Wednesday, October 27, 2010

jenis-jenis manusia

i have friends from all walks of life, daripada sealim-alim orang, sampai sejahat-jahat orang. ok tapi i belum pernah ada kawan pembunuh la, not yet in my list.

it's good to get to know people with different background, different belief, different perception, different lifestyle, different way of interpreting things. well, satu kepala or not tu belakang cerita. of course, kau tak boleh nak satu kepala with just anyone, tapi you can at least respect and shut up.

it's not that i'm proud if kawan2 i hanyut, makan duit haram, tonggang air haram, main perempuan etc etc, i would advise if i think i'm the right person to do so, but i would just shut up if i think i'm not. but whatever it is, usually i never really hate them because of what they do sebab i don't think i am that perfect, that suci murni, to hate others for their wrong-doings.

to me, the most important thing is to know them personally. bukan semua orang yang berdosa dengan Tuhan adalah busuk hati. true, orang kata setiap daripada kita ada tanggungjawab untuk nasihat orang lain, tapi to me, bukan semua orang sesuai untuk menasihatkan orang lain, so the least you could do is to hate the wrong-doings that the person commit, bukan membenci that person, outcast that person and treat him like dia sorang je yang berdosa and kau sorang je yang banyak pahala.

kadang-kadang kita tak tahu reasons for him committing all the sins, tapi kita judge. kita tak tahu what the person has gone through in his life yang menjadikan dia seorang yg penuh dengan dosa, tapi kita judge. kita tak tahu apa yang pernah terdetik dalam hati dia, tapi kita judge. kite ni manusia ke Tuhan?

betul, kalau depress, orang selalu nasihat kita ingat kepada Tuhan, jangan lupa Tuhan. but what if iman orang tu tak setegar iman kau? what if iman dia yang tak kuat tu yang membuatkan dia terus hanyut dengan dosa? what's the best thing to do? to judge him, hate him, outcast him or to befriend with him and guide him?

kau dah tentu baik dan mulia sebab kau tak commit all the sins and buat semua suruhan Tuhan, tapi at some other point of life, you're just as pathetic for acting like a God and judge others all you want.

i beg all of you to think about this, deeply.


Anonymous said...

yerp......u got point bout act being god there....bace n after last sentence sedar article nie mmg kene kt diri sendiri.........sape la diri nie nk judge.....huhu

p/s: haters make me

faiz ck said...


IRA said...

thanks faiz :)

azar, i didnt know u have haters..

R said...

Hello Ira,

We are not God, no.

Call it God's gift, parents' teachings, conscience, personal experience, but we all see right from wrong. And between 2 people, this can be as different as sea and sky.

We don't have a right to label someone bad and hate/outcast him. But it's convenient to do so. It's far more difficult to look beyond your own feelings and approach that person with a neutral and open heart.

This post starts off with 'friends' as the subject, so I assume that you wrote this with a friend/someone you know in mind.

Yes, if it was a friend of mine who was going astray, or did something very wrong, I WILL try to be there for him, with him regardless.. because I care. And yes, his deed may turn out to be something I absolutely condemn, and the whys and 'I wish he didn'ts' will probably fly around.

But I admit; an 'evil' deed may well influence how I see that person. No one is perfect, and I have quite some way to go before I attain that 'non-judgmental' level of patience and understanding.

Strangers/random people in the news/a friend's friend's friend - someone I don't know on a personal front - would probably garner a completely different response.. sadly, a judgemental one.

Going off-topic here.. but I spent the better part of last year with someone who kept telling me how non-judgemental her sister was - I hadn't met that sister yet. But when I did meet and eventually know her, I found her to be the extreme opposite. Not significant when put this way, but for me then, it was a real eye-opener. A story for another day perhaps.

Just found your blog today, and read quite a bit. Good posts. :-)

I'd like to read habis but it's almost 12. Sleepy. Later.

Tuan Auz said...

yeahh best post ko ni. betul kan.

post ni sesuai juge untuk aku. haha. kekadang kite xsedar apa kite buat tp kesalahan orang laen nmpk la sangat kn.

pape pon, hope as a friend, xkirela ko ke anyone else ke...if aku de buat salah, tegurlaaah walopon ko rasa ko xsesuai nk tegur (ehekkss sbb too gedix!) . aku rela ditegur skrg dari menyesal sok sok lusa tulat ker =p

great post!

IRA said...

R, love you comment :) thanks for reading yea!

Auz, heheh i'm too gedik to nasihat other ppl..cehhhh that doesn't make sensee haahhahaha miss us girls though!!

izzarief said...

Haha.. U kate I suci murni kan.. Thanx.. Wahaha

Raja Noor Izzuddin said...

Ira this is a good article. Meeting new peoples can be a daunting task at times. But as we progress in our life, it is rather exciting moment to forge emotional connections with various peoples in our life as we are able to tap into their strengths and experiences. Sir Isaac Newton called this "Standing on the shoulder of giants".

Incidentally, have you ever read anything about numerology? It's one of interesting way to understand human being and friends :)