Thursday, August 18, 2011

money has never come easy for me

money has never come easy for me. it's funny that most people often misunderstood me as a spoilt rich kid where hundreds of dollars fall easily from the sky and secretly got into my purse (omg I WISH!!) but hahahah so not okay. most of the time, i worked hard to save my own money. yeah u heard me right!

my parents never really pamper us with luxury. never ever. not a single one of us. both my parents came from a decent 'kampung' background so they knew exactly how hard life was back then and from their real life experience, they do appreciate the value of money more than most of the youngsters nowadays. and aware that money could easily spoil one's life, they decided to never pamper us with luxury.

me, on the other hand, was that girl who would only wear branded tops and jeans and bags and everything. let's just say, i was totally immature to think that my inner self confidence comes from wearing those branded stuffs. true. i was that kind of geli geli girl some years back. hahahaha. nah now i'm a mature girl who don't rely on those branded stuffs to boost up my confidence anymore. yeay :)

so what happened when i was still a school girl was, i saved my own money to get what i want. my parents won't get me a Levi's jeans as my birthday present, not even after i beg them to get me one with air mata darah sekali pun. in my dreams lah. and me, i was aiming for Esprit tops, ELLE sportswear, Guess handbags, Nike bags when i was really still a school girl

i would do just about anything to save money. ikat perut, some small little business (i can really go that far haha), did some cheating to daddy saying that the school requires us to pay for this and that (omg daddy i'm so sorry i will make up to this) and lots more. and taraaa, enough money for me to get what i want. with my own effort, no contribution from parents. been doing that since school.

not that my parents are stingy ke apa, but they just hate it when we wear expensive stuffs unnecessarily, so my dad cakap 'kalau kau nk baju raya abah beli, beli dekat jusco je, kalau nk beli yg mahal2 tu, kumpul duit sendiri' get what i mean? time tu saya sangatlah bajet tak suka nk pakai baju2 beli dekat jusco tu whahahaa *slaps forehead!!*

and the moment i accepted MARA scholarship to pursue medicine in India, right that moment jugak la terputus segala pergantungan duit daripada my parents. my parents know the fact that we got more than enough money for our expenses here and for that, he never really offer me money anymore. i totally stand on my own now.

i pay for own flight tix to go back home everytime, bought my own laptop, bought my own handphone, saved money like crazy for both my euro trips, and my ferrari in India ni pun my parents tak support langsung. i do get jealous la when i overheard my friends saying that their parents belanja this and that, offer this and that, belikan this and that this and that when i dun get the same privilege anymore.

truth is, i pernah throw tantrums jugak about this. ahahahaha. coz there was this one time, i get so jealous and feel so fucked-up, why the hell my frens still get that privilege from their parents when i have to stand totally on my own. i kinda complaint a bit to my mom and i end up being scolded afterwards. wahahahah mission failed.

i must know, tak semua orang cara hidupnya sama. my mom's family used to be family yg sangat susah, my granddaddy was just an army and he passed away quite early (before i was born) and their life gets even harder after his death. my dad pulak come from a very big family, 12 siblings, my granddaddy was just a clerk. and during his time studying in Glasgow, he even sent some money back home monthly (from his scholarship money) to help alleviate the family burden.

so yeah. truth to be told, my monthly allowance in India is quite a big amount. but it's all depends on how u control ur spending (gosh i'm terrible at this) but if my parents were to support me with some more money, i bet my spending would be worse. at least with what they're doing now, i can see where my money go - mostly on travelling and car.

though i still secretly wish to be pampered with luxury by my parents (which will never happen anyway), i'm grateful that they taught me to save my own money the hard way. i may not be the best example as someone with the best spending manner, but at least, i think i value money more than most people my age as i work hard to get what i want without depending on my parents :D

so yeah, next saving is for semi SLR camera :/


AreDa said...

nice entry!!!ramai youngster nowadays ingat senang2 jer duit tuh dapat kan..heheh(maybe i one of them) lepas baca entry ni insaf...

IRA said...

huyyo insaf ke..heheh.. :P kite yg ade kesedaran ni pon kekadang spend duit mcm kaye sgt jek..hehe :P