Friday, June 25, 2010

random random aje

hello hello. this blog dah jadi sunyi sepi eh lately. too lazy to hit the keyboard and type it all out. i am not at all busy though the first internal assessment is coming up real soon! padahal rasa macam baru je final hari tuuu! baru je struggle untuk final dah nak ada exam lagi :(

to those who don't know, i am now in my third phase of MBBS. in this phase, we'll have to concentrate on ENT, Opthalmology and Community Medicine and we'll be having our final examination on these 3 subjects in April. too soon ehh!

none of these 3 subjects are my favourite. tapi ENT and opthal boleh blah lagi lah, interesting jugak kadang2. but commed, cannot go lahhhh! dari first year kot belajar commed but i seriously dunno what we actually learn in commed.

firstly, commed adalah sangat tidak menarik, 2ndly, doctor2 commed adalah sangat tidak menyelerakan dan tidak memberansangkan, 3rdlyyyyy, sangat tak suka pergi posting dekat primary health centre tuuuu! tapi malangnya, exam commed lagi 3 weeks camtu. maka dengan itu, i have to stop whining and start studying (bila tah?)

uh oh. tau tak we won't get cuti for raya this year. meaning, i'll be celebrating my raya in india. yek la jugak kan. but takde la sedih sgt tak dapat balik raya coz as u know, i dun have kampung and all pun so first day raya confirm melepek dekat rumah jugak kalau balik pun so macam it's okay for me untuk tidak balik raya. dengan syarat, jangan cakap my mom masak apa on pagi raya. boleh nangis serta merta sebab kuah kacang my mom adalah sangat magical. anddd, i won't have new baju raya this year. will be wearing the old ones je kot sob sobbb!

eh eh, belum ganti puasa ahhh! ok. minggu depan!

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