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Amazing Race FINALE : London

I know this is like soooo last season lah kan! But, I'm writing this for the sake of completing my travelogue ;p plus I'm sure gonna read this when I miss my Euro trip one day. In fact, I miss it nowwww!

Sooo, from Paris, we took the bus to London. Not really that comfortable. Reached London at night, stopped at Victoria's bus station kot. Then, went to Bayswater to check-in the Malaysia Hall. For your info, you need to book the Malaysia Hall through the net first, you can't just barge in like that. I got to stay alone in 1 room coz there's no triple room, Ninot pun dah cakap awal2 she didn't wanna stay alone coz dia takut ada pontianak in London ;p

Big Ben
Nothing much about London, everyone pun dah pergi London kan so there's really no need for me to brag about it here kan. We basically went sight seeing in London. Big Ben, Eye of London, the Parliament, Buckingham Palace etc etc. The next day, we went to Manchester. I didn't wanna go but I had to coz my friends yg dekat London semua cam tengah busy exam and all, so I can't stay at their places kan, so I've to go to Manchester :( sebenarnya taknak, sebab Manchester ada stadium tu je kot. Which I tak fancy pun. Baik stay a little longer in London so I can shop more. In Manchester, we all tumpang rumah Jannah! Thanks for the hospitality babe! :)
Eye of London

Then, went back to London. This time, no more sight seeing. It's time to shop! Berbekalkan saki baki duit Western Union yang my dad transfer, I did a little (yes, really) shopping! Actually dah spare 400 pounds to shop in London but aaaaaaaaaaaa, terima kasih banyak2 la volcano in Iceland, you took my money away :( so shop sikit je lah. But seriously, I wanna go back there nak borong all the shoessssss!!!!!! Sumpah jadi sawan tengok all the shoes in Oxford Street. I did buy one pair, thought of buying another pair, but if I really did buy another pair, I bebetul tinggal sen sen je lepas tu.

the double decker bus!

Oh one highlight to be shared lah, cerita pasal Malaysia Hall. You know, from Manchester, we went back to London kan. We did the online booking already. Time tu pun airport dah start operating after the volcano thingy kan. When we got back to London, nak check-in Malaysia Hall, memula the receptionist said actually the rooms are all reserved for those ppl who are stranded, but there are plenty of available rooms. Plus the volcano ashes pun mcm dah nak clear kan, so the receptionist cam bagi kitorang check-in. Dah siap kasi kunci okay.

Tetibe when the warden(yes, Malaysia Hall has a warden) came, she insisted us to give back the key sebab macam she couldn't allow us to stay in Malaysia Hall sebab nak jugak reserve utk orang2 stranded padahal the rooms byk gila available pls. Plus airport dah bukak kot! Semua airlines pun dah start fly kot! (OK berapa kali nak cakap daa) She insisted us to check-in the hostel nearby! Eeee kerek gila. Siap cakap macam ni ;

"Kamu kan backpackers, pergi lah check in hostel je"

Sumpah tak exaggerate. Bengang kan kan kan? Dahlah masa dekat London sgt suntuk, coz of the volcano of course, masa in Paris and London mmg rushing sket sbb volcano tu. Tapi warden ni lagi nk buat drama. Thank god time tu ade dis pegawai MARA who happened to be someone yg jaga budak2 IB KMS dulu, so he allowed us to leave our baggage in his office in Malaysia Hall. Baik gila! So we left our luggage there and went off to do some shopping.

Back to Malaysia Hall only to know that the so called 'meeting' they had to discuss whether or not we are allowed to stay in Malaysia Hall was not yet over. Annoyed la kan. Bukan nak tolong kite, lagi nak bagi kite masalah ade la kan. So kitorang decided to just leave the Malaysia Hall and check-in the hostel, which is just sebelah Malaysia Hall. Kerek tak kerek la kan.

what's the name of this park again?!

otw to Buckingham Palace
I intended to bring back some chocolates but too bad, duit I semua habis shopping. Luckily I'm not a big fan of souvenirs so agak save di situ. Thank god jugak my dad was willing to transfer some money, if not memang merempat lah! Finally, the Euro trip came to an end. We were already too tired, baju pun dah berapa kali recycle hahaha except for a few yg memang hantar pergi laundry. Tapi stillll, pardon me for having just 2 jackets LOL ;p

Buckingham Palace at the back!

the only one picture I have in Manchester.
Didn't even get into the stadium.
Not even tempted to go in.

Our Euro trip memang agak adventurous lah. Merempat tah mane2 je dah berapa kali. No tour guide at all. We are our own boss. Jalan semua ikut map, thank goodness the guys were there to read the maps. Saya failed kot baca map ;p there were salah faham here and there during the trip tapi it didn't last long, berapa minit lepas tu okay balik ;p hehehe

It was a wonderful experience!! I am now planning for my next euro trip, heheh, since Farah pun now dekat Glasgow, Scotland, studying in the exact same university my dad used to so macam lagi lah I wanna go there kan. My dad pun support I suro pergi Scotland. Hahaha. Support pakai air liur je lah, bukan pakai duit. Now pun duit tengah kering kontang tapi I will surely start saving soon! Hopefully lah ada cuti and ada duit! ;p

So, back to Bangalore! India kembali.

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