Monday, May 3, 2010

Amazing Race : Switzerland

After Prague, we headed to Zurich by train for freaking 14 hours. Luckily the international train they call it, was comfortable enough for us. Reached Zurich the next morning and I finally get to say HELLLOOOOO to my dream city! It's Zurich I'm talking about!

I'm guessing that everyone is aware that Switzerland is the most expensive country around, don't ask me why we agreed to go to Switzerland despite the fact that we were on a really tight budget. That explains the picture below. Spotted, me preparing the sandwich for our breakfast at Zurich train station. Hahahahahahaaha. Jimat beb jimat!

Preparing breakfast!

Before the breakfast, me, Nadia and Ninot went to take our shower at the train station itself and guess what, it costs us approximately Rm50 each to take a shower at Zurich. Didn't really realize it until we were fresh enough to think about it. Psssttt, Joe was RM50 richer because he refused to take a shower hahahahahha. Bijak bijak.

And to add some more facts about our kebijaksanaan, we decided to just hang around the train station that night so that we can save a lot of money for accomodation. Though the girls were a bit reluctant, tapi bila fikir balik, we can save quite a lot, so okayyy, agreee! Plus the train station wasn't all that bad.

Zurich is really really really is my dream city! Sooooo cantik so clean so mcm orang kaya, just like how I imagined it! Eyyy sumpah if I have lots of money I want to migrate here in Zurich one day! Tengok the cars on the road pun dah tau how the country is like, kalau setakat pakai kereta ala2 kereta Perdana tuuuu, memang inferiority complex laaa! Dush dush!

The attraction in Zurich are mainly the churches, museums and blablabla which we refused to go coz macam church je pun plus we only have 1 day for Zurich so we decided to do something relaxing, something that gives us some piece of mind lah. So we took a stroll by the Lake Zurich, till hujung, camwhoring and went to Chinagarten somewhere near the lake. Yes there's China in Zurich!

Along the way, we stopped at Lindenhof, quite a higher ground where you can see Zurich from the top. So relaxing sooo cantik and soooo my city! hahahahaahah and dun talk about souvenir, we hardly buy any coz there were not much varieties and if ada pun they're freaking expensive but I got myself a lousy Switzerland t-shirt which bloody cost me around RM80. Yes, for a lousy t-shirt.

Zurich from Lindenhof

Loving Zurich!

that's Zurich train station behind us

the famous Lake Zurich
that park behind me was awesome

so going to migrate here hahahaha

Chinagarten, Zurich

the next minute we were in China

Done pusing2 Zurich, went back to our so called hotel, the train station. Had our dinner. Haaa, ni siap bawak keluar kettle cari plug point semata-mata nak buat maggi okay? Tak lawak. Found one plug point at the security office, time tu takde orang, so ingat nak bantai jer pasang kettle kat situ masak air. Then suddenly a lady came, asked me whatsup semua. Malu okay. I explained, and she was surprisingly fine about it. Siap kasi air minum lagiiii!! Hahahahaha nak survive tak boleh malu. Kena buat muka tebal. Like me, and I survived.

Zurich tram at night

Maggi pun bolehhhhh!
Zurich at night

Thats us kepenatan in McD

Shahril and Ninot
2am, walked back to the train station only to know that the train station is closed and nobody's allowed to be inside till it's open again at 4am. Haaaaa. Not like KL central ke KLIA ke yang available 24/7. Boleh pulak kan. And McD was about to close too so we really had to place to go so just lepak outside the train station till 4am. Menggeletar kesejukan okay. And after the train station is open, kami still merempat. Hahahahahahaaha.

Inside the train station
Next morning, off to Interlaken by train. We had to change the train la apa la so mcm penatnyaaaa tuhan je tau dahla we didn't get proper sleep the night before so though the scenery outside was reallly really cantik amazing fantastic bombastic, I can't help sleeping in the train. Joe siap dah sound kitorang suruh bangun to see the beautiful scenery but all I could do was bangun for 5 seconds, "cantiknyaaa", pap, tidur balik. That sleepy okay.

the scenery otw to Interlaken

so cantik pls!

Reached Interlaken, checked-in, had our maggi again and off to Schilthorn. We intended (or berangan sounds more like it) to go up till Jungfrau, the top of Europe, but it was DAMN expensive so bye bye la ye mummy tak cukup duit ni haa.

We went up till Schilthorn instead. It was not that bad. In fact, Schilthorn pun dah tinggi enough, and the view is aaaa, can't describe with words laaa. So the cantik macam painting je rasa. And Schilthorn is the place where James Bond zaman dulu2 On Her Majesty's Secret Service shot its movie here.

To get to Schilthorn, we had to take the train and exchange a few cable cars. It was tiring, plus the fact that we didn't get enough sleep that night, but the view and excitement beats everything else though penat separuh mati pun takde hal. Mandi pun tak. Hahahaha.

Petang tu, went back to our hostel at around 3pm camtu. Masing2 terus tertidur till the next morning. Takde sorang pun terjaga that night sebab penat sangat kot. Tapi bagus jugak. Jimat on dinner. Pergh, otak nak jimat aje.

otw to Schilthorn

this is heaven on earth!
a restaurant facing the beautiful scenery of Alps!!

mcm painting

that girl who doesnt know how to ski

me at Schilthorn

serious sunburn okay. though it was freezing cold.

minus Joe
and Nadia with her crocs.
mantap kan? bawak crocs naik Alps. hahaha

us all at Schilthorn

can you spot Schilthorn?
The next day, we went to the nearest town. Ninot, Nadia and Shahril were the ones busy looking for souvenirs. The souvenirs here are much more expensive compared to those in Zurich. Me and Joe were supposed to go to Lake Thun coz Joe wasn't looking for any souvenir and I bought mine in Zurich but the timing sucks lah. We had to catch a bus to Lake Thun but the time was limited as the train to Milan leaves at around 12 camtu. So, we missed Lake Thun which according to photos from the internet, is really really cantik! So remember, if you go to Interlaken, do not miss Lake Thun mcm kitorang. We weren't supposed to sleep the previous evening tuuu. Rugi rugiii!

Our amazing race starts here. From the town, we had to go back to our hostel to take our baggage before we can go to the train station. Unfortunately, we missed a bus by just 10 minutes and we had to wait for another 30 minutes for the next bus to take off. Time tu hectic gila. Sorang suggested to just jalan kaki back to our hostel though we didn't know exactly the way to our hostel plus it was not that near pun, sorang lagi suggested for us to just wait for the next bus. I suggested we stop any car and ask the driver to give us a ride to our hostel wahahahahhaha tapi tak dilayan but if I was alone, I swear I'll do that.

Lastly, kitorang tunggu je the next bus. Lambat gila. Sampai je hostel, the bus which is supposed to take us to the train station passed us by and dingggg, we missed it again. The next bus was 30 minutes later and this time, we really can't wait anymore. Asked the receptionist for any other options, and she suggested us to take a taxi, or to just walk, which according to her, will only take us 10 minutes walk from the hostel.

Bullshit apa. 30 minutes kot. Itu pun bukan jalan. LARI OKAY? Dengan backpack, the girls dengan bag tarik, me dengan extra paper bag lagi on the other hand. Tak lawak. The guys were leading la of course, dah smpai train station, the guys bukan nak bagitau platform mana, terus perg and siap tak nampak diorang kot sebab kitorang were left behind. Sampai2 train station, masing2 siap jerit kottt "Joeee, shahrillll, mana korangggg???" ahahahha tetiba dengar suara la kann dari the platform aboveee. Cis betul. Masuk2 je train, pap, terus jalan. Amazing race tak?

So, Milan here we come!

the town in Interlaken

air gunung which was superbly crystal clear!

hello there Swiss hunk,
saya backpacker, saya tak banyak duit
and sekarang saya sunburn. Wanna get to know me? hahahah


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blur gile sampai lupa tukar kasut.. n tak tringat pn shilthorn tu alps. huuu (-.-')

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Breath taking horizon!