Thursday, September 17, 2009

i love kuah kacang mummy sgt2

see i'll be reaching KLIA on saturday morning woot woot! dad is coming to pick me up and amir will be there to carry my luggage which is worth 35kg teeeheee! damn i can't reduce the weight no more. i always have this feeling of insecurity (ceh?) if i don't bring 3/4th of the wardrobe with me lol. yesss 35kg isn't even half of my wardrobe. too much sampahsarap in there gotta make time to clear up those things. thought of letting go some of my dresses (that includes some unused dresses) but i dun have space for them in my luggage. the sarees are taking too much of weight this time. gosh.

alrite raya day falls on sunday and i officially have 24 hours (or less) to prepare myself for raya! it's not like i want to put up the curtain or prepare the rendang and kuah kacang. i'm talking about myself! ek eleh poyo je kau ni ira. but weh i need errr, new hairstyle, whatever that is, i'm still thinking weither to perm it, chop it (very unlikely though), color it or do some streaking on my hair. thought of putting up some pics of me with different hairstyle but the external harddisc is already in the big luggage so malas la.

but i doubt if i have enough time for that cuz i'm gonna meet someone to pick up something lol on the same day. u know, this online shopping thingy, yes, i meant to say COD. hoh i already did my pre-shopping spree thru the net. warming up beb.

can't wait to reach home it's been ages! never thought i can go thru months without going home. i thought i was spoilt i couldnt make it but i actually did it wooohooo. parents must have been proud of me cewah puji diri sendiri. off to bangalore airport tomorrow lalalala~~

btw, i'm wishing all muslims 'selamat hari raya aidilfitri maaf zahir batin' :)


Anonymous said...

lets go to penanggggggggggggggggggg

IRA said...

yes loveeee!lettssss!