Saturday, March 17, 2012

Birthday matters.

It's my 25th birthday today :) and I have both Obgyn and Paediatrics exam on my birthday, but it's cool, I'm fine with it.

For the past 4 years of my stay in India, as medical student, I've been celebrating my birthday with examination. Both theory and practical, you name it. And usually, I'll have the toughest exam on my birthday itself. One that I'll never forget is when I sat for my Pathology Paper 1 during my second year, and guess what, I scored that paper quite well. One of the best birthday gift I guess.

I am used to people forgetting to wish or celebrate my birthday especially when everyone was busy preparing for exam, and no, seriously I understand and I have no issues against it. Having to celebrate my birthday with exam for 4 years in a row makes me wish that every other year for my birthday have to be a busy day, it feels fine to know that people forgot to wish your birthday because they're busy concentrating on something more important (like exam) than just merely forgot your birthday because they're too busy to care.

I am a bit sensitive about this and only few people know this very fact. All my life, since school time, people dear to me kept on forgetting my birthday. Just so you know, people dear to my heart includes best friends and boyfriend.

Me, on the other hand, is someone who remembers people's birthday quite well. It feels good to make people feel appreciated and loved just by wishing or celebrating their birthday, it doesn't have to be a big birthday bash that cost you hundreds (or thousands? which is very unlikely) but all it needs is lots and lots of sincerity.

Back to the issue I am sensitive about. I was always the kind of person who let things pass me by even if it hurts me to the deepest. But last 2 years when the person I expected the most to wish me birthday was the last person to do so (and at that time, 2 hours left till my birthday was over) I got really upset and I hated my birthday eversince.

I don't mind not getting thousands of birthday wishes from random people, but I expect boyfriend (someone I consider to spend the rest of my life with) to be the first to wish me my birthday. Well, if he can't be the first, at least he has to be on time. Hahaha. Okay fine, 5-10 minutes late is forgivable.

Is it really a big thing? Yes dude it is. Most girls think it is a big thing. And I'm sorry I am included in this 'most girls' category when it comes to this matter. Girls are particular like that. Boyfriends have to remember our birthday and anniversary. Itu wajib. If not, pergi terjun bangunan pls.

And I think I still do hate my birthday. I hate it even more when my birthday is near approaching. I hate to think that people will forget, and especially when people really do forget. I'm 25 and why am I making a big fuss over this?

Because I'm a girl.

Deal with it.


(I wrote this post on my birthday itself, and then tergendala as usual lalalalal~)

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Mz Aisya said...

Dear Ira,

Hepi Belated Birthday!~!

Aku setuju abesss pasal isu besday ni is something that is quite sensitive and big deal for the girls!

Itulah~ susah kalo ada boyfriend yg tak sensitip ni.

well my girlfriend~ hahaha tiap tahun aku anta ko macam2 punyaaa!

(sapa la bakal pakwe aku tu kan, tiap tahun dia confirm kena ready satu box utk simpan hadiah aku).

Btw, bagi aku as long as family aku dan close friends wish, itu pun dah cukup dah. =) hadiah tu 2nd thing....ingatan tu penting kan. hehe.

xper ira, at least ko ada exam paper always be by ur side on ur birthday. ehek.