my old self when I was still a teenager who lived my life to the fullest. I'm thankful that I grew up under the supervision of my super cool parents who understand what a teenager has to taste in life and so, they let me went through massive culture shock when I was still in school as I had almost total discretion towards my own life (with their guidance of course)

Well thanks to my parents, I don't have to go through that stage of life when you're a newbie to everything life has to offer at this age, because seeing some peeps who are trying hard to assimilate themselves with the new culture they've just discovered, I feel sorry for them. Some just have to live a double life to cope up with their secret life. You know, balik kampung pakai tudung pakai jubah pakai handsocks etc etc and when they're away from parents kalau boleh semua pun mau kasi tersembul. Pathetic.

Anyways, I didn't intend to write about culture shock in this post but as usual, my urgency to write came out so suddenly that I can't stop myself from typing this one out so pardon me for going off topic. Hahaha. Okay okay let me get back on track.

So have you had any high school craze? No I'm not talking about cute boys playing basketball (save it for another blog post ;p) Well, I do. Some are incredibly stupid but then again, everybody looks stupid at some point of our life so who cares. See what I'd like to reveal about my high school craze. I might have to filter 'em out.

1. Piercing
I was crazy about having multiple piercings on my ears. I swear my ear was somewhat like that in the picture, except that I don't let the hole of the piercing(s) be of that size. Having my ears pierced many times, the pain wasn't exactly what I was afraid of. It's the pleasure of getting yourself multiple piercings was the only thing that matters to me. I used to have 4 piercings on my left ear and 3 piercings on my right ear.

I had a huge collection of earrings back then but now all the earrings are gone di telan zaman, I'm guessing my little sisters were the ones responsible for this. And I was about to get navel piercing when a friend blurted out the fact that she had to practically undergo a surgery to remove her sunken belly ring.

2. Hair dye

The last time I had my hair fully intact in its natural color was when I was 13. Yes, I had my first hair dye when I was 13 and within this 10-year duration (now that I am 23), my hair has never been in its natural state ever again.

I dyed my own hair as a 13-year old girl can't possibly afford to get her hair dye at the salon so my first attempt was a total joke. I had the upper portion of my head with bright golden blonde color with the rest having almost black color haha. Soon enough, I learnt to dye my hair right and I actually dyed my little sisters' hair when they were still in their standard 1 and kindergarten.

And I actually taught them how to do hair dyeing right there and then so we can help each other with it in the future. Yes this is what sisters are for. Kecik2 dah berjasa pada kakak. Bagus. I couldn't stop myself from dyeing my hair everytime it ran out of colour, guess it shows that it was one of my high school craze back then.

3. Converse sneakers

I don't know how is zaman sekolah nowadays, but during my time, the punkrock era was evolving so much that it gave a big influence on school-goers. So, it was something to be proud of when people label you as 'awek grunge' hahahaha. OK poyo much I know wakakak. All you need was to form a band, or at least going solo and rock with your musical instrument, dress up like one and converse shoes was the secret to complete them all. Or at least, most of us believed it was.

I had 4 pairs of converse shoes altogether throughout my school years, one of which was descended from my big sister as I beg her to gave it up. God knows what I had to go through to get another 3 pairs, I had to pujuk rayu my dad to buy me a pair and I had to fast all the way and save up my own pocket money to get myself another 2 pairs. Exactly what the teenagers would do for their high school craze.

4. Lipbalm

Perasan I was one awek grunge back then, it didn't stop me from being all girly when I wanted to. I collected lipbalms with various flavors and tint shades. I didn't really need them all back then but it was something that I was fond of collecting. I even compare my collection with my girlfriend's to see who got better collection. LOL. Yes, we actually compete with these lipbalms thingy.

Now that I'm done with school, I no longer am a lipbalm collector, instead, I collect lipsticks with various colors. Maybe this is the only high school craze that I can't leave behind even after I left high school teeheee.

So what's your high school craze?


Tuan Auz said...

hahaha sweeeet! high school punyer cite? byk gaK kn benda merapu.

haha piercing! aku hari tu baru pierce satu dah sakit nk mampos! 3 4 bulan pastu pon, dia still sakit weh if tersentuh tangan. ntahpape.terus aku bukak! xjadi nk pierce dua . kononnnn!

tapi aku lain sikit kot. COMIC-ANIME MANIAC! giloz suke. n pastu kekadang ponteng kelas la if dah bosan lam kelas. buat mesyuarat n gossips (er ni kisah form1 ok.haha)

benda2 pelik aku xterfikir.apa aku buat eh.hahaha. yg pasti aku pernah ponteng sekolah berhari2 (before masok seseri) sebab aku TAK SUKA ADD MATHS. peh. kalo gua xmasok seseri,sure lingkup SPM gua.

Errr....high school craze? Paling aku suka...kenakan orang. Hantar surat palsu admirer kat kawan A -dari kawan B. Pastu aku anta surat palsu ke kawan B-dari kawan A. last2 rupa2 yg A ni AWEK SOMEONE! xpasal je B nk kena belasah! warghhh xpasal je. aku senyapkan jela. xtatau sapa anta surat tu. =p

em yelah.plg bongek suka kenakan orang masa tu....pakai surattt menyurat! =p

Anonymous said...

cool high school craze was collecting lot of cds!!!cari lagu2 underground yang people never heard of..heheh..people used to call me 'awek grunge' i guess kite serupe dulu? :)

Anonymous said...

very very nostalgic post....... yeah u r so into lipstick even wear 2 diff color at one go....hehe......but i hate high school..........erm.....

neerna hazeera said...

my high school craze yg masih diingati..collecting posters of top artists.haha.then tampal all around the walls. dem lame.;p

hajar chibi said... ur post...hehehehe

R said...

Very interesting post.. :-)

There were 2 things I remember..

Super Lemon candy! Couldn't get in school tuckshop. My classmate had "supply", so everyone used to buy from him for 50 sen one. Bright yellow cover. Never tasted anything more sour in my life. Now dunno where to get. I think not available anymore.

There was this game called Balloon which was the bestest thing we ever played.. remember or not? Played from primary school sampai college and never got tired of it. Anytime, anywhere.. badminton courts were best - sometimes we played 10 vs 10, with "middle line" and "side line". hehehe.. :D Sadly, no one here has heard of it, or is interested in playing. Bleh.

Nostalgia betul la post ni. Fond memories. :-)

IRA said...

aaaaa late reply everyone!

aus : wahahahhaha lambat gile kau pierce! i remembr kau ngan ainaa farhana kan..suke gile anime..not a big fan of anime hehe..

damn aku pnah kena on valentine's day, kawan aku bagi card to me kononnye from the guy i like..turned out it was a prank..bongok btol! haahah

anonymous : hi awek grunge! ahahha ye kite serupe la kot ;p

azar : lipstick is my fav and u know it :) high school is the best time of my life!

IRA said...

ninot : aku ponnn!!! struggle beli mags..galaxy la yg paling aku ingat! ahahahah

hajar : thanks :)

R : awak, thanks :) alamak, i pun tak pnah dengar 'balloon' game u were talking about! care to share? btw, whats ur blog la? maybe u can share dat in ur blog :)