Tuesday, June 29, 2010

How To Walk In High Heels?

Personally, I think high heels are the most beautiful invention for women lah. Okay, if you know me closely, then you know that I have this unexplained craze towards shoes particularly high heels. Well, different women different obsession kot. It could be handbags, jewelry, lipstick! (teeeheeee!), earrings (used to be a big fan back in high school) so on and so forth.
So, why high heels you might wanna ask. I started wearing high heels when I was as young as 13, matched with my baggy pants and loose shirt. HAHA. FASHION DISASTER weh, uh oh, juga with my round spectacles! LOL. So, it's obvious that I didn't slip on my high heels for cosmetic purpose back then.

But true enough, wearing high heels help to boost up your confidence level. Okay, this may not be true for everyone, but it does hold true for me. Kenapa eh? Maybe because I boleh jalan sama tinggi with my friends who have model height kot. Being the shortest (no, I'm not talking about me haha) among your friends can be pretty depressing. In this case, height does matter.

Okaylah, I'm not gonna give you tips on how to walk in high heels because you already know. Common sense la kan. If you're not used to walk in high heels, you can start off slowly with a steady chunkier heels rather than the thin pointed stiletto kind of high heels. You need to first learn how to balance yourself when walking in high heels and for that, you need to get the right posture when walking in high heels. More and more practise will do, you don't need a class or anything on this.

Since I've been wearing high heels regularly for quite some time (quite a few years indeed), recently, I experienced pain in lower half of my lower limb including both knees and also back pain. The knees felt like they can no longer bear the pressure and hurt a lot especially when ascending or descending the stairs. And the back pain was mainly on the lumbar region (go google where lumbar is) and I had a hard time dealing with it. And guess what, it started during my Euro trip! Potong kan, tapi I kentalkan je.

It's not that I'm not aware of the side effects of wearing high heels but I neglected the whole fact about how harmful high heels are to our body because I've become too attached with high heels. Ceh ayat tak boleh poyo lagi kan. Yeah, truth is, I even went shopping with my high heels. And my shopping isn't just 1 or 2 hours. My kind of shopping-day-out can be from sun to sun, really, and I'll still stand tough in my high heels. That bad!

There were time when I felt so much comfortable in my high heels rather than taking them off my feet. Yes, apparently, walking barefoot on a flat ground used to hurt my feet. And just because I've been a regular user of high heels, I came to think that I look hideous when wearing flats or sneakers. No, I didn't just think, coz when I looked into the mirror, I really do look weird with flats or sneakers. Now, you can see how this love-for-high-heels-thingy affects me psychologically.

tapi high heels ni buruk
True that most women won't mind standing in the most uncomfortable high heels for cosmetic sake. I do too. Not to say that you can't wear your high heels at all, but take me as an example of a high heels victim. You don't wanna hurt your knees and your back like I did kan? I'm lucky that the pain gets relieved after a few weeks of 'no high heels' geez, to be honest, I kinda freaked out at first. Takut lah kan. Right after I get the pain, terus google about side effects of wearing high heels and there were lotsssss of them!! You can even end up having surgery for your knee pain and back pain!

So now, I gotta start wearing flats more often though honestly, I don't like flats at all hmm but I've to cuz I dun wanna injure my feet some more. And the thing with my feet is, I've a wide feet and "wide feet + flats" makes a hideous combination cuz tiba2 nanti nampak kaki terlebih lebar and hodoh lah camane nak explain eh? Kalau rajin nanti boleh suruh I demonstrate wahahah but anyway, hodoh tak hodoh, sekarang I learnt it the hard way so conclusion is, pakai high heels sila berpada-pada okay sebab side effects of wearing high heels yang korang baca dekat internet adalah bukan cerita dongeng.

So baiklah, I will limit myself from wearing high heels too much after this. But after a few weeks of feet resting, I think I am now ready to rock with my high heels wahahaha. Eh eh tak sedar diri, okay sila berpijak di bumi yang nyata. LESS HIGH HEELS, MORE FLATS iskk -_-" But I would be really grateful if anyone of you wants to treat me this heartthrob ;

Time dekat London hari tu, meleleh je tengok kasut macam ni haisshh! Time tu duit nyawa-nyawa ikan. Ketaq tangan tengok harga grrr.


Luísa Lión said...

haha amazing love it! The "heels" are crazy!! Nice blog btw!!



susuegoodday. said...

hey babe...sue ngh search about heels sbb kaki sue sakit. dapt ushar bl0g u..haha..makin sakit kaki sue nen0k heels 2...bt0lnya...cmne nak jalan lau pakai heels cm2..y ade kaki 2 ha..ya allah hai..heee

R a B i a t u L said...

hmm...best la ira.. nanti aku boleh refer if nak beli yg heels tinggi sket.. hikhik.. thanx my dear gedix