Wednesday, December 3, 2008

i declare war on terror!

i never really pay that much attention on any bombing attack or anything like this before. but i'm following closely on the updates of mumbai attack. here goes the reasons :

1. because i am now living in india
2. because me and my family are going to delhi and agra soon
3. because there are rumours saying that malaysia has got something to do with this attack(but it's already proven to be wrong)
4. because i've been in that very place some time ago (i wonder if the pakcik hotel is still living, and the waiters in leopold cafe etc etc)

i seriously don't get it. WHY? why do u have to kill innocent people out of your own sake? what do u want? hundreds are killed. in fact, a malaysian woman was killed in mumbai bomb blast. kesian sgt. this attack gives a big impact, not only to indian people, but also to foreigners in india. we don't feel safe. i feel like going back to my hometown right away. but thinking back, no place is guaranteed to be 100% safe anymore.

i'm going to delhi very very soon but all my friends are cancelling their trip to delhi etc out of their fear following this mumbai attack. i asked my dad for his opinion, weather we should go on with the plan or cancel the whole thing. how can we cancel the long-awaited trip? we've spent a lot already. for the flight tickets, visas, hotels in delhi and agra etc etc. and this is not for 1 person, but for my whole family, 8 of us! i couldn't concentrate in class thinking of this. and this is the sms i got from my dad, which convinced me to just go on with the trip ;

"Yelah everything is ready. kite doa and buat smbhyang hajat byk2 mintak pertolongan Allah. Mintak jauhi segala malapetaka and mintak selamat pergi dan balik"

he sounds so skema kan? hahahah but anyway, he's totally right. right now, what we can do is doa and smbahyang hajat, not just for ourselves, but for everybody. doa is the most powerful weapon, remember? let us all berdoa for the world to be a better place to live, no more war, no more bombing or gunshot attack and no more racism.

please, stop the terror.


amirah zayanah said...

doa adalah satu pelindung :D
insyaAllah :)

BYA~~ said...

at least trip to delhi with ur family rase mcm very safe compared to bile go with ur frenz..aku sedih gak cz i hv to cancel my trip wlpn dpt duit tiket parents tidak memberi kebenaran..risau gler kot mak aku..aku pon takott!!xmao mati sorg2 kt india!huuhuhu~~

p/s:aku da jmpe jaket bulu2 yg cantik kat garuda..xjd beli!!so sedih maaa~~~!!take care~

IRA said...

mira : yup..sgt :)

baya : i agree that going with fam is safer and org takkan pandang pelik sgt kot? but still, with keadaan yg very unstable ni..all we can do is doa pray for me and my fam! heheh tkpe u're going to kerala kan..kerala pon nice what..

muhamad afiq bahrim said...

hohohoho first of all aku ingat nak compare germany and india.. on second thought... ermmm xgak... mula2 it feels safe ar walaupun jalan sorg2 dalam gelap kat sini and memang xder org nak kacau... but then... ermm... betulla... memang xley rasa selamat sangat... dalam condition aku yang kontang kanting nie skang... anything can happen... masa kita rase selamt ,tiba2 bang... kene sedas amacam... just prepare and hope for the best.. u know ar...
ermmm its okay insyaallah... doa nangis2 sket ,ok ... dengan kerisauan yang ader and kerutan dahi ko...
amin... aku amin kan ja doa ko...