Saturday, May 12, 2012

when growing up means growing apart

i don't mind growing up. growing up means getting bigger responsibility, achieve bigger things, live your childhood dream and be a wiser person.

but i wish to grow up and still keep whatever i had in my younger days. and that includes friends, especially best friends. not just them, i somehow wish to keep them and make them stay just the way they are when i first knew them. that's ridiculous, yes i know that now.

as you grow up, living away from each other, surrounded by different environment and culture, and different circle of friends, some might have entered the working life a little earlier, some other might stucked somewhere in the corner of the world, it makes a lot of difference.

and part of me tried to deny the obvious differences (which is silly) but bigger part of brain realize the person we've all become. it's just different. we are now different. we don't really share the same opinions or jokes anymore.

and eventually you'll realize, people move on with their life. nobody is gonna wait for you, or nobody is even bother to catch up with your pace anymore. we're no longer in school or college. you own your own life.


Anonymous said...

i totally agree with u ira.
the same thing happened to me recently.
it just happened,i feel like me n my fren have grown out of each other.
part of me wanted things to go back to the way it was.
i cant blve the person who was the closest to me turned out to be sooo distant now.
c'est la vie. =/

IRA said...

hi anonymous thanks for reading:)i guess most of all are (or will) going thru this phase.

maybe, it's time to face the fact..hihi :D