Saturday, July 14, 2012

you know you've grown up so much when. . .

...when the person you used to really hate, you don't hate anymore.

and it happened to me recently. a person i used to really hate like really really really hate yang tak boleh nak cakap tak boleh tengok pun if cakap or tengok i rasa nak lempang, talked to me and i was surprisingly, totally fine with it.

totally fine yang siap boleh senyum, gelak, buat lawak, tanya khabar and everything. i did 'em all unconsciously. after the short meeting was over baru i macam "eh, i used to really hate this person, but i talked to her like we're good friends just now'' hahaha.

alhamdulillah, i told myself. this is a good thing. thank you for taking away all the negative feeling and hatred, dear Allah. thank you for giving me room to grow wiser and stronger :)


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