Tuesday, October 5, 2010

LELAKI, why so insensitive?!

when a girl tells you she's okay,
and that she's fine,
please lah listen to her tone,
and look at her facial expression,
she's definitely not okay if her tone is somewhat monotonous,
and her voice is low,
she's definitely not okay if she doesn't smile,
and durrhhh a boyfriend is someone who can tell if the smile is fake,

and if you're sensitive enough,
hug her right away,
or hold her hand,
or whatever it isss,
and say, i know you're not! (u know she's not okay lah, pls jgn blur sangat)

eh bole tak lelaki2 sekalian,
stop being insensitive at least to your girlfriend,
or your fiance,
or wife.

because this thing yang u guys panggil 'benda kecik',
can really lead to us rasa 'tawar hati',
and it can definitely lead to break-up.

stop being insensitive,
unless you really want a break-up.

damn it, we girls are serious about this!


fatin the zoolu said...


IRA said...

thanks :(

Tuan Auz said...

Totally agree with YOUR POST ira~

we're opposite gender like to say OKAY eventhou we're not ok. hehe sounds weird kan.

dulu2 there some of my guys friend tanya, pesal korang xleh cakap jee x ok if really not ok??

hahaha, aku jawab je...pompuan mmg camtu ~sume gitu . dua tiga kerat je yg really admit not ok by words. ahax.

ira~! be strong jangan sedey ye =D . talk diz out

IRA said...

i know we're making it difficult to not say dat we're not okay directly..but pls la have some sensitivity gak kan..we dun have to say "dear boyfriend, saye tak okay, sila pujuk" everytime kan! hahahah

firdaus mohd nor said...

ade sebab lelaki sensitif..

Anonymous said...

sory for being insensitive.......
sory for being blur..........
sory for being stupid........
sory for being late........
sory for being childish........
........but im not sorry being with u............
if being with u is a sin i dun mind to be burnt in hell to ashes...........

p/s: raya haji da dkt.......maaf zahir batin :)