Monday, July 23, 2012

something to ponder :)

assalamualaikum and hello girls!!

so i just feel like sharing something. something i THINK, would make you stop and wonder how lucky we are to be born normal and cukup sifat :D

i have a baby brother, my one and only brother, whom i really really really love dunia akhirat insyaallah (since he's the only one brother i have) but that doesn't make me love my sisters any less la just because i have a total of 4 sisters hahaha :P nah, i love 'em all equally hihiks.

okay back to the thing that i wanna share. my baby brother, he's not like all of us. he's a special kid. special kid as in, dia ada kekurangan sikit tak macam normal people. and don't get me wrong, i don't share this to downgrade him or whatsoever (and don't you dare downgrading him too, u're messing with me if you do) so yeah, he has this inferiority complex and all because of his kekurangan.

one day i was in the car with my dad, and he asked me a simple question. he answered it himself as i couldn't come out with the kind of answer that he wants. he asked me;

"cube bagitau abah ape kelebihan orang2 macam Amir(my baby brother)?"

i macam "aaaaaaa *thinking* ade kelebihan, sat naa pikir sat, aaaaa..."

ek eleh lame sangat pikir nak jawab soklan kacang camtu kan, so he answered his own question.

"orang macam Amir tu, sebab dia tau dia ada kekurangan dia, dia tak kacau orang, dia tak reti dengki, dia tak reti sombong, tak reti perlekeh orang, tak reti tipu orang macam kite manusia normal ni biase buat, so dekat situ, banyak dosa dah dia dapat elak, tu kelebihan orang2 macam Amir"

Ya Allah, i tak terfikir langsung, boleh tak?

i rase what my dad just said was soooo deep and meaningful, don't you think?

it's so true. because we all are perfect, we tend to be arrogant thinking that we are greater than other people, and then we look down on others, downgrade other people, go extra miles doing things we shouldn't do out of hatred or jealousy. tapi orang2 macam Amir, diorang akan ke buat macam tu? very unlikely.

he won't do such things. he won't even attempt to do such things because he doesn't have that feeling of arrogance or feeling like he's better than other people. tak pernah i terfikir kelebihan yang Allah bagi dekat dia tu. kite manusia yang sempurna ni banyak kumpul dosa dekat situ, tapi my baby brother, insyaAllah, dia banyak dapat mengelak kumpul dosa-dosa kering macam tu. blessing in disguise i would say.

isn't it wonderful? Allah bagi kekurangan dekat seseorang, tapi without most people realizing it, orang tu tetap ada kelebihan dia tersendiri.

to me, it's really something to ponder upon :)

selamat berpuasa and selamat beramal!

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