Thursday, March 29, 2012

finally, forever alone.

hahahah title saje nk kasi effect drama, tkdelah forever alone pon sebenarnya hihiks. yelah, a girl without drama is not a real girl kannn so to prove that i'm a real girl i must create drama la jugak hihiks *sarcasm*

the real title should be, finally i get to have my own room in india. finally get to have some personal time alone hihiks. this is not so new, i shifted to another house to finally get my own room yeayyy, about 5 months ago. okay dah lame sape suruh malas update blog kan tapi takpe sementara tengah galak nk menulis again ni i will post whatever lahhh. nak pics? pon boleh. *padahal dah tkde sape pun bace blog kau ira oi*

so anyway, i have no problem pun with my former roommate, in fact, she's by far the best roommate i ever had. we stayed together for more than 3 years kot. she was a reallyyyy close friend of mine kat KMS lagi. heee, i'm talking bout yaya.

i think she knows me inside out. we may have terasa or get annoyed about this and that la kekadang, biase la tu bukan senang nk hidup sebilik dengan orang kan tapi we can really tolerate with each other. mane kau nak dapat roommate yang boleh tolerate ur time tido semua, the noise u make, sometimes kalau tgh time depress tu dia jugak yang dok tanye 'kau ni apesal?', tahan sakit mata tengok aku nak bersiap lagi. hah, can really be an eyesore sbb i keep changing baju everytime bersiap nak keluar and everytime pun yaya will be like "tadi bukan kau dh siap pakai baju lain ke?" HAHAHAHAHHAA.

and the noise i make everytime study i suke melalak nyanyi sebab bila dah sumbat telinga ngan ear phone, kalau nyanyi lagu mariah carey tu rase mcm suara pun mcm mariah carey. dah kau tak dengar ur own voice sbb dah sumbat telinga ngan ear phone. yang kene menahan bahana telinga is my roommate jugak. terima kasih sebab bertahan. the noise i make everytime skype ngan family or gayut dengan boyfriend, but this is not just on my side, hihiks, yaya lagi hardcore when it comes to skyping :P terima kasih dekat i sebab bertahan hihiks :P
talk about waktu tidur. kalau time exam tu, bilik kitorang sure tak tutup lampu. we take turns. usually she will study up till 1-2am, and i will usually study smpai 4-5am, so she'll go to sleep first and will remind me to wake her up when i nak masuk tidur, and she will wake me up utk pegi exam pulak. we're symbiosis like that. hah, bagus kan.

sometimes mesti yaya sakit jiwa jugak beroommate kan i. yelah i kan suke drama wakakakakka. takde lah, sometimes gaduh ngan boyfriend ke, nanti tetibe jek
mata bengkak2. tak pun depress exam keee (ni mmg my fav, my mom dah knal sgt perangai i nih), tau2 je dah meroyan sorang2 dalam bilik. nak tak nak, terpaksa gak die amek tau buat2 tanye eventho die menyampah (tatau la die menyampah btul2 ke tak) tapi dh sebab roommate kau meroyan depan mata takkan nk buat bodo pulak kan. HAHAHAH. thank you yaya. jasamu sangat dikenang.

so this is yaya yang digembar-gemburkan. hihiks.

actually nak je bilik sorang but i have to choose housemates jugak. i am particular like that. takmo main pindah je dengan sesape yang u're not so close to coz to me it's very crucial utk ngam ngan housemates. otherwise, u'll be living on ur own in that house. tak best la gitu kan. so, that's why it took me so long to finally move out.

so i moved in sheila's n mary's house. i'm very close to sheila and bole la tahan leh masuk dengan mary. so yeah, why not? hihiks so here i am now, living with my 2 new housemates, sheila and mary. we went to europe together last year so that shows dat i can really live with them. kan kan. hihiks.

these are my 2 new housemates. this picture was taken last year in London.

soooo, was so excited bout having the room all by myself. hihiks. recently, P bought me this. DISCO BALL :p

and yes, the disco ball lights up my room now :P he knew i was crazy about having a disco ball in my own room so yeah, very thoughtful kan. hihiks. getting something u really really really didn't expect is like the best thing ever. thanks to P for the unexpected gift :P my room is even cooler nowwww! HAHAHAHA.

and this is how my room looks like. i painted the wall with soft purple colour and note the barbie bed sheet! yuppp there's little kid stucked inside me hihiksss!! eh biarlahhhh. i like it like that! my generasi plays barbie time kecik2 okay so i don't mind being 25 and still using the barbie bedsheet coz i think i'm cute like that. wakakakaka. ok cut that.

and as u can see, those are pictures of people i love. if u're in there, means i love u bebeh. i'm sentimental like that. i MUST have pictures of people i love hanging/sticked somewhere in my room because i'd like to see them everyday. hihiks. yup, i get attached to people and memories and ehhhh apesal plak nk sentimental ni i'm supposed to talk about my new room.

and have i told u that my new housemates are both from sabah? so yup, they talk to each other in their sabahan slang so somehow i have to fit in jugak. most of the time i will bantai sajes cakap semenanjung but sometimes tersasul2 jugak cakap sabah walaupun tak pandai tapi buat2 pandai jek. so this is us, me being annoying trying to talk in sabah wahahahaha. this video was recorded while we were in London, on one very cold nite waiting for bus to go back to our friend's house :P

so, i'll leave you with this video. till then, daaa.

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