Saturday, July 31, 2010


looks like everyone's birthday is approaching. so hey, what do you wish for your birthday, really?

as for me, i never really had a grand birthday celebration. i prefer it to be small and private but meaningful. i don't need a whole bunch of strangers (or friends who come for the sake of coming) to celebrate my birthday coz seriously, number doesn't matter. it's the sincerity that counts.

i'm not the kind of person who gives away birthday presents (or souvenirs) to just anyone. yeah my bad. i only care to give presents to people who are dear to my heart. and i don't just give for the sake of giving, i give what i'd like them to have, or better still, i give things that they are looking forward to have.

seriously, if you think you give present because you have to give, then don't. give 'em presents because u want to, not because you have to. because seriously, it shows and it hurts.

when you're sincere enough to give someone something, you don't just grab anything, but you'll choose carefully. you don't just care about ur own satisfaction (with the fact that u've done a good deed by giving away present to someone) but also the receiver's.

of course, price does matter, unless you're damn rich. don't expect something grand from me, have some mercy with the fact that i'm still a student and i rely totally on the scholarship money. i might not be able to give you that expensive thing u want, but i can give you all the sincerity that i have.

hey, when i was in standard 5, i spent around rm4 to buy a really cute notebook as a birthday present for my close friend. rm4 was really a lot for an 11-year-old girl, mind you. i picked the note book carefully, spending quite some time looking for the cutest possible and bought it, there goes my whole week of saving.

i proudly gave the present worth rm4 to her and before she could thank me ;

"awak, hadiah ni tak sampai rm5 pon kan?"

ahaha i was speechless, yes it's true, it didn't even reach rm5. sentap a bit lah but i ignored it. heheh looking back, nasib baik we were still little kids who say things we don't mean, otherwise i would have hate you for the rest of my life. in case u're wondering, yes, i'm talking about u, kamilah! ;p

but anyway, the point is, price doesn't matter as long as u're sincere.

but i miss those days at school when i used to bring a big paper bag on my birthday as i was expecting lots and lots of presents from friends. hehehe. yes, i went back home with the paper bag full of presents. how cute is that? but that was years ago when i was still that little kid who fancy presents so much ;p

these days, i appreciate presents (yeah keep em coming haha) but i don't think i can ever be fooled by those presents that comes without any sincerity. camane nak cakap eh. it's not that i don't appreciate stuffs, but hey, it's too obvious i just can't ignore that feeling. i think u have to experience it for yourself before you could think that what i feel really does make sense.

p/s : that is why i hate the idea of giving away key chains or things like that as souvenirs because seriously serious, how many of us really do appreciate that? heh. don't lie lah come on, it shows.


Anonymous said...

totally true! kadang-kadang kan ada orang sajer2 jek bg hint bersungguh-sungguh nak present apa putting others in a very uncomfortable position. huhu..

IRA said...

hehe yeah tapi kalau i cant afford it, buat bodoh sebodoh-bodohnye je ;p

Anonymous said...

Omg I still remember k, kau bg aku earring! Kau post kat rumah kannn. Zaman2 tgh suka earrings tu. Ahah thanks ira! -nad

IRA said...

weeeiiiii aku tak igt pon aku post earrings kat ur hse hahahaha! ;p yeah zaman cinta earrings sebab konon cool! hahahaha but now collection earrings sket gile k! nadd, jom celebrate bday sameee! =(