Friday, July 9, 2010


okay it's 3 am in the morning and i'm still up! what's upppp! just finished watching this seriesss ;


okay this is korean series, tajuk dia OBGYN! obgyn is obstetric and gynaecology to those who don't know! kalau dekat malaysia, they usually call it O&G or pakar sakit puan! totally what i love! i am not usually a big fan of any medical series though i like 'em to a certain extend macam grey's anatomy or house but macam kalau tak tengok pun takpe but this series is a killerrrr!! seriously, it's a must watch for all the future-obstetricians/gynaecologists! and pediatricians also...coz obviously after u deliver, the baby will straight away be under the care of pediatricians kan, so this OBGYN series is very much involved with OBG (O&G) and pediatrics!

i wanna be that woman in this series! am totally inspired!! ergghhh can't get over it! i dunno why lah i am soooo into OBG, the interest was there since i entered medical school lagi and now the interest and passion is peaking so much more like never before! ahahaha. OBG is still my number 1 choice :) sangat nak jadi tolong lah paham!

but i wonder if i can make it that far..danggg! this is by far, my biggest dream ever :) i can't wait to graduate, so i can't further my study in this field, and finally jadi one of the best obstetrician in my country! wooot! dream high kan...everything starts with a dream, so, allow me to have one too teehee!

btw, this series banyak tunjuk obstetric cases, some gynaecology cases and some pediatric cases...ada jugak a lil bit of organ transplantation, neurology cases (2nd love that is!) and a few others! and u can't runaway from love story la obviously kan. of course, there's love story in this series, between an obstetrician and a pediatrician ;p

ahaha, so much of medical thingy. lol. it's true that i whine a lot about taking up medicine, penat belajar lah, banyak exam lah, banyak benda kena hafal lah, class berlambak lah, but at the end of the day, i'll realize that this is what i love! and i'm thankful for that! at least i don't regret taking up medicine. ok lah regret seminit 2 minit sebab cam fed-up belajar takpe kannn?? ;p andddd, siapa tau if ada any other series that involves OBG, do let me know!! hehe :)

another reason why you should watch this series is because, that pediatrician guy in this series is soooooooooo sweeeeeeeeeet so down to earth soooo kind soooo cute pulak tu i soooo fall in love with his character! kalau ada laki macam ni depan mata yang nak kat kita, lepas tu kita reject, memang bengong ah! ok lah, enough of my jakun-ness! hahaha

p/s : tengok tau cerita niii! i don't usually make a review of any movies or series but this one is the best! ok lah, maybe sebab saya suka OBG, but stillll! okay shut up ira. good nite semua orang.

p/s : nak try tidur sambil berangan i jadi that woman in the series. byeee!


sya said...

betul2 sumpah best cerita ni suke gile jugak! :D

IRA said...

haaa bagus2! heheh :) any other series kalau nak recommend, dialu2kan..heheh :D