Monday, August 1, 2011

of twitter, tumblr and blogspot.

i'm alive :D teeheee. and tomorrow is our first day of Ramadhan here in Bangalore. Alhamdulillah we are still given the opportunity to celebrate Ramadhan :))

been busy with life, particularly with loved ones. not really busy studying :P gosh i can't imagine the kind of doc i'm gonna be in future. honestly, big part of my motivation to pursue medicine is gone (or hiding somewhere?) it's totally true when they say that medical students are initially highly motivated students, until they realize that they have too much to study/read/mug up. gosh. it's too much, almost unbearable so i just decided to finish this one up first. whether or not to pursue my all-time ambition (well, once upon a time, to be an obstetrician) i'll have to think over.

i decided go on hiatus from my blog for a really long time because i lost the drive to write (though the ideas to write keeps popping up in my brain), and i realized i was emotionally unstable that i could write things that i will end up regretting so the best thing i could do was to avoid writing at all. hehe. u know, i dun really go public when it comes to personal stuffs, especially when it is the bad things, the sadness, the whatever la.

but i'm fine now, but i dunno if i will still write on regular basis. i spend most of my time on the net twitting and tumblring coz somehow i'm allowed to express myself better thru those two social websites.

i'm going back for raya this year. hee. not excited bout celebrating raya in malaysia, but i'm excited about going back, and excited about my sister's upcoming reception. yeah, the one that has been pending since last year because finding the right date for the husband's family to come over all the way from cardiff is really a tough one. finally :)

anyway, i am now a final year medical student. glad. more than glad. but the workload (the amount of stuffs that need to be stuffed into my dear brain) is hmmm. yeah but that officially means i have just one more year to go. can't wait to get out from this bloody country. i sure cherish all the memories here, but gosh, i can't take it anymore that i need to get out asap :D

so di kesempatan ini, i wanna wish selamat menjalani ibadah puasa to all muslim all over the world :) see ya!

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