Thursday, June 21, 2012

How to be a good decision maker?

i asked myself this question and here's what i can think of. .

nobody really knows if the decision made is the best. fact! you got married to a girl and live happily, go in and out of the country every other year for honeymoon, have kids yada yada, and u think that's the best decision u've ever made.

but u never know what would really happen if you get married to another girl, what if marrying the other girl brings you closer to our Creator, makes you a better person in so many ways, and make you realize what life is all about, now, which one is the best decision?

still, if you can foresee the future, you still don't know which one to choose. right? would you rather choose happiness in terms of wealth/people or happiness in terms of your inner soul n things like that?

i dunno about other people, but to me, when you're in a situation where you need to make a big decision in your life, like for example, choosing a job, or choosing a life partner, first you need to look through the options you have and of course, analyze the kebaikan, kekurangan, opportunity and threat (okay, i'm actually applying SWOT analysis for this ahahaha hebak sangat mu ni dehhh)

*in case you dunno, SWOT analysis is Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Threat, it's a principle usually applied when setting up a business (well, i studied business and management when i took IB in Kolej Mara Seremban :p - but anyway, i guess you don't have to study business and management to know this thing ahahahahaha)

okay cut that shit about SWOT analysis, what i meant to say is dalam bahasa melayunye, fikir masak2, bincang with your parents and close friends, ask for their opinion and then, yakin dan tawakkal. that's all. make your decision now, and go live ur life!

the best person don't always make the best decision, trust me. but sometimes, every decision made is a new adventure of you, maybe not the final destination that matters just yet for you, but it's the hurdles, the mistakes you think you just made and the experience that you're gonna get through after deciding something yang lagi bermakna and yg sebenarnya lagi u perlukan. paham x paham x?

okay contohnye macam i skarang. i belajar medic dekat India to get my MBBS degree, that's by far one of the biggest decisions i made in my life. i made quite a life-changing decision when i was 18 - to spend the whole 5 years studying medicine in India. i could have taken the other offer to study medicine in UIA which if i were to compare again, banyak jgk the advantages if i study locally, closer to home, i get to keep my friends, probably less stressful coz only God knows how stressful it is to live in India -____-", i won't missed lots of wedding(s), party, concerts etc etc and lots more, and still be able to get my MBBS degree.

comparing my life in India, India is lame okay! everytime i nak final exam, time tu la electric asik takde memanjang, believe me when i say i pnah study utk final exam pakai lilin and lampu handphone, before i decided to get myself an emergency lamp! what's worse? local indian adalah a bunch of people yang byk menguji kesabaran i, janji 5 minit tapi 5 jam kemudian belum tentu you get what you want, what else? i drive here in India, berapa kali drama menjerit dalam kereta sebab i was close to getting hit by another car/lorry/bus (yes, i lost count!!) sampai yang macam immuned tu okayyy.

pnah skali tu i cam mamai2 dalam kereta, someone else (local indian) was driving the car and he was driving so fast and so recklessly (luckily die hebat emergency break and all) and we were so damn close nak kene langgar with a big lorry, time tu all my other friends were sleeping and i was the only one awake and when it happened i macam startled and went 'fuckkk!' lepas tu sambung tido. padahal aku lagi sikit nk mati kene langgar lori ok tapi bole rilek je lepas tu kannn haa that's Incredible India. kalau kau lagi sikit nak kena langgar dengan lori kat Malaysia mesti kau cerita kat semua orang lepas tu kan. kat sini, bende tu semua biase jek hahahaha.

so anyway, my point is, when you look at it on the surface, you and I will agree that studying in Malaysia is better than studying in India. i get to save all the worries and the stress and save myself from getting wrinkles at early age (gosh please) but just look a little deeper, and ask yourself (in this case, myself la), that life-changing decision i made when i was 18, to study in India, was it really a mistake?


nope. certainly nope. betul, i complaint a lot, like really a lot, sometimes i rase breakdown rase nak balik Malaysia je terus nak quit belajar dekat sini coz it's really tough to be here, away from family, with shitty environment BUT...

maybe i need this. maybe i need all this cabaran to prepare myself to be a better person. maybe Allah campak i kat tempat keling ni supaya i jadi manusia yang lagi reti bersyukur bila tengok homeless india tido tepi jalan keje mintak sedekah je, supaya i jadi orang yang bersabar kene deal dengan orang india yang memang tk pernah tepati janji, supaya i jadi orang yang lebih menghargai my family and friends yg jauh dekat Malaysia sebab i rarely get to see them but bila i duduk dekat rumah tu hari2 tendency i nak gaduh dgn mak i adalah sangat tinggi (fact!), get my point?

see, it's not always the final destination that matters, it's always the journey that teach you to become a better person everyday. so if you think ur decision was a mistake, u're wrong, it's a lesson learnt :) so why are we so afraid to decide when truth is, every decision made is a new adventure to all of us, or, shall we call it, a teacher? :)

all in all, when deciding something, be cautious but don't over cautious, be confident about your decision and let God do the rest of the thing :)


aisya- said...

somehow entry u enlighten me sekejap :), I have the same feeling studying abroad (egypt) which at times rasa nk quit. at least now I know, it's not only me yg ada perasaan mcm tu ^^. all the best for your final year!

IRA said...

hi aisya :) thank you for reading! ahhh living abroad always hv ups and downs and sometimes u feel like nobody is there for u coz everyone dkt malaysia kan? keep going girl! u're there in egypt for a reason :)))