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Road Trip in India

okay this may be already a basi story but i'm gonna write about it anyway hihiks. reminds me a lot of how i used to update my life in my blog :P it's kinda fun u know, especially when u get comments from friends who read my blog (i doubt people still visit my blog nowadays) so yeah. here goes.

it was a trip to a place called Hogenakkal, it's a waterfall area located at Tamil Nadu, about 200++ km away from my place (bangalore). it was supposed to be a trip for bikers. and by bikers, i meant to refer to these bikers.

yup they are all my friends studying in the same uni as i am in India. and this trip was not their first trip, they've been going on and off a few trips before with their bike to Goa, Chennai and few other places. kinda adventurous, don't u think? if i were a guy, i think i'd do the same thing too. haha but honestly, i berani bawak scooter pun dekat area my house je, tu pun i must have my bf riding with me on the same bike lol.

so, introducing my ferrari!! :P this is the only car that followed the trip. okay this car dah la kecik and everyone was kinda expecting to sumbat their stuffs in my car and trust me, the car was overloaded and there were 3 passengers at the back (me, nadia and baz) and it was really stuffy i tell you but redah sajes nasib semua kurus2 hihikssss. hey, kalau tak kurus takleh jalan kot keretaaaa! haaa!

we even brought together the bbq pit and marinated chicken/hotdog as we were looking forward to have our own firecamp by the waterfall. the ferrari was too cute to be able to stuffed everything so kami terpaksa mereject bag kepunyaan butet n gee sebab memang dah tak muat dah but mereka adalah pengakap berjaya so they tied up the bag at his bike. awesome isn't it. turns out, beg merah butet memang very eye-catchy to follow so we didn't get lost along the way. hihiks.

so there was 5 of us in the car. us the 3 girls plus hamid and my fav driver, P. it was an awesome journey! the bikers rupenye camwhore kemainnnn. pantang nmpak we want to snap pictures of em from inside the car, pandai pulak slow down follow belakang kereta, if not lajuuuuuuu je bawak. selagi tak snap pics diorang, selagi tu diorang kat blakang kereta. lol.

Hogenakkal Waterfall was located in an area macam their version of hutan simpan la (something like dat) and we have to pay for the entry fees. the view was so cantek! and no wonder the bikers were looking forward to go to this place, jalan to this place, pergh layan okay. the road was smooth, berliku2 with good scenery too.

if it's not because of the limited space at the back, i would really want to drive the car too. but it seems like if i drive the car, one guy has to sit at the back and it was already sempit kat belakang and if laki duduk blakang lagi la sempit kan so i diam je la and let P drive all the way till our destination hihiks. dia pun kemain layan bawak laju2, aku duduk blakang memang takleh tido dah. it's just my nature that i can't sleep when someone else is driving the car (especially if he's driving it fast) kecut perut all the way though i can assure u he's really a good driver actually. ahahaha. this is my favourite supir hihiksss :P

and then we reached the waterfall. i swear it was beautiful. most places in india will really let u down but this place is cool. we went to the main waterfall but it was packed with tempe (local indians) so we decided to just cuci mata dulu jalan2 and later find a suitable place to set up our camp fire.

we bought some fresh fish and kayu api. and this was the time when ferrari turns into lori. kayu api pun sumbat dalam kereta, layan kan je lah. dengan all their jackets and stuffs. i took over driving the car from here together with baz. the other 3, nadia, hamid n P tumpang motor orang lain and we went looking for the perfect place to set up camp fire! hihiks.

found the place! scroll down to see our camp site :P the initial plan was that the guys will sleep la merata2 kat tepi sungai tu ke but the girls will sleep in the car but apparently, the site was a bit at the downside area that the car can't get through that place soooo, ermmm, redah je tu semua fikir nanti. yang penting dah jumpa sungai yg best untuk terjun. it was an isolated clean area! not to mention some batu bata that can be used to set up the bbq was already there. it was really our luck!!

immediately terjun into the sungai and seriously we weren't thinking anything about the possibility of the river having crocodiles in it. how can't we be so ignorant bout that? lol. nasib memang tkde buaya. the water stream was kinda strong that if u attempt to swim, u'll be swimming at one place for hours, yup it's that strong. hahaha. among funny thing that happened : i was about to drowned with gee. hahahahaha. okay im not really a good swimmer i tell you and when we were crossing the river suddenly there was a deep slopping area, lol pe lagiii drama la kejap kan luckily butet (gee's bf) was there so he kinda saved the day. hahaha. P? di darat sedang solat when it happened. hihiks.

recorded an awan nano video with my A2 classmates. kikikikik. it was a retarded video. time tu the guys were washing the ikan with air sungai. haa memang tak beragak la kan aku tengah dok mandi2 tetibe bau hanyir rupenye bebudak ni tengah basuh ikan dekat tempat kitorang mandi cehhh. kire kitorang mandi skali ngan ikan2. hahaha.

so at night, we had our own sweet time digging in bbq chicken/hotdog/fish nyumsss salivating already. played 'mafia' ramai2, lepak tepi sungai main guitar n nyanyi2. yea it was a great time to be remembered. and kononnye nanti time nk tido maybe 2-3 ppl kene take turn jaga, means to say, everybody can't sleep at one time coz somebody has to take care of our safety but turns out semua orang pun terbongkang tido. lol.

the funny part is, we didn't even have tent. we didn't even plan on how we would sleep tepi sungai ni so we end up guna the mat and whatever we have and tido. no tent. berlantaikan tanah and berbumbungkan bulan n bintang and bertepikan sungai. how cool is that!!!

i brought a blanket for P and not for me as i thought the girls will be sleeping in the car so i thought a shawl and my sweater would be enough for me to survive the night but since we all including the girls will be spending the night outside the car, P was left with no blanket at all. kesian dia. gave him my shawl and i guess he survived by menyentil2 sikit dekat selimut orang lain and sleeping bag orang lain. haihhh. swear i would bring 2 blankets if i knew this would happen. hihiks. takpe, we survived already :P

that nite when sleeping, ade gak la terjaga2 tapi when tau semua orang dah tido cuak jugak nk bukak mata lame2. wahahaha. i can't get my imagination run wild kang tak pasal2 terfikir hantu la harimau la ape la so bukak mata kejap tgk sumerang tido terus cpt2 lelap balik. and apparently our unggun api terpadam tgh2 malam tu and i realized about it tapi what can i do? takkan nk kejut diorang suro set up the fire again ? so macam tawakkal je lah. sebab one of the reasons of having it is to halau binatang buas kan. really thankful that nothing like that happened during our stay di tepi sungai hihiks.

and the morning comes. i was among the last person to wake up. what a baddddd impression! the guys rupenye dah bangun dulu ceiisss. butet got up early sebab nk carik port nk berak. wahahahahahah. yes ppl we do our business in the sungai. hey, back to basics la kan. there was no toilet around and we can't hold our pee the whole day. hahaha okay nasib baik perut i tak buat hal nk berak ke ape kalau tak jenuhhhhh gak tak pasal2 first time in my life berak dalam sungai kan. lol.

and we had our bath and by bath, i mean with sabun and shampoo and facial wash and brushing teeth and everything. if u ask me, tak geli ke kate diorang kencing berak dlm tuuu, errmmm, wallahualam, mintak2 la diorang nye port berak kencing tu kat bawah2 sket so we got fresh water aminnn. hahaha.

it was a quick weekend getaway. i didn't expect much from the trip initially, but it turned out well and good and in fact, we didn't really plan how the trip should be but alhamdulillah everything was on our side and turned out best gila plak tu so i guess that's what makes the trip more memorable. it was more like an impulsive trip doing impulsive stuffs hihiks.

we headed back home, again, P drove the car. the drove the car well wpun ade kecut perut here and there but i'm sure if i were the one to drive the car my passengers would hv been kecut perut too so that's normal i guess hahaha. but yeahhh, especially on the way back home, P really did enjoy doing his rally with my ferrari!!!! i iz so jealous i wanted to race tooo ahahahahaha :P

till then, daaa! :D

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