Saturday, June 19, 2010

How To Take Care of Your Car (a quick tutorial for dumbos and bimbos)

Driving a car is easy but taking care of the car is definitely not easy! And since I am now an owner of a car, I really need to know a lil bit bout car maintenance. I wish I could skip this part but really, I can't, unless I have Abah or my lil dinosour here to take care of the car ;p

Soooo, the only thing I knew about car was driving the car and isi minyak, that's it. I never give a damn about panaskan engine ke, isi air ke, check minyak hitam ke, temperature naik ke, tayar pancit nak buat camane ke, alignment lah, whatever lah! Pening tau tak, I'm not a technical person so hearing lecture about engine and things like that really makes me go BLAHHHH!

But I can't escape this time. Abah has been lecturing me much about car maintenance. Lil dinosour pon. Izzarief pun. Semalam hantar kereta service, terpaksa mintak tlg a guy friend teman us so that when the mechanic tells us this and that I tkde la ternganga je tak paham pape. Haha. So btw, I'm gonna list some basic things that I need to know bout the car (which I never ever knew before haha, super noob me) ;

1. Always check for the temperature meter. Normally, it should be at the center some time after driving, meaning ur engine is not too hot lah, but if it goes beyond the center, reaching H(hot), then you might wanna check ur air(coolant).

2. Kalau jalan2 with lil dinosour in Malaysia, dia always always always check air kereta tu. I told myself, this guy has some Obsessive Compulsive Disorder lahhh, do u really have to check for air everytime nak jalannnn? Okay, now that I know the function, I think it makes sense. Haha, kena selalu check air so that engine tak panas kot ;p Kesian ada orang tu kena tuduh ada OCD ;P

3. Next, always be alert if ada bunyi aneh2 coming out from ur car. Bunyi time brake ke apa ke. Kalau ada je bunyi aneh, most likely there's some problem with the car. Kena pegi check right away.

4. Alignment tayar tu. Kalau agak2 time you speeding, kereta tu macam terhoyong hayang, then maybe lah there's some problem with the alignment of your tire. Go check.

5. Minyak hitam aka engine oil, bukan black oil eh. Not of that much importance since I drive short distance je dekat sini, but still, kena check whether or not the minyak hitam is at its optimum level.

6. Kalau agak2 air cond tu rasa angin je tapi tak sejuk2, ada problem with the a/c gas. Pegi check.

7. Kalau agak2 kereta tu rasa berat je nak jalan, nampak macam kempis je, then kena isi angin dekat tayar. Kalau kat Malaysia selalu kita buat sendiri tu kan? Ni tak reti lah. Lil dinosour asik ingatkan je yang ni, tapi lupe plak nk tanye camane nk buat.

8. Kalau tengah drive tetibe nampak berasap2 je kereta tu, stop RIGHT AWAY. It means ur engine is overheated. Boleh terbakar. Wuuuu...takut! Thats why it's important to have a glance at ur temperature meter every now and then.

I think that much is enough kot utk basic. Especially for dumbos and bimbos. Ada hati nak pakai kereta sendiri, tapi nak jaga pasal kereta hape pon tatau. LOL. I asked my dad, can I not know all these? Hantar service je boleh tak biar orang tu je check semua. He said, "ha buat lah perangai camtu, nanti dia ketuk kau sampai pokai padan muka" So, for that I'm taking initiative utk belajar a lil bit bout car maintenance.

This so called quick tutorial la konon (ceh poyo gila kot bunyi quick tutorial) hanya applicable utk orang2 yg memang noob habis tahap dewa pasal kereta. Kalau yang dah pandai pasal kereta tu, tak payah nk memperkotak-katikkan I. Sat lagi aku pandai tukar tayar sendiri kang, terkejut kau nanti! ;p

Btw tau tak, kereta tu tak sampai seminggu lagi with us, there's already a bump at the back. Damn betul! The first day amek memang takde pun bump tu, tetiba je this one day kitorang perasan ada kemek dekat belakang. Confirm ada keling langgar time kereta tu parking lepas tu blah mcm tu je. Siot kau keling! Dasar keling! Semalam I tanye nak ketuk berapa, mahal la plak. So layan je lah. Kang dah ketuk, tetibe keling langgar lagi, tak pepasal je.

Oh and I would like to share a lil information regarding the car, told by my friend Izzarief who is majoring in automobile. I asked him, betulke if off air cond we can actually save minyak. He said, it is only true if you drive 50km/hour. If not, kalau you tutup air cond, bukak tingkap and drive more than 50km/hour, you're actually using more and more power to overcome the air friction. That's what he told me lah. Dun let me go into detail about the physic part of it hahah I hate physics remember? But hey, it's an interesting information kan. Kite ye ye je off air cond sebab nak save minyak, padahal we're using more and more minyak kalau buat macam tu. Heee.

So that's all lah. Tutorial for myself. Haha.


izzarief said...

automotive ye...bukan automobile..hahahaha..ceitz!

IRA said...

hahahah same je kottt!