Thursday, April 26, 2012

the mainstream definition of beauty

they say women are the most wonderful creatures ever created by God.

i have a firm belief that every woman is beautiful in her own way, regardless of skin colour, height and weight. varieties add colors to life and so do girls. you can't expect every girl to have flawless fair skin, model height and weighing not more than 45kg? that is a bit too mainstream to define beauty. 

i hate how the world is influenced by the rigid idea of being beautiful, that you must meet certain criteria to be one. i especially hate it when someone other than yourself tells you or indirectly makes you feel ugly about yourself when you are feeling completely good about your own physical self. 

i have nothing against girls trying to look beautiful. i myself is a beauty conscious somehow so yeah, trying to look beautiful within our reach is fine but what irks me the most is when majority of the world has a narrow definition of beauty and anything outside the fine line is considered ugly. 

trust me, i know it first hand that being the stereotype version of a beauty queen isn't that easy to achieve. i mean, come on, you can't choose your height, yes you can try your best to maintain a certain weight but you won't be able to control some other factors that contribute like, erm, genetic? and skin color, no, most dark-skinned people don't choose to be dark. but does it means you can't be beautiful without all these? 
every girl wishes to have a flawless skin but how many of us really do have one all year round? how many girls are bestowed with the perfect curves - big boobs and curvy ass? and what about girls who are stucked with flat nose, no eyelids, short lashes, bat ears, small boobs, flat ass, crooked teeth, belly fat, birth scar? are they not beautiful? 

and because of the media pressure, these girls would really go extra mile to fit into the "beauty" world. they will feel as if they are a bunch of ugly people that require urgent transformation and this isn't just beauty issue no more, it involves confidence alreadyyyy. and damn it, confidence is even a bigger issue here. 

to me, confidence is the best beauty tips a woman can wear. the best. but with the current social belief that beauty should be this and this, our confidence is slowly taken away. this is unhealthy and this should be stopped right away. 

why can't someone be and feel beautiful just the way she wants to? as long as she feels good about herself, have enough confidence to face the world, proper, clean and tidy, can't she still be considered as beautiful, (if not up to your level) in her own way? and i believe, just by being herself, someone is gonna think she's beautiful enough. 

i mean, other ppl around her don't have to push her or tell her how beauty is supposed to be like, it's not just annoying, it will take her down emotionally. mind you, physical issue is a serious issue to women. once you tell her she's ugly (especially if you're someone to her), u won't believe the things she'll do to be opposite and u (especially guys) can never imagine how depressing that would be. 

i hope most people will realize that beauty is just a bonus. nothing more than just a visual gratification. what's more important is your inner beauty, your soul and how to interact with people. there's so much more other than beauty, like honesty, being fun n quirky and being independent. that makes an even more attractive woman, don't you think?

so girls, if you're having this beauty issue, stop the worry. tell yourself that you are beautiful the way you are and you'll continue to dress up the way you want to (with a bit of latest fashion updates la haha), and put on just enough make-up to enhance your beauty (not to transform u entirely) and wear your best weapon, confidence. yes you can go on exercising/going to the gym/practicing healthy diet but not the extend that will stress you out just for the sake to be beautiful. please lah. baik study ke have fun ke apa daripada nak stress sgt nk jadi cantik. 

to hell to these people who tell you that you're not pretty enough. if they're nobody to you, let them be. if they're people close to your heart, maybe it's about time for u to realize that maybe, just maybe, there are other people out there who will love you and think you are beautiful just the way you are :)

nah ni je natural beauty yg termampu wahahaha. tak mandi with no make up at all. 

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