Friday, June 22, 2012

so why do you think she walked away?

hello brothers!! (sebab target readers for this post are male readers, which i highly doubt wahahah tkpe lah buat2 je la i ade male readers okkkk! tak pun if you happen to read this post, please print out this post and hantarkan karya asli i pegi magazine maskulin ke whatever pleaseee, OK TAK I BUAT LAWAK JE TAK PAYAH NAK BUAT BEBETUL AKU PANG KARANGGGG)

anyway, pernah tak happened in your life, kau ade awek yang cinta kau separuh jiwa raga, tapi tanpa disangka2, she finally walked away from you? and tinggallah kau tertanye2, ''but she can't live without me, kenape die blah???''

let me ask you now, what did you do to her? and now, please perah otak habis2 and ingat balik, what did you really do to her?

found the answer yet? it's okay. keep reading, maybe in the end you'll know.

girls in love have really fragile heart. as a girl, i admit, girls in love are easily influenced by the one she loves. when i say easily influenced, it includes her emotion, her action and her decision.

just so you know, every words that comes out from your mouth will definitely affect her. whatever you do and your decision, will affect her, will leave her wondering, did he think of me when he made that decision? did he think of me when he did that? paham tak? so know your girl right, be very sensitive about what she will feel because we need that, we need you people to care about our feeling.

TAPI malangnya, lelaki sensitive ni memang species nak pupus kot i rase. kebanyakan laki ni cakap ikut sedap, buat ikut suka, janji kau senang, awek kau tu kau buat2 lupa. ha, tudia laki sek2 sekarang, camtu lah.

TAPI yang malang memang the girlfriends, tapi the boyfriends are usually lucky. pasaipa? sebab slalunye girlfriend2 korang ni penyabar orangnye. believe me when i say, even the most hot-tempered girl can really be patient towards the guy she loves the most. fact!

i would rather call this as 'hukum alam'. girls are naturally (and mostly, not all though) penyabar like that. make her cry million times pun, she'll still love you, make her go meroyan million times pun, she'll still find you, make her thinks she's stupid for still sticking around with you pun, she'll still stick around.

up to the point where the girl gets bitter with you. like, really tawar hati. and this is a really dangerous state of mind. not dangerous as in dangerous physically, but dangerous means she can now leave you anytime, because she had enough of everything.
you know, people will eventually leave no matter how much they love you if you keep hurting and abuse them emotionally. keep repeating the same old mistakes even if they are small mistakes but actually little things like this when you do repeatedly, the girl will first lose her hope in you not doing the same mistakes again, and then she'll lose faith in you, finally she'll know it by heart that you're just not worth her time anymore.

so, she walks away even though she loves you to the very core.

because u've taken her for granted.

sometimes, you don't have to cheat on your girlfriend to lose your girlfriend. repeated small silly mistakes that has been dragging on for too long, that, can make your girlfriend walks away.

sebab dia dah tawar hati dengan kau.

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