Wednesday, March 14, 2012

hi stalkers.

see i’m not sure if u follow my blog anymore, but well, since u’re so obsessed with me so yeah maybe you do.

not gonna say much, just, u look like a total clown u know, keep updating the hate status for me and especially make it public in the facebook, i’m not gonna stop you, in fact, i want u to go on posting the hate status, people will know the real clown and the real dumbass is you, and of course, ur bitchy friends.

just so u know, im not at all interested in ur life (so-called upper eastside life in bangalore, seriously dude? HAHA back in KL u dun life this kind of life is it? :) that is beyond pathetic haihhh) as much as u are interested in my life. so yeah. keep it low darling, even if u’re dying to know my daily activities. u dun wanna look like my die-hard fan, don’t you?

cheers. ROFLOL.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

i wonder why u dont blog anymore. =s