Saturday, September 26, 2009

i demand for a longer holiday

1 week has gone, and i only have another 2 weeks to stay! shooott! i haven't met so many people and i haven't done so many things. don't tell me to compress things up in 2 weeks time because that's impossible! damn, do i have an option anyway? NO!

beyonce live in malaysia in 25th october damn itttt i wanna goooo!!!!! beyonce kottt??! shes hot shes classy shes gorgeous and i definitely wanna see her performing in kl :( dad didnt stop making fun of me because i won't get the chance to see her performing in kl since i'll be in india by then! aahhh sad sad :( :( :(

don't ask about raya because we didn't celebrate it as much. raya is just another day to us so yeah, i know everyone's posting their raya pics, unfortunately i dun have much raya pics to share. camwhoring during raya day isn't our family tradition. lol.

okay let's talk no more.
the ex-schoolmates! the yellow guy was my schoolmate in primary,
and the white guy was my schoolmate since tadika up till secondary!

it's almost impossible not to have a mamak nite out when u stay in shah alam

and it's even harder not to shop

kesian, orang pergi beraya i berfish spa dekat rumah

winding up

because i don't have raya pics to share, so i snap this. i now have somethng to share. lol.

sarah got her new guitar which is so unfair! dad never bought me a goood guitar.
yeah i have the kapok one but still, she got a wayyyyy better one! tak aci!

ada pakcik berlagak rockstar. eh. pakcik ni la my dad. say hi to uncle tarmizi!

see, they left the kapok guitar for me. tak aci. tak aci.

MY EX-BEDMATE!! finally reunited! after a year?

zayani and her new sareee cewah!

that's about it. no, i'm not done yet so i demand for a longer holiday!

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ananas comosus said...

ira...mak kite ckp cantik la sari tu!!!! hehehe