Friday, May 18, 2012

Hi doc, I love you!

5 years of hard work (ye ke? :P) pays! My 1 year senior whom I've been dating for 1 year ++ is finally done with medical school and I can now call him Dr. Shaiful Jefri :)

Wasn't there throughout his 5 years journey of becoming a doctor (esp the first 3 years) coz apparently, he was too sombong to make me his friend :P (but if you listen to his side of story, he'll tell you that I was the one yang sombong coz I replied him ''mane2 je la'' when he decently asked me where do I bought the sarees LOL, and that was about ermm 3 years ago eh?) - that was his first attempt to make a conversation with me face to face.

Though I wasn't there for him since the very beginning of his journey of becoming a doctor, I'm glad I made it to the end of his journey :) and the end of this means a beginning of something new, he's gonna be a doctor and I wanna stay right by his side during his rise and fall and during his difficult and happy times hopefully. (you know you can plan the world but God makes it happen)

Just so you know, I'm so very proud of you, and though you're nervous as hell to start a new life as an adult, know that I will always be there to support you, criticize you :P, and help you get back up if you're down :) Not just me, your family and friends will be there for you too!!

And to nurses out there, don't you dare menggatal with my boyfriend!! I'll be one psycho bitch if you do! Hahahahaha till then, daaa!!

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