Friday, June 15, 2012

the sweetest thing about LDR. . .

i always adore couples who survive long distance relationship :)
no scandal no disloyalty no cheating in between,
it's just one of the hardest,
yet sweetest thing to do,
for the faraway lover.

to me, the sweetest things about being in long distance relationship are ;

when you can trust the person without thinking too much about it,
when you're smiling all on your own just thinking of the crazy things you did,
when listening to love songs make you miss them more,
when reading their messages makes you smile ear to ear,
when you pour your heart out writing a long message to them and feel better afterwards,
when the other half is able to comfort you even from miles away,
when they remember to wish you good morning and good night,
when you're counting the days just to be in his arms again,
when you work hard to finish up things in time so that you can meet each other quickly,
when you don't do things that can break his trust,


when both are really waiting anxiously to be with each other again <3

the reason i'm writing this