Thursday, March 29, 2012

indian traffic is no good

hello there people,

sooo, we got to leave early from the hospital today and instead of going back by car, i took a ride on kakli's bike hihiks. coz Nadia (the other owner of the car) had to stay a little longer at the hospital for her case presentation so yuppp, i ciao dulu la kan belum sampai seru pulak nak berajin2 dekat hospital, baik aku berjimba2 di bilik daripada lepak kat hospital kan. haisshhh bad example of medical student. bad bad bad.

it was a longgggg trip back home. it was supposed to take only 15 minutes from the hospital to our home but this time, it took us about 30-45 minutes, thanks to the horrible traffic. and u don't wanna talk about the weather, the sun burns my skin, it was really scorching hot!!!

and i guess kesempatan i utk merecord video kinda explain the time wasted on the road. it was hot and i was bored (as i was only the passenger kan, got nothing to focus on) so hihiks, did this to kill the time.

so, need i say more about indian traffic? the video says it all.

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