Thursday, September 10, 2009

some things just don't go ur way

so the exam is PARTIALLY over. yes the biggest, scariest and the most torturing portion of it is over! we still have practical exam left next week and then i'll be on my way home for raya!

this week is the most stressful week after so long. so stressful that i went totally blank while answering my patho paper. anything and everything i read a few hours before the exam and the night before just went off. i can only see fragments of what i've read and that's just - sad. sad because i can't recall anything, let alone to reproduce those things on my exam paper. T_T

and i now believe that some people do go blank during the exam, which i thought was just some lame excuse made by some lame students. sad to be true, this is my first bitter experience of losing every data that i've stored in my brain, not being able to recall anything and end up just staring at the paper. and i did try to peep at my friends' exam paper but heh, didn't get much anyway so no worries. my attempt to cheat failed miserably. hoho.

even the most hated subject never did this to me. i was really sad almost at my lowest point but mom says this is just another dugaan from Him. u don't always get what u want, and things don't always go according to ur plan. it's all depends on Him. yes, i believe it now. and i'm ready for the worst. hoho.

"experience tu kan berharga, tapi kena jadikan pengajaran. mcm bercinta, pernah ada boyfriend lepas tu gaduh besar, pengajaran jugak untuk tak buat the same mistake, sama la macam belajar, biasalah if tak boleh jawab tu, kalau asik boleh jawab je tak boleh jugak, experience mcm ni yg akan prepare u for the future. nobody stays on top for too long"-mummy

err, as if i was on top? mmg tak!

how can i not love her words?

p/s : so mentally exhausted, anyone knows how to feed the brain??

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