Tuesday, November 9, 2010


no kidding man, i am in that age, that age yang orang berlumba-lumba nak kawin, nak tunang, nak buat anak. seriouslyyyy? i think i'm still youngggg, or at least i feel young! and i am still struggling to get my degree! but these people semua dah nak kawin etc etc. seriously?

i have like dozens of wedding invitations + engagement invitations. and the rest of my friends dah plan when they're getting engaged, when they're getting married, when this when that. wow. u guys really have good future. i envy u people.

my kak long was once hurt by her fiance, and tell you what, she really lost hope in love. and at some point of her life, she actually refused to attend any wedding/engagement because she can't cope with depression. i was like, wtf, life goes on. you got look, you got career, you got everything else that a girl wish for so why la nak keco2 just because u haven't found the right one? i guess i really didn't know what she felt back then. truly sorry.

how does it feels like to lose hope in love? is it really that depressing? i guess when u really lose hope, it's quite a tough job for the other person to mend your broken heart, to build up your trust again, to start over, kan? scary much!!

i always wanted to get married at early age. asal tah. gatal kot. but marriage won't happen to me in the near future sooooo, to all my friends who are getting married real soon, i wish you have a good life ahead with ur future spouse. bestnya kawin! sedikit jeles! lalalala~~

okay just to make me feel better, kalau tak kawin lagi boleh bangun lambat smpai tengahari, tkyah susah2 masak sedap2, tkyah susah2 basuh baju laki kau and tak payah dengar cakap sape2. lol. okay confirm takde sape nak kawin dengan aku lepas ni ;p

lol. a best friend told me, percaya je pada jodoh. don't push it, don't hold it. because what is meant to be yours will eventually be yours, what is not will never be no matter how hard to try. so yes, let's just believe in that. and guess what, she's getting married in a week or so. congrats Sophia Yuhanis! :) too bad i won't be around on her wedding :(

p/s : while writing this blog post, i'm coughing non stop, my throat feels soooo uneasy and my hands are shaking. think this is because i've been cheering much during the sports day. sigh. what a life.


fatin the zoolu said...

nak like kau punye post ni bleh x? same weh...ade kawan aku n emah time skolah dulu...half of the class dah kawen! HALF OKEH! siap dah ade anak 3!! omg sgt...hahaha...aku t'ingt yang farah cakap pasal kene cuci SPENDER BUSUK laki kau nnt weh...euwwwwwwwww!!! trus cam...err...nanti2 la fikir...hahahaha

(aku muda lagi!!!!)

sya said...

percaya je pada jodoh. don't push it, don't hold it. because what is meant to be yours will eventually be yours, what is not will never be no matter how hard to try.

oh suke kate2 itu! and yeah banyak gilos jemputan kawin. stress stress. kekeke

izzarief said...

hahaha..a good fren of urs eh..wah..terpakse la percaye jugak..hahaha...neway...cam bes je kalo pompuan basuhkan smua..wahahahahahahah

tp sbg husband..kene la buat same same.. (ce wah.naikkan saham..sape nak kawen ngan i??? ) wahahahaha

:P .....everything happen for a reason..heee

Anonymous said...

ira: hmm........
izzaref: im wit u bro.....

IRA said...

fatin : omg half of the class dh kawin? pergghh..gile ke..aku tak abis2 blaja lg ni..hahah spender tu keje farah..

sya : im starting to believe in that one too.. :)

IRA said...

izz : byk cantik kitorang nk basuh sume..kalo cmtu i belikan disposable brief tuk laki i wakakakak

azar : hmm?

Merissa K. said...


when my bf went for internship, he got turned off by the idea of marriage.

because the people at his workplace had this whole husband orang scandal with bini orang, dah ada wife tgh mengandung kat rumah still gatal cari butterfly, married manager scandal dengan intern punya craze.

and he said it freaked him out because he doesnt wanna turn out to be like that.

kahwin awal due to peer pressure la, family dah start bising la, gf tak nak tunggu lama sgt sebab biological clock is ticking la apa la.

because he thinks that ppl should only get married when theyre fully ready : physically, spiritually, emotionally and sexually.

if ada part yg tak ready nanti, it will most likely to lead to them straying after marriage, be it perempuan or lelaki.

it takes a lot to properly settle down with someone. love je is not enough. financial stability pun is not a solid enough reason for you to tie the knot.

kalau tak nanti ada jugak yang mid life crisis or tiba tiba rasa mcm trapped and menyesal because byk lagi benda tak sempat buat masa single.

so, biar je la diorang diorang nak kahwin. kita pelan pelan kayuh dulu.

like your friend said la, jodoh tak kemana kan?

biar lambat asalkan selamat! hahahaha.

(byk gila peribahasa melayu keluar. LOL)

OK pjg sgt dah ni. sorry i tgh dalam mood comment kat post orang pjg pjg. hehehe.

bellabelon said...

like this post :)

Anonymous said...

dont hold, shud we let go?
dont push, shud we pull off?
no inital, no eventual....
inital-pull off in the middle with no reason-no eventual? tragedies..........
believe what is urs is urs....but sumtimes what supposedly ours doesnt belong to us.....what not ours myb ours.....lagenda budak setan, ring a bell?
we may say it fate....but its sumthing we can change....
ketentuan dtg dgn qada' and qadar
dgn qadar usaha boleh mengubah....
....in the end ideal belief will only be an ideal belief....if we just belief to stay put.......yang bulat tk kn dtg bergolek yang pipih tk kn dtg melayang.....

p/s: i do believe in jodoh :)

IRA said...

tasha : pergh panjang gila ur comment! ahahahhaha true la tasha, kalau kawin sebab peer pressure, sebab just nk kawin, nnti most likely boleh ada rasa trapped..cam mid life crisis and all..and yessss, do enjoy our single life to the fullest!! :)

IRA said...

azar : true, but sometimes God has better plan for us that our plan yg hebat2 tu will only go to waste..so sometimes, give up doesn't mean defeat :)

bellabelon : thank you :)

izzarief said...

well..everything happen to us had been set up long before we were born...in this marriage thingy... it is jodoh... n yes..we do believe...there will be jodoh if usaha is put behind it... tp..we have to know..that..Allah dah tetapkan everything ..termasoklah jugak..the usaha dat we do utk dapat jodoh yg kite sangkekan..tp..ape yg kite usahakan..kite taktau whether it is ours or not..so..in the end..despite of all the usaha that we did...we still have to believe in Allah in giving us the right one..which is..believe in jodoh...i was one who believe that i need to usaha to get my jodoh..but it turns out the opposite for me...so..right now..juz believe in jodoh n let things go by itself..insyaAllah...He will chose the right one for us..heeee

Anonymous said...

yeah pendapat kite mmg berbeza.....all dat can i say i respect all opinion from u guys :)

p/s:takdir yg kompem is.....dari ALLAH kite dtg kpd ALLAH gak kite kembali.......slamat hari raya aidil adha :)

Tuan Auz said...


sweet dowh n so true.

aah kn. kalo mmg dia untuk kite, pusing round pulau pangkor pon, last2 jmpa balik dia kat kl kn. hehe. kalo da mmg bkn jodoh, round paris bersama pon, balik kl, jmpa orang len pulak.

kwn2 aku pon ramai kawen. cam skrg musim kawen awal ke??? gitu, tahun ni dah 4 5 orang kawen.tahun depan tunggu 4 orang kot pulak. yg senyap2 tu tak kire lagi. hehe

eh papepon, sagacious kawen plz ajak okay! =) aku nk attend sume sagacious wedding insya Allah.

ps: so true...bile ntah nk kawen...kerja gua xstabil lagi... haha.xkan nk puasa tiap hari??

IRA said...

auzzz!! aku nak kawin nk ajak kau, tapi aku belum nk kawin lagi..ahahaha..ok kelings..kau kawin dulu aa..ajak aku ok? ;p

Tuan Auz said...

haha opkozz la ajak ko kan~ sareee original satu! =p