Saturday, May 1, 2010


after 23 years of living, death has never (so far) comes in between me and my friends. sedih kot if kawan mati? and dun let me start about the death of any of the family member.

nyawa is a gift, and i can't believe some people take it so easily. like hello, this is not a game where your 'nyawa' ada sampai 3 and you can replace your 'nyawa' everytime you die because you got killed by a monster. in real life, once the nyawa is gone, you're gone forever man.

and i believe the whole case of poor little boy aminulrasyid is an accident. i believe the policeman had no intention of killing that boy. but he gotta be more careful in handling the guns. he's stupid if he's not aware of the fact that by simply pulling the trigger, he can snatch away the life of an innocent man. he just did.

what's worse is how the media is trying to cover things up by saying that the 15-year old boy is a penyamun la perompak la what the fuck man? the only major mistake that the boy did was driving without licence and that's it. ape sangatlah a 15-year old boy can do? stupid media. keep on writing craps for the sake of money. what if it happens to your family member? ur brother got shot in the head, dead, and then got accused as a perompak! stupid moron!

i dun wanna know how it feels like losing a friend. but i kinda feel you, sarah, especially after reading your post about him. my little sister just lost a friend, and her friend is that poor little boy aminulrasyid. al-fatihah.


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