Monday, April 23, 2012

my overprotective daddy :)

i have the most doting father ever (yea lah i only have one father kan hehe :P)

and lately, he's being overprotective towards me and the other siblings especially the girls. he was not like this when i was younger but as i get older (older in comparison k, i'm still young! :P), he becomes more and more conscious and overprotective about my safety.

as a school-leaver about 8 years ago, i was allowed to go wherever i want just as long as he knows my whereabouts and with whom i went out with. driving the car alone at night was not even an argument back then, as long as he's convinced that i know the direction (if i wasn't sure of the direction he will literally draw a map for me, yes dat's my daddy)

but, daddy turned into an overprotective dad lately. yes, it is recent. he won't let me drive alone at night anymore (except for short distance lahh) dulu kan, if i nak pergi jalan keluar with my friends, dia kesah ape, "kau pegi la sendiri abah malas nak hantar", but now, he even offered to send me to seremban just for me to attend my friend's engagement. padahal dulu i dah jenuh ulang alik shah alam-seremban by myself when i studied in kolej mara seremban dia tkde hal pun.

baru2 ni i wanted to go to mid valley and and my old school in KL pun he insisted to send me padahal i was well-versed about the direction and all. but his excuse was, "i'm not worried about u getting lost, i'm worried if ada orang follow u or sengaja langgar ur car n turns out it was just a trick to do something bad to u ke apa". i argue la balik i said "abah, dulu i drive alone jgk u were never like this, and nnt i balik msia nk kerja i have to drive alone jgk" and he replied "yea lah dulu the crime rate was not as bad as how it is now, nanti kau dh ade anak baru kau tau how worried parents are" and i senyap. 

ye lah i have nothing else to argue. he's just being a father. a father who really care about our safety and i should be thankful for that right? actually, it's sweet. having a guy (in my case, a father) who really concern about ur safety, makes you feel like, wahhh, someone really care about me. 

in fact, he always pesan to me if i drive alone and park dekat basement, jgn balik lambat sgt or if balik lambat, make sure u have ur friends to accompany u to the basement (haha okay i agree dis part i'm a bit paranoid if jalan sorang2 dkt basement tgh2 mlm i will paksa my friends teman jgk :P), and if i were to balik lambat and some friends or boyfriend is going to send me home, he'll remind me to make my friends/boyfriend tunggu dalam kereta until at least i dah selamat masuk dalam gate (but i tak ckp la kat my friends camtu, cam pelik je wahahaha) and if my father send my sister pegi tuition or school, my father will always make sure my sister dah masuk kwsan skolah or kwsan tuition tu baru dia blah. 

little things kan. i know, but if fikir2 balik, it means a lot. lagi2 nowadays, a lot of things can happen in just a blink of an eye. though it's a bit annoying lah that he will bising if i drive alone n all, tapi i must not get mad because he did dat coz he cares. but of course lah, my dad did try to cut away a bit of his fear and let me get around on my own but he will always call me and ask me if i'm okay. hihi. 

mummy must be really lucky to have such a caring husband. i'm sure he did this to mom also :) my mom, on the other hand, is a very garang mother. hahahahhahaa. but he knows la my dad really manjakan all his daughters. the other day my mom said something like dis "kakak, u must remember tau ur father has been driving u around, taking care of u, nanti abah dh tak larat bawak kereta n nk pegi mane2, u must drive him, to masjid ke, clinic ke etc" hihi. my dad plak menyampuk, "kalau abah nk pegi concert pon u hv to drive me" hahaha obviously he was joking. nk pegi concert mende tahhh lol. 

i dunno lah is it me or is it my age but i get emotional when it comes to parents thingy lately. actually the moment my mom said that pun i was like, ''waaa, i swear i will drive him wherever he wants to go'' shit damn it, i swear i wanna be a good daughter coz i was obviously not a good daughter back then. good daughter mende kan sampai my mom had to cilikan mulut i coz i was being rude. haih. but seriously no more, i don't wish to hurt them even a slightest bit pun sekarang. the time left for them ni i wanna be their best daughter hehe :)

and the other day my dad said something like dis "nanti bila abah dah takde, bla bla bla" omg itu macam ayat drama kottt why do u have to say that daddy, my air mata bergenang almost immediately kottt. haih. kan dah cakap aku emotional about all these things lately. 

but yes, i can't run from reality. my parents are really aging. i hope umur diorang panjang, tapi we all know everything is already written, for how ever much time left for me and for my parents, i promise to love them and take care of them the way they did for me and my siblings. insyaAllah :) 

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Zayani said...

Aaaaa..sedehnya !!! Kenapa they grow old so fast...hate it!! Nak stay with them forever kay..serious!!! Tak kawin pun takpe..eceh..but serious