Saturday, July 17, 2010

Girls Night Out

Last night me and my girls went out to celebrate Nadia's upcoming birthday at Opus. I basically have nothing much to tell about that night, so just enjoy the pictures :)

ini rakan sekelas saya

bersama vocalist saya, baz dan keyboardist saya, sheila

bersama birthday girl, nadia and adik manis saya, ninot

underneath pokok kelapa, i will wait for youuu~

it's almost midnight, time to go home!

happy birthday nadia :)


birthday girl. (: said...

thanx L.O.V.E-L.O.V.E sekalian!!!


IRA said...

heheh most welcome :D muaahhhxxx!

Anonymous said...


uR so pWeetY!..^_^


IRA said...

thank you deera :)