Saturday, August 27, 2011

mana duit gaji anda pergi?

most of people my age are starting to enter the working life. the stressful but (maybe) rewarding working life. hey, we're an adult now! we make our own money, we no longer rely on our parents money (well at least i believe this applies to most of us, if not all)

our starting salary might not be a 5-digit number just yet. so you can't really declare urself a rich man when u just started working 2 months back though you only have urself to take care of (financially). but, do we remember our parents when we got our monthly payment?

i don't know what's the real situation is like for our generation as i have yet to enter the working life (am still struggling with my study years) and being away from my country, i rarely have the opportunity to discuss about working life with my dear friends in malaysia. so yeah, i hv very little idea about this anyway.

but i heard about people who get good monthly payment, but never bother to hand out some money to their parents. where did the money go? party, girlfriend(s), shopping, new phone, new ipad, new gadgets, new whatever, but never to parents who raised 'em up.

we really need to realize the importance. dude, it's not about money. it's not really about helping your parents financially especially if they still have a stable financial status. but it's about berkat.

truth is, our parents never really expect money from us. they raised us up dengan ikhlas dan sabar till we are able to stand on our own, and make our own money. so, tak rasa ke we need to balas jasa diorang? of course, balas jasa can be in any form, but when u're already in that state of having a stable financial income, don't u think giving out a little amount of money to ur parents is a perfect way to show your gratitude towards them?

like i said, maybe our starting salary isn't a really big amount. but it's not the amount that matters, it's the thought and keikhlasan that matters. bila bagi sedikit gaji u dekat ur parents, niatkan utk senangkan hidup dan hati mereka, untuk bahagiakan mereka, untuk balas jasa mereka, cukup dengan banyak mana yang u mampu. tak perlu banyak, coz pahala u bahagiakan ur parents bukan bergantung kepada berapa banyak duit u bagi ur parents.

u might think, "alaa..gaji aku bukan besar sgt, tak payah la bagi kat parents, dorg pun bukan tkde duit" so u might want to spend ur money to enjoy here and there, tapi Allah tu Maha Besar, once u ada terdetik rasa macam tu, besar kemungkinan duit yg u nk saving sangat untuk enjoy tu terpaksa u keluarkan untuk tujuan lain. u know, when God wants to show you something, it can come in any form. contohnye, u dah elok2 tak nak bagi duit dekat ur parents sebab nk saving, tibe2 plak kereta u buat hal, then u need to spend even more money on ur car. see? btw, this is a real life story told by someone :)) and as soon as it happened to him, he realized lah, ini sebab dia berkira sangat nak bagi duit dekat parents, so Allah nak tunjuk, he then have to spend more money on his car.

i've seen some very successful people, they didn't start of big, just enough amount of salary to start anew, but because they're consistent in giving out money to their parents, without being really calculative towards their own parents, they go on doing well in their life and job, u know, getting promoted easily, rezeki pun melimpah ruah, didn't it crossed ur mind that it's all because the berkat they got from doing this?

this is a reminder to us all. and especially for myself. i'm just another normal human being, tak terlepas dari sifat2 kurang baik jugak so when i already wrote this, hopefully i can remind myself better about the importance of this esp when i start working next year.

i can't wait to balas jasa my parents. though money won't be able to really pay 'em for what they went thru to raised me up, but well, that's the least i could do, and i would surely (hopefully) do more for 'em if i could.

oh yes, dun forget your little bro and sisters too. bila dah ada duit tu, belanja2 la jugak adik beradik yg lain. nak jadi lokek sgt pun takkan kemana nanti. maybe they dun appreciate it now, but as they get older, they'll remember what kind of a big sis/bro u are :)

selamat hari raya ppl! :))

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izzarief said...

heard this somewhere..

berbelanja terhadap family, the reward is the same as u give sedekah to people...

and yes..bile kite banyak sedekah..rezeki akan banyak masok...if i'm not yg tertulis dlm yg penting..bile kite nak bagi..kene ikhlas...

salah satu proof org terkaya kat malaysia...n dengar jugak..die banyak bersedekah...mungkin sbb tuh rezeki die melimpah ruah..