Thursday, September 30, 2010

Incredible India part IV

Everybody knows I hate India to death! Seriously, it's not a place to be. Nobody wants to live in this country. But this time around, let's forget all the hatred I have for this country. This is about humanity. This is about the less fortunate people living in this poor country. This is about survival. This is about India.

You'll be seeing wonderful pictures depicting real life in India. Pictures that speak a thousand words. Oh yeah, Malaysians are becoming so fond of photography lately. Funny thing is, they are soooo fond of shooting female faces (and bods) to the extend of main sebat je model mana pun janji kau perempuan. LOL.

A big LOL indeed. I've been stalking some Malaysian photogs pages with their model sebat, I adore the skill, but the models? -___-" Becoming a model isn't really that hard nowadays LOL.

I beg for Malaysian photographers to wake up and take photos that screams humanity, emotions, life, corruption and love. Pretty faces can wait.

Eh eh, okayyy. Nobody wants to read my craps. This is India, no words, just pictures ;

greedy man. lazy but demanding.

sympathy behind syndicate

beg for hope

"i used to be a manager, but look at me now.."

if only they had been there, they'll understand

man with laws

sleeping beauty

sad angry woman

"we're muslim and we're proud of it"
Don't just look at the pictures, instead, try to comprehend the pictures. The photos really speak a thousand words. And they're all taken here in India, Incredible India.

p/s : These brilliant photos and captions are courtesy of Fairuz Shah who's willing to share his work here in my blog. Thank you for that.

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mysterissgirl said...

best la kak :)seronok tgk advanture and ur journey becoming a Dr kat India =) rmmg survival *habishabisan* =DDD

IRA said...

hi you! hehe hidup dekat india mmg adventurous habis..kalau tak kental dah lame kemas beg sambung blaja kat msia :) thank you for reading!

Anonymous said...

hi..silent reader here..really adore ur writing..u said u wrote craps,but i dont think ur writing is considered as craps..serious.....really adore u!!!keep it up dr zahirah tarmizi..

IRA said...

thank you anonymous! :)

Melati Anne said...

Sangatlah survival. Bertabah :)