Monday, June 4, 2012

Belly Piercing

if u're a regular reader of my blog u'll know i'm a fan of piercing pleasure ahahaha. got myself more than 1 piercing on each ear but now i dah tak pakai subang banyak2 sebab umur dah 25 so i really have to act my age already :P plus the 3rd piercing onwards dah pun tertutup so if i nk buat perangai muda mudi pun i can only wear up to 2 earrings each ear.

anyway, i wanted to do belly piercing since soooooo long before but never really have the guts to do so coz i used to have a close friend who got the belly stud literally sunken in her belly, quite a significant complication -____-" so ever since that happened i macam cuak jugak nak pierce my belly.

until recently!!! :P

yes i got my belly pierced about 3 months ago i think :D why? how? where? hahahahhaha it was an impulsive act jugak lahhh. i googled about having a belly piercing in bangalore but i wasn't really sure about doing it until i had a silly billy argument with my boyfriend which makes me feel a bit rebellious (eleh konon sangat) so getting it done was no longer an option that particular moment. ahahahhaa.

funny part is, he was in the middle of his exam when it happened, so we had an argument and dia pun takde mase nk pujuk i, i pun malas nk tunggu die pujuk i so i macam 'eeee malas nk fikir baik aku tindik pusat jekkkk' so without further delay i went straight to Jayanagar (pergh jauh ok tempat ni) right after my class that evening untuk mengejar mimpi dan cita2 i ahahahaha.

melilau2 jugak carik the tattoo/piercing place ni and when i finally found that place turns out they don't have belly studs. hek elehhh! padahal on the phone they said they do have belly studs, eeee memang bengang gila time tu dah la i traveled quite far to get it done sekali they don't have the belly studs. memang mengundang kemarahan betul.

they offered to pierce my belly using the eyebrow studs. memang kepalahotakmu sangat la kan. belly studs are curved studs while eyebrow studs are straight studs so they really are not convertible as claimed by the shop owner. kalau la i memang tetibe caught up in the moment nak jugak buat perangai nk pierce pakai eyebrow studs, mau menggagau kesakitan coz straight stud, when pierced into ur belly, will definitely make ur skin stretch more than it should. sakit woahhh.

lucky me, the tattooist was really nice. while the person who was supposed to do the piercing was away, he talked to me saying that it's really not a good idea to go on piercing my belly with the eyebrow stud and he suggested another place in commercial street. and as we know, commercial street sangat lah packed so telling exactly where the shop is really not that easy and he actually offered himself to accompany me to that very place. my luck baby my luck.

i agreed and he brought me to that place. btw orang yang nak pierce tu kemain bengang jgk dengan the tattooist actually sebab kire macam the tattooist makes him lost his customer, but anyway, if it wasn't because of the tattooist pun i don't think i wanna go on with the piercing there.

reached the piercing centre in commercial street, it's actually more like a salon. and yes, they do have lots of belly studs there so i chose the belly stud first before getting my piercing. i was over-excited okayyyy coz i finally get to tick off one of my 'things i must do before i die' list :)

the needle used was sterilized (yea being a medical student, u will be extra cautious bout this) and she did not give any anaesthetic. i actually thought i'll be getting some anaesthetic first before she go on pricking my belly but nope, she literally poke my belly with the big needle hahahha and needless to say, it wasn't painful when it happened. but it was painful when she sprayed some alcohol or something, also for sterilization purpose. pedih ok, but my excitement was so much more than the pain itself.

taking care of the belly piercing wasn't that easy. ingatkan the scariest part is to pierce, but taking care of the piercing was worse. hahahaha. for the first few days i had to put antibiotic ointment around the piercing as prophylaxis (so that i won't catch infection at the surrounding area) and bahana kau terlanggar piercing tuuu...pergh sakit nk mati time tu sampai rase 'damn kenape aku pegi tindik pusat!'

there was this one time i was walking from the car park to the hospital, holding the big SRB Surgery text book sambil time tu tengah raba2 nak capai my phone coz it was ringing and pappp, the text book slides from my hand and fell onto my belly. pedepergghhh rasa macam kena tikam, sakit siotttt.

it took about 3 weeks gak for the pain to really go away, meanwhile i kena jaga takleh terlanggar (but trust me i lost count bape banyak kali i terlanggar the piercing) and thank god, now no more pain!! hahahaha but kekadang tu ade la jgk sakit tapi not like awal2 dulu lah.

and forgot to mention, at earlier stage my skin jadi hyperpigmented surrounding the piercing area, which is hodoh but now my skin is back to its color, i guess time tu dengan tgh inflammed nye dengan i asik terlanggar nye jadi hyperpigmented kot.

so if you ask me, do i regret doing this? nope! this is what i've been wanting to do since years ago and i don't regret doing this! ahahaha i don't have a proper picture of my belly piercing, gmbar yang ada semua gambar vain sendiri2 so tak kosser la nk upload gmbar vain ahahahaha. i basically did this belly piercing for my own self satisfaction rather than nk tunjuk orang sangat, that's why tkde lagi gmbar my belly piercing :P will post it up if ade nanti!

so girlies, if you rase nak buat belly piercing but takut of the complications, i'd say, with proper care, there's really nothing to worry about, you should really go for it. it makes you feel awesome! :P even if you're not the type who wears crop tops to show off your belly part, you can still feel good about it even if you don't show it to others kan! hihi it's really not about showing off to people, it's about what u've been wanting to do and the feeling i get after doing it!

so yeah, go for it :) and i'm open to answer any questions regarding this! hikss <3

till then, daaa :)

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