Friday, April 6, 2012


I don’t quite feel like I’m a mature adult because I’m still a student struggling to finish my last 6 months of MBBS degree. But earlier today I overheard a discussion (and later I joined the discussion) about financial freedom. I’m not sure if people my age are familiar about this topic but me? Certainly not.

It was a heavy topic mainly about investment and how to manage your property. In short, it’s about financial security lahhh. Means people who are interested in this topic, their aim is not just to go to work from 8am to 4pm and then makan gaji every month. They’re mainly aiming to invest in some properties and gain side income (which can be quite a fortune) apart from just makan gaji.

Okay not gonna go into the details because I’m not someone who are well-versed about this so I really don’t have much information to share. But well if you have time and interest, this is something very interesting to look into :)

Seeing how guys are very interested in making sure that they will have a secure financial to build a new family with the wife (or future wife), it touches my heart. In the end, boys can really turn into real men and in the end, the center of a guy’s life is no longer just games, football and girls.

This is the kind of guy I wanna make babies with. At least I know that he won’t let my babies starve in hunger and will always have something to feed his materialistic wife. HAHAHAHAHA my bf is so going to pengsan reading this. Nah, I’m not that materialistic kan sayang? :P

Before any of you get me wrong, let me clear one thing. I never ever mean to say that guys who have no idea about financial freedom is someone who is irresponsible towards the family (or future family) because I believe that he must have other plan/way for this. Because the way I see it, financial freedom is such a vast topic.

My point is, these kind of guys (the ones who think forward about their financial security, whatever way it may be) are the ones that you can (insyaAllah) trust. Not the kind of guys who go around collecting debts. How can you imagine living with a man who has lots of debts to settle? I can't and I won't.

A guy with poor financial control is such a big turn off. If you can't manage your own financial, how are you going to support your family? You can't keep collecting debts because eventually the burden is not gonna be solely on the you, it'll haunt the whole family too.

So ladies, if the guy you're currently dating is the kind of guy who spend his money recklessly and the kind of guy who always want to borrow your/other ppl's money (worse if he always avoid to pay his own debts), you know you have to angkat kaki soon. Yes, soon. Before you fall deeper for him, which indirectly means you're falling deeper into your own financial trap. Yes.

This is for your own good. This is not cinta zaman sekolah where boys who got no money can also have lots of girlfriends, that era my dear, is over. Call me materialistic or whatever, but I have to state the fact that, money matters. For love to really work into something deeper and meaningful, money matters. (Okay I do sound materialistic already I might scare people away :/)

You don't have to be born rich to be able to be survive love. You just need that drive and effort to be a responsible guy. That's the main message from this whole lot of writing. Hahahaha. U know I can really write a lot to convey even a simple message :P

And this whole thing reminds me that I'm no longer in my teenage years and I only have 6 months left to enjoy my scholarship money and then I really need to learn how to grow money! Shit!


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